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Unicycle in theory and practice
Unicycle in theory and practice

The unicycle is a universal trainer that allows the rider to develop a sense of balance, coordination of movements. People who prefer riding unicycles are much easier to master mountain skiing, tightrope walking, snowboarding, and also learn to ride on the back wheel of a conventional bicycle or motorcycle faster.

Unicycle - what is the name of such a vehicle?


The correct name for a unicycle is a unicycle. When a person hears this definition for the first time, some incredibly complex vehicle usually appears in his imagination. Although each of us has repeatedly seen the "little brothers" of modern unicycles during circus performances. Bicycles, which consist of a seat, a pair of pedals, and a single wheel, are by definition unicycles.

How hard is it to ride a unicycle?

DIY unicycle

Mastering a unicycle is not much more difficult than a conventional one, especially if an experienced cyclist takes up the matter.And here only a little depends on the correct balancing. To move, the rider needs to parry periodically occurring deviations in a timely manner, performing micro-movements with the seat, which acts here as a kind of steering wheel. Pedal control also plays a role in changing the position and direction of movement.

Security issue

Looking at the design of a unicycle, you might think that riding such a vehicle is extremely unsafe. However, in reality, riding a unicycle is several times safer than riding two-wheeled bicycles.

What usually happens when the front wheel of a two-wheeled bicycle falls into a depression while driving at high speed? Often the rider flies over the handlebars, after which the weight of the bike falls on him with full force. Once in such a situation, the unicycle rider has the opportunity to simply jump forward from the seat, thus continuing the inertial movement. And it happens automatically, naturally. Therefore, only extreme sports enthusiasts get injured while riding unicycles.

Unicycle Advantages

The unicycle can become not only a godsend for experienced cyclists who are no longer enough adrenaline. This option can be used for convenient movement in a crowded city with heavy traffic.

bicycle trailer unicycle

Among other things, modern unicycles have the following advantages:

  • such bicyclesas compact as possible, which allows you to conveniently place them in any free corner;
  • if necessary, an impromptu unicycle trailer can be made from a unicycle by securely attaching it to a two-wheeled model using improvised means;
  • with a unicycle, you can easily visit, visit shops, cafes, entertainment venues, office premises, not only take it with you, but also use it in the subway, bring it into public transport (and you don’t have to pay for travel with a unicycle required, as it can be regarded as a separate part of a full-fledged bicycle);
  • unicycle is absolutely safe for its owner, you need to try hard to get damaged or injured even at the stage of learning to ride a unicycle;
  • due to the highest maneuverability and low weight, unicycles are safe for pedestrians;
  • if you wish, you can make a unicycle with your own hands, using old parts from a regular, two-wheeled one.

Where is it legal to ride a unicycle?

what is the name of the unicycle

Representatives of traffic police classify unicycles as a cross between an ordinary pedestrian and a vehicle. Officially, unicycles do not belong to transport and therefore should not move on public roads, obeying the traffic rules established for cars.

Ride in the city on a unicycle, preferably on the sidewalks, carrying out a carefulmovement and performing maneuvers that are safe for others.

How to learn to ride a unicycle?

It takes practice to become confident on a unicycle. It is advisable to start with the simplest exercises, not forgetting the need to use protective equipment: a helmet, knee pads, gloves, elbow pads, etc.

circus unicycle

You can learn how to ride a unicycle thanks to regular training, which consists of several stages:

  1. First you need to learn how to balance. You can use both modern and old circus unicycle for this. A friend can help keep the body upright. Alternatively, you can lean on a wall or reliable supports. The main task in this case is to acquire the most stable position, being in the seat without moving back and forth.
  2. As soon as a confident stance is developed, you can proceed to the next stage of training - movement. To start moving on a unicycle, a slight, almost imperceptible tilt in the required direction is enough. At the same time, start pedaling in the same direction. The running speed can be adjusted by touching the tire with the sole of your foot.
  3. The third stage is learning to accelerate, maintain speed and decelerate. The more the unicycle rider leans his own body forward, the more speed he will have to pedal to keep his balance. Slightly reduce the speed of movement will helpback tilt of the body. In general, you need to be able to find a balance between body movements and the movement of a unicycle.

Naturally, for confident and even virtuoso control of a unicycle, considerable perseverance, good willpower and, of course, practice are required. Indeed, without the presence of special enthusiasm, consistent attempts and significant efforts, not everyone can even learn to roller skate.

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