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Rickets in a kitten: causes, symptoms, treatment

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Rickets in a kitten: causes, symptoms, treatment
Rickets in a kitten: causes, symptoms, treatment

A little kitten, like a child, is susceptible to various diseases. A growing body must receive a complete set of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in order for all systems to develop and function normally. Today we want to consider such a common disorder as rickets in a kitten. Moreover, it concerns not only homeless creatures abandoned to the mercy of fate, but also the offspring of thoroughbred animals. You can see them right away, as they stand out from their peers.

rickets in a kitten

From the early days

An experienced breeder can instantly identify rickets in a kitten. He will look weak, his coat will be dull, and there will be loose stools and vomiting. Such crumbs will gain weight poorly, often sleep and lag behind in development. If you have a cat for the first time brought offspring, then the lack of experience may prevent you from recognizing this disease in time. However, there is an optimal solution: if the condition of the pet is of concern, do not self-medicate, but consult a doctor. Rickets in a kitten is well corrected only at an early stage, so do not waste time.

ricketskitten has symptoms

From theory to practice

There is an opinion that this ailment is the result of a lack of sun, so with the onset of spring, the state of the body will return to normal. However, in reality, everything is not quite so. Let's take a closer look at what rickets is. This is a formidable chronic disease, which is associated with a violation of the quality of the formation of bones and the skeleton as a whole. There are usually two reasons for this: a lack of minerals in the diet and metabolic disorders, which lead to developmental delays.

We are getting close to what rickets is. These are malformations of the musculoskeletal system and related disorders associated with a lack of calcium, vitamin D or phosphorus in the diet. If a cat did not eat well during pregnancy, then the appearance of such a deviation cannot be called a miracle. If you do not take good care of the crumbs in the first months of life (this applies to nutrition), then the result is likely to be the same.

what is rickets

At what age does it appear

It is very important to inspect the offspring daily. This is the only way to notice rickets in a kitten in time. The symptoms are quite vivid, so don't miss it if you know what to look out for. The most favorable time for the development of this disorder is the age of two weeks to six months. Right now, growth is so fast that any lack of minerals can make itself felt.

Conclusion after inspection

Based on what can rickets be diagnosed in a kitten? Symptoms may be very bright or blurryso it's best to take the baby to the vet. First of all, the lag in growth and development should alert. If the disease progresses, then the curvature of the spine, as well as the hind limbs, will develop. Gradually, rickets in a kitten leads to lameness. The thickness of the joints, as well as the ribs, becomes noticeably larger. Finally, by six months, we can diagnose teething delays and a large belly that is difficult to explain given poor appetite and growth.

rickets in cats

There is a way out

Indeed, there is no need to despair, but it is also not worth wasting time. Rickets in cats is treated very successfully, unless the lesions have had time to spread completely to the entire body. For example, the curvature of the bones and lameness will already remain for life. Therefore, your task is to level the symptoms at their initial stage.

A rickety kitten will die without treatment. Further, the disease will begin to progress so rapidly that you will not have time to do anything. However, now there is every chance to save his life, so contact your veterinarian for an appointment. Today, experts have gained good experience in the fight against rickets, which means that you have every chance.

rickety kitten


Once again I would like to emphasize what causes rickets in kittens. First of all, this is the low quality of feeding a cat during pregnancy. The mother's body cannot give the crumbs as much calcium as they need. Phosphorus deficiency is added to this. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the moment that an excess of minerals alsowill lead to rickets.

Violation of breeding rules, crossing close relatives and frequent matings (more than once a year) also lead to the appearance of weak offspring prone to this pathology, so choose your pet from a trusted breeder.

what causes rickets in kittens


Rickets is much easier to prevent than to treat later. Therefore, I would like to give some recommendations to breeders. First of all, review the diet of a pregnant cat. Now it is important not only that she was full. It is very important to maintain a balanced diet high in calories, vitamins and minerals. Best of all, if it is professional, quality food, and not the soup or milk that we used to give our pets.

During lactation, you also need to follow the right diet. It is very important not to add large amounts of artificial vitamins and minerals to food, as in nature, cats eat quite monotonously.

First foods

If the kittens sleep peacefully near their mother, then they do not need to give anything extra. Feeding should be introduced no earlier than three weeks, and then if the kids began to show concern. But in the case when the cat dies during childbirth or she simply does not have milk, the duty of feeding will fall on you. Then you will need to purchase milk substitutes and add phosphorus and calcium to them.

After the kittens have grown up, it is necessary to arrange sunbathing for them. Be sure to give them the opportunity to play on the lawn near the house or just onbalcony. Fresh air and sunlight will do them good. Premium food so you don't have to worry about the lack of minerals in your diet.


It depends entirely on the stage at which the development of the disease is. The sooner you see a doctor, the faster and more effectively help will be provided. Let's make a reservation right away that nothing can be done with severe defeats. In other cases, supportive therapy will be prescribed. This is calcium for intramuscular injections, "Dexamethasone", sometimes analgesics and necessarily a complex of vitamins containing D, E and A. The duration of treatment also depends on the severity of the disease.


Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. When purchasing a future pet, be sure to inquire about the breeder, find out in what conditions the pregnant cat lived, go on a visit and look at the behavior of the kids. After the baby crosses the threshold of your house, arrange for him to play in the sun more often and agree on a diet with your doctor. Then he will not be afraid of rickets, and the kitten will grow into a beautiful cat.

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