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Drops "Nazivin" for children: instructions for use
Drops "Nazivin" for children: instructions for use

Most medicines are divided into children and adults. In preparations for children, the amount of active substance is reduced. Also, the manufacturer tries to choose only proven and clinically tested components for the manufacture of such drugs. Nazivin nasal drops were no exception. Today's article will provide an overview of this drug and its instructions.

nazivin drops

Characteristic: the composition of the drug and its types

The drug "Nazivin" for children (drops) is available in several variations. In pharmacies, you can buy a product placed in a glass container. The pipette of such a medicine will twist and have a graduation. The manufacturer also produces Nazivin Sensitive drops. This medication is supposed to be suitable for sensitive and allergic patients.

The main active ingredient of the drug is oxymetazoline hydrochloride. Depending on the type of drug, its amount may vary. So, the following are presented to the consumer for purchasedrops:

  • "Nazivin" for children up to a year 0, 01% (can be used from the first days of life);
  • "Nazivin" 0.025% (suitable for children from 1 to 6 years old);
  • "Nazivin" 0.05% (used for children after 6 years and adults).

As you already know, the drug has a separate line "Sensitive". For newborns, this medicine contains the same amount of oxymetazoline as in regular drops. For children from a year old, the product is available in the form of a metered spray. One spray contains 11.25 micrograms of the active ingredient. After 6 years, the manufacturer suggests using the spray at a double dosage: one spray - 22.5 mcg. Drops "Nazivin" are produced in the amount of 5 and 10 milliliters.

Drug action

How does Nazivin (drops) work? The instruction says that the drug has a vasoconstrictor effect. After application, a rapid anti-edematous effect is noted. The consumer's breathing is restored, general well-being is normalized and the amount of discharge from the nose is reduced. In addition, the medication improves ventilation between the sinuses and the ear. This fact does not allow complications to arise: to develop otitis media, eustachitis and sinusitis.

nazivin children's drops

Indications for prescribing the drug to children

"Nazivin" for children (drops up to a year and after) is used only on the recommendation of a doctor. It is unacceptable to take such medicines on your own. The doctor prescribes the medicine in the following situations:

  • vasomotor and acute rhinitis;
  • sinusitis andsinusitis;
  • otitis and eustachitis (in complex therapy);
  • respiratory viral and bacterial diseases accompanied by nasal congestion and edema.

The drug is used for prophylactic purposes in cases where there is a risk of puffiness: during research, rhinoscopy, a tendency to otitis, and so on.

nazivin drops instruction

Read before use with contraindications

When should you not use Nazivin drops? Up to a year, the drug is not prescribed at a dose of 0.05% and 0.025%. Children under 6 years of age are not prescribed drops containing 0.05% oxymetazoline solution. It is forbidden to use the spray in any dose for newborns.

The drug is not prescribed to patients who have a high sensitivity to its components. Also, a contraindication to use will be hypertension, angle-closure glaucoma, atrophic and drug-induced rhinitis. During pregnancy, the use of children's drops and an adult spray is prohibited.

"Nazivin" (drops). Children's: instructions for use. Dosage and regimen

The drug is injected exclusively into the nasal passages. Before this, the sinuses should be cleared of mucus as far as possible. During the introduction of the drug, the child should be in a horizontal position. Tilt your head back strongly. After that, enter the amount of the drug indicated in the annotation by age. As you already know, Nazivin drops have a pipette with marked portions. If you use the "Sensitive" ruler, then one click there will be equal tosqueezing out a single dose. Sprays are administered exclusively in a vertical position.

  • Drops "Nazivin" 0.01% are assigned to children in the first month of life, 1 drop. From the fifth week, it is permissible to use 1-2 drops in each nasal passage.
  • The preparation "Nazivin" 0.025% is recommended 1-2 drops for children from one year to 6 years. If this type is used after 6 years, then it is advisable to double the dose and inject 2-4 drops.
  • "Nazivin" 0.05% is used in children after 6 years and adults, 1-2 drops each.
  • Spray is used according to the age of the child and one spray is injected into each nasal passage.

The frequency of use of the drug is up to three times a day. In this case, the duration of its use should not exceed 5 days. The instructions indicate that the treatment is carried out within 3-5 days. But according to certain indications, the doctor can extend this period.

nazivin drops up to a year

Alternative use of pediatric vasoconstrictor drops

How else can you use Nazivin drops for up to a year? The instruction says that it is permissible to apply the medication to cotton swabs, which are then inserted into the nasal passages. At the same time, the effect of such an application will be tangible.

Take sterile cotton and a bandage. Twist a small turunda out of them, on which apply the drug. This can be done using the same pipette. Insert swabs into the nasal passages for 10-15 minutes. Use this method no more than three times a day.

Adverse reactions that require drug withdrawal

The drug usually has a positive effect on the patient's condition and does not cause negative reactions. But it also happens that the remedy provokes severe swelling and hyperemia occurs. Also, the medication can cause dryness in the nose, sneezing, itching. All these signs can be attributed to side effects. When they appear, stop using the drug and consult a doctor. Antidote in the situations described is not required. Negative consequences disappear on their own after the abolition of Nazivin vasoconstrictor drops.

With repeated use and an increase in the norms indicated by the instruction, the medicine helps to increase blood pressure. The patient's pulse quickens, tachycardia develops.

nazivin drops children's instructions

Development of drug-induced rhinitis: special considerations

You already know how and in what quantity you need to use "Nazivin" for children (drops up to a year). The instruction says that if you use medicine in prohibited concentrations for babies, an overdose may occur. It is manifested by nausea and vomiting, insomnia, increased nervous excitability, and fever. Respiratory depression and pulmonary edema may also develop. All these situations are quite dangerous, especially for young children. Therefore, when they occur, you must immediately call an ambulance.

Prolonged use of the drug - even in acceptable doses - leads to atrophy of the nasal mucosa and the development of drug-induced rhinitis. The clinical picture of this disease is manifested by the following symptoms: it is impossible to breathe without drops, constant congestionnose for no reason, relief after using the drug, and so on. Drug-induced rhinitis should be treated with more serious medications (often corticosteroids are required) and only as directed by a doctor.

nazivin drops up to a year instruction

Reviews about the drug: what do consumers say? Doctors' advice

Most consumers are satisfied with nasal drops. After the introduction of the drug, there is an instant relief in breathing. The effect of this medicine lasts for 8-12 hours. This is important, because after using the drops at night, the child is provided with a calm and restful sleep. Parents of babies say that the medicine has an affordable price. Unlike other drugs based on oxymetazoline, Nazivin can be purchased for only 150 rubles. Approximately so much is the medicine for children up to a year. The Sensitive line has a higher price. But many patients are sure that this is nothing more than a marketing ploy. The composition of these drugs is absolutely identical, the amount of the active substance does not differ either. The only thing that is really convenient is the pipette. No need to unscrew the tip and count the drops. Just press once and get a dose of the drug.

Like every medicine, Nazivin also has negative reviews. Many consumers are against the use of this type of product. Patients fear that they may become addicted. Also, the use of the drug in some children caused allergies, which greatly frightens parents. She was manifested by sneezing, rednessskin and itching. After the drug was discontinued, everything went on its own.

Doctors say that often vasoconstrictors, including children's Nazivin drops, are prescribed in combination with other medicines. In this case, the order of application of the compositions must be observed. If nasal rinses are used, then this manipulation must first be carried out. Next, "Nazivin" is introduced. The use of antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents provides for the priority use of Nazivin. Only after the edema has been eliminated, prescribed medications are applied. Check with your doctor for details on this information.

nazivin children's drops up to a year


Children's drug "Nazivin" is an effective tool in the fight against the common cold. But it does not cure the problem, but only relieves the disturbing symptoms. Therefore, in order to achieve the optimal result, it is necessary to use other means in a complex. To prescribe them and receive individual recommendations, you should consult a doctor. Remember that all vasoconstrictor formulations have a limited lifespan. Do not exceed the allowed limits. He alth to you and your baby!

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