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Palm Sunday: signs and superstitions. Traditions and customs of the holiday

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Palm Sunday: signs and superstitions. Traditions and customs of the holiday
Palm Sunday: signs and superstitions. Traditions and customs of the holiday

Among the many church holidays there is one, if not the most important, but especially revered - the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem. Among the Slavic peoples, it was called Palm Sunday.

After a long winter and six weeks of fasting, a bright holiday is coming. It has been celebrated for eleven centuries. The awakening of nature after the cold usually falls on Palm Sunday. The signs of this day meant a lot to believers.

To understand the meaning of the celebration, it is better to turn to the origins.

How did it all start?

The event that began the celebration of Palm Sunday is described by all evangelists. Jesus was returning from Bethany after the resurrection of Lazarus. Unexpectedly, he decided to visit Jerusalem. At the gates of the city he was enthusiastically received by the inhabitants. Riding on a young donkey, Jesus was praised with hymns, clothes, flowers and palm branches were thrown at his feet.

palm sunday omens

The local priests did not like everything that was happening. The veneration of the new faith threatened the old foundations. It was necessary to take some measures, and immediately.

Deciding to give the messiah to the court of the Roman procurator,they knew they were dooming Jesus to death. A speedy verdict and execution were not long in coming. From the day Jesus entered the city, five days of earthly life remained.

The celebration does not have an exact date, but it is easy to determine what date Palm Sunday is. It is always the last Sunday before Easter.

Church status holiday acquired in the IV century. It came to the territory of Kievan Rus only in the 20th century and it was then that it began to be called Palm Sunday. A more severe climate did not allow the use of palm branches, and willow for the Slavs has always been a difficult plant.

Currently, three branches of Christianity celebrate the holiday - Orthodox, Protestants and Catholics. They are united by Palm Sunday. The signs preceding this day are very similar in interpretation.

Palm Week

The sixth week of Easter (Great) Lent is called Palm. Each day has a specific meaning and is expressed in the special conduct of church services. These days, preparations are underway for the main celebration, which will take place on Sunday.

Monday morning starts with mothers-in-law visiting their sons-in-law. It is believed that presenting a gift on the first day of Palm Week brings peace and tranquility to the family, the husband will not offend his wife.

folk omens for palm sunday

The main culprit of these days is willow. She is being watched and collected. In a particularly cold spring, they bring it into the house in advance so that the buds on the branches blossom. Braids, wreaths are woven from it, family amulets are made.

As the palm tree approachesSunday, signs become especially important and significant. At this time, it is customary to make forecasts almost a year ahead about the weather and the future harvest.

Lazarus Saturday

Another holiday celebrated on Saturday of Palm Week is the Resurrection of Lazarus.

Jesus was told that his friend and companion Lazarus of Bethany was seriously ill and was asked to hurry. It was not clear why Christ was in no hurry. And only after the news that Lazarus had died, he set off.

When he arrived in Bethany, four days had passed since his death. The relatives and friends of the deceased were in deep sorrow. Jesus prayed earnestly near the cave where Lazarus was buried.

He called out to God with requests to perform a miracle. After the prayer, the stone blocking the entrance was moved away, and those present saw the miracle of the resurrection. Lazar, who died in the Bose 4 days ago, turned out to be alive.

what date is palm sunday

Christians have been celebrating Lazarus Saturday since the 4th century. Three and a half centuries later, a certain canon for holding services on this day was developed. The hymns during the service do not point to an accidental miracle, but to an important symbol of the strengthening of faith.

After sunset, during the evening service, willow branches begin to be blessed. This is the beginning of the celebration of Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday holiday

As mentioned above, according to church canons, Palm Sunday begins on Saturday evening. But the main services and the blessing of the willow are held on Sunday.

Among other things, in Russia this holiday personifies the awakeningnature after a long winter. No wonder the northern Slavs chose willow as a symbol of this day. The tree is a harbinger of spring. As soon as the sun warms the air, fluffy lumps hatch into the light. It is they who give faith in the coming warm days.

palm sunday what to do

Orthodox Christians celebrate Palm Sunday with joy. How is this day celebrated in Russia? People of all ages go on Sunday morning to the nearest church to bless willow branches. The churched parishioners stand the service, praying and participating in hymns. Upon returning home, it is customary to slightly unfasten the home with willow with wishes of he alth and grace.

The consecrated branches are placed next to the icons, braided into braids, made into amulets, nailed to outbuildings. A year later, on the eve of a new holiday, the willow is burned.

If you know the exact date of the celebration, you can prepare in advance. How to calculate what date Palm Sunday will be celebrated in a given year? To determine the date, you need to know what day Easter will be. Exactly one week before the Resurrection of the Lord, the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem is celebrated.

What not to do

Palm Sunday is a significant holiday for Christians. Any work on this day is undesirable. Some don't even recommend cooking. In the modern world, everything is much simpler. There are services and professions that involve daily work, regardless of calendar dates. But if there is no special need for any business, then it is better, of course,postpone it.

how is palm sunday celebrated

In the old days, women were forbidden to comb their hair on this day, just like on the Annunciation. It is clear that now this is hardly possible. Although the owners of long curls can comply with the ban. Braided hair, covered with a scarf on top, may well go a day without combing.

What other prohibitions exist on Palm Sunday? What is completely unacceptable is to indulge in gluttony. The end of the sixth week of fasting does not imply a plentiful feast. A little wine, lenten dishes cooked with vegetable oil, fish are the basis of the festive table.

The use of artificial willow branches is strictly prohibited. They are not brought to church or sprinkled with holy water.

Holiday traditions

The main and main tradition of the holiday is the consecration of willow branches. It is believed that there should be exactly as many as there are people in the family. For some peoples, family amulets are woven from these branches. Their power is great. They protect the house from unkind people and fire, save from hurricanes and floods, from poverty, despondency and disease.

On Palm Sunday, weather and harvest signs are especially reliable. They have been supported by families for generations. This is especially important for residents involved in agriculture.

The tradition of putting coins in bread comes from Belarus. Thus, it is possible to determine who will be lucky and prosperous throughout the year.

In some areas, it is customary to put consecrated branches into the coffin todead man. This tradition goes back to the very beginning of Christianity. It is believed that thanks to the willow, one can enter the gates of paradise and greet the Savior there. Among other things, the willow tree is a symbol of life and awakening.

Palm Sunday keeps many beautiful and interesting traditions. It is easy to find out how it is celebrated in other regions and countries. Older people are a treasure trove of information. They will be happy to share it.

palm sunday traditions

Traditional willow bazaars. Children especially love this entertainment, as the main product is sweets. In addition, pleasant little things for the household and the same willow, collected in bouquets and decorated with ribbons and paper angels, are offered.

A tree grown from a consecrated branch multiplies the we alth in the house. Therefore, bouquets brought from the church are placed in water and carefully watched for roots to appear.

Rites and customs

Many folk signs on Palm Sunday have long grown into rituals, customs and rituals.

If you live near a river, try lowering a willow branch into the water. If she swims away from you, then in the near future, prosperity is expected in the house.

The branches attached to the roof will protect the inhabitants of the house from illness and mental anguish.

If you burn a bunch of consecrated willow and save the ashes, it will protect the house from lightning and fire.

Whipping children with branches on a holiday is the most common ritual. With each blow, protection from the evil eye and a wish for he alth are spoken.

And here's anotherone custom to increase we alth. With a complete ban on doing anything on this day, it is still recommended to plant a houseplant with thick round leaves. If the flower is accepted and grows rapidly, you can be sure that we alth will come to the house.

Rites on Palm Sunday are traditions dating back to the mists of time. To believe them, to observe whether - everyone decides for himself. For some, this is the principle of life, while for others it is just a beautiful addition to the day off.

Use of consecrated willow in folk medicine

It has long been believed that the willow contains a huge healing power. Sprinkling with holy water multiplies it several times. How can you use the twigs brought from the church on Palm Sunday? What to do with them to improve he alth? Here are some examples of willow medicinal uses:

  • Taking a decoction of the branches, you can get rid of headaches, fever, fever, insomnia.
  • Rubbing the decoction on sore spots relieves rheumatic pains.
  • Infusion of willow on vodka will help to cope with intestinal infections and disorders.
  • Leaves can heal wounds.
  • Swallowing consecrated open buds helps with infertility.
  • Babies sleep better after bathing in water infused with willow branches.

Virba is used in folk medicine wherever it grows and enjoys well-deserved respect.

palm sunday holiday

Folk omens

Folk omens for Palm Sunday have long been included ineveryday life. They are passed from elders to younger and become part of our lives.

Calm sunny weather promises a warm windless summer and a rich harvest. A strong wind promised cool weather.

Cold but clear day gave hope for spring crops.

Frost-Free Palm Sunday Increases Chance for Fruit Abundance.

The number of blossoming earrings also served as an indicator of the future harvest.

And on this day, it is customary to mentally call on a loved one, and the meeting will definitely take place.

palm sunday omens1

Every year for many centuries the church opens its doors to everyone who believes in salvation. Palm Sunday is a holiday that symbolizes the power of faith, its rebirth. Willow branches and bouquets bring peace and protection to the house. Following the first rays of the sun, hope for the best is born in the hearts. And even if this day is fraught with a lot of sadness, it is still a harbinger of the Bright Sunday of Christ and the salvation of all mankind.

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