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How to write an application to kindergarten for vacation. Sample and content

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How to write an application to kindergarten for vacation. Sample and content
How to write an application to kindergarten for vacation. Sample and content

When the summer vacation season comes, most parents can't imagine a long-awaited vacation without their beloved kids. Indeed, what is a vacation without a son or daughter? Yes, and it will be useful for the kids to change the situation, improve their he alth and take a break from kindergarten.

Keeping the rules

But in order to ensure a calm and trouble-free return to this same kindergarten at the end of the summer vacation, you should take care of some points in advance. Namely, it is correct to document the absence of a child. Why do parents write an application to kindergarten for vacation, the sample of which is also suitable for other cases of long absence - after all, the circumstances may be different.

Parents are obliged to notify the administration of the children's institution of the reasons and timing of the child's absence in order to keep his place. This must be done in advance, and not at the last moment.

The agreement that parents entered into with a preschool institution, giving the child there, contains a clause regulating such a temporary absence. That is, for how long a place is reserved for you, iffor some reason you do not take your child to kindergarten.

Typical term in this case is 75 days, but in each particular garden this figure may be different - it should be specified.

application to kindergarten for vacation sample

What's most important

Kindergarten staff need to know for how long the child is off food, and you need to be calm and confident that no "surprises" and dissatisfied questions are expected upon return.

So, let's go to the head and write an application to the kindergarten for vacation, a sample of which you will find at the end of the article. There is nothing complicated about this, it is enough to remember the basic information that will be indicated in it. First of all, this is the surname, name and patronymic of the head of your kindergarten, the name of the institution itself, as well as its number. You will have to list all this data in the application header.

You should also know the name of the group to which your baby belongs (preparatory, nursery or otherwise). The most important information that should certainly be indicated in this document is the period for which you intend to pick up the child from the kindergarten.

How to write an application to kindergarten for vacation: sample

As in any application, in the upper right corner is indicated the name and number of the institution where it is submitted (in our case, a kindergarten), full name. head (i.e. head), below - from whom exactly the statement is (do not forget about the genitive case!).

application for leave of a child in kindergarten

In most kindergartens youmost likely, they will provide an application form for a kindergarten for a vacation. This standard form greatly simplifies the process of drafting a document.

An application is signed for a child's leave in kindergarten by one of the parents indicating the current date.

What will happen when you return

Most likely, after returning from vacation, you and your baby will go straight to the pediatrician - these are the requirements in many kindergartens. The purpose of the doctor's examination is to make sure that the child is he althy after the summer vacation and can return to the peer group.

At the end of the procedure, you will have to get a certificate from the doctor about the baby's condition and transfer it to the child care facility.

And now we bring the promised application to kindergarten for vacation - a sample.

application form for kindergarten leave

Now you know what exactly needs to be done to comply with all the formalities. Correctly and on time filling out the necessary documents, you save your own time and effort, prevent confusion and inevitable questions, maintain loyal relations with the administration of the children's institution. The image of punctual and responsible parents will not hurt you - after all, any little thing can affect the attitude of the staff towards the baby.

Besides, with the current shortage of places in kindergartens, such a step is simply necessary - after all, if you don’t take care of reserving a place you got with such difficulty, you risk losing it at any moment. Which, you see, is completely useless.

As a result, timely filing of the application will save you not only time, but alsonerves.

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