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Daily care for a newborn baby

Daily care for a newborn baby
Daily care for a newborn baby

After the appearance of the baby in the house, a number of questions arise. What should be the correct, competent care for a newborn baby? Daily routines include bathing, baby care, massage, etc.

Newborn baby care

The child's room must be ventilated periodically. Every day you need to carry out wet cleaning. The child during these procedures should be in the next room. It is undesirable to place a crib under a window or at the front door - drafts walk in these places.

It is advisable to have a special changing table. If this is not the case, an ordinary table is covered with a children's oilcloth, which is carefully processed.

Morning routines

Caring for a newborn baby begins with washing. The baby's face is washed with boiled water, you can make a weak solution of boric acid. They can wipe not only the face, but also the ears. The eyes are treated with a solution of furacilin or potassium permanganate. In one of these solutions, moisten a cotton pad (separately for each eye) and wipe the eyes from the outer edge to the inner. Dissolve potassium permanganate in a separate bowl, and then prepare a weak stock solution of light pinkcolors. Make sure that the potassium permanganate crystals are completely dissolved in the water. They can severely burn the baby's skin.


Baby care

Until the umbilical cord falls off and the umbilical wound heals, the baby should not be bathed. You should only wipe his body with a damp towel, which is dipped in a specially prepared basin of warm water. It is advisable to first wipe your head, then blot it dry with a dry towel. You can then continue wiping.

When the umbilical cord heals, newborn baby care changes. It can already be bathed in a special bath. If its design does not provide for a fabric coating, lay a diaper on the bottom. Buy a water thermometer, you need to bathe your baby at a temperature above 37.2 degrees. If you don't have a thermometer, test the water with the skin of your wrist or elbow.

The baby's head must be supported during the bath. Wash the body and head with baby soap or shampoo. Do not wash your face, just rinse with clean water. Clean the ears with cotton swabs, the outer part with a corner of a towel. The girl's genitals should be washed from front to back. In boys, be sure to wash under the scrotum. Baby care includes foreskin hygiene. It should be slightly pulled back and washed, removing the accumulated smegma.


Newborns often have colic. Proper care of a newborn baby will help facilitate this process. To do this, it is advisable to do a light massage of the abdomen. With warm hands, make light stroking massage movements on the abdomen clockwisearrow.

Newborn Care Tips

Don't push too hard - you can damage your internal organs.

Massage helps the proper development of the baby. In a warm room, put the child on a table covered with a diaper or blanket and begin to gently stroke his arms, legs, and tummy. After that, turn it upside down and begin to gently massage the back, buttocks, feet, legs, shoulders.

Such a massage will not only improve the well-being of the baby, but also create ground for understanding between parents and the child.

Following these tips for caring for a newborn, you can protect him from possible infections, as well as learn to enjoy communication with your baby.

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