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Choosing a shape for lollipops

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Choosing a shape for lollipops
Choosing a shape for lollipops

Some things allow us to plunge into childhood. Favorite Soviet cartoons, creamy sundae, teddy bear and lollipop. With what rapture every child enjoys this unpretentious, but such a favorite delicacy. In our childhood, the lollipop was most often in the form of a cockerel or a star. For many, these sweets are childhood memories.

Currently, lollipops are experiencing their second birth. Retro style is in fashion now. In addition, such sweets can be easily prepared at home with your own hands. It can be fun for the whole family. In addition, the composition of home-made delicacies will be fully known to you, which cannot be said about industrial-made lollipops. You can make sweets from classic caramel, or you can add any fillers, food coloring or flavoring. The shape of the lollipops can be completely different, according to your taste. To give the candy the desired shape, you will need special forms for lollipops. It is in them that liquid caramel will be poured, from which, when solidified, the desired delicacy will turn out.

Variety of lollipop molds

lollipop molds

In our childhood, the forms for lollipops were of the same type - metal. They were made from heavy alloy. Finding those very forms now is a great success. Such things are sold only at flea markets, or you should look for such a culinary retro attribute from collectors of antiques. However, do not despair if a metal mold for making lollipops is not found. There is a great alternative for it in today's market.

New generation molds are made from special silicone. Silicone is a product of new technologies. Thanks to its unusual structure, a variety of objects of any shape and color are obtained from it. The special formula of silicone gives it unique properties. Silicone molds withstand temperatures from -35˚С to +230˚С without loss of strength. They are very practical, light and look very aesthetically pleasing. Food grade silicone is absolutely safe for he alth. In such forms, you can make not only lollipops, but also pastries, chocolate and other sweets, soap and bath bombs, and freeze ice. Moreover, when baking, the contents of the form do not stick to it and do not burn, even if you do not pre-lubricate it with oil.

Recommendations for using silicone molds

In order for silicone lollipop molds to last longer, some recommendations should be followed:

  • Before the first use, do not wash the form with an abrasive. You just need to clean it with a sponge dipped in soapy water to dissolve the factory grease. After drying, the form is ready for use.
  • Don't put the mold on an open fire, as this will cause a fire.
  • You can not cut the finished confection right in the form, you can ruin it. Form with cuts or scratches is unusable.
  • Before use, the mold must be lubricated with oil.
  • After removing the finished product from the mold, it should be washed with a mild cleanser, avoiding mechanical damage.
silicone lollipop molds

If you follow all these simple recommendations, then silicone molds for making lollipops will serve faithfully for a long time and bring pleasure from using a modern kitchen device.

Which form is preferable?

cockerel lollipop molds

As for the shape of sweets, they can be very diverse. There is room for imagination here. Forms for lollipops "Cockerel" are now rather retro. Modern technologies allow you to give the lollipop the shape of animals, toys, floral fragments, favorite cartoon characters and many others.

Some housewives do without all sorts of special devices and use ordinary glasses as a form. There are even forms for making ice, which complete refrigerators. All of these things are fine, although the lollipops are pretty uniform.

Recipe for making lollipops at home

The composition for making lollipops at home is very simple. You need to take 9 parts of water, 9 parts of sugar and one and a half partstable vinegar (9%). Pour water into a saucepan and bring to a boil, add sugar in a thin stream and cook until completely dissolved over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Then you need to add vinegar and cook until the mixture becomes golden in color. You can add food coloring and flavoring to the composition, or you can do without them. Then pour the resulting hot mass into the prepared molds.

lollipop mold

Don't forget: lollipop molds must be clean, dry and oiled beforehand. Without waiting for complete solidification, you will need to stick the sticks. Frozen lollipops are removed from the mold and enjoy handmade sweets. Bon appetit!

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