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Faithful and devoted friend - Belgian Shepherd

Faithful and devoted friend - Belgian Shepherd
Faithful and devoted friend - Belgian Shepherd

Belgian Shepherd puppies are amazingly cute and beautiful. But the upbringing of this dog must be given special attention. If you approach training correctly, then you will grow up an intelligent and devoted friend. Are you interested in the Belgian Shepherd? A photo of her will help to understand what will grow out of a puppy in the future. If you are interested in this breed and its features, then we will tell about it now.

belgian shepherd dog

Belgians consider this dog a national treasure. It combines all the qualities of an excellent dog. She is beautiful, strong and smart. The Belgian Shepherd Dog was developed in the 19th century. The dog has an excellent guarding instinct and incredible diligence. Therefore, she became very popular.

Each breeder wanted to improve its appearance and working qualities, so there are a lot of varieties of this breed. They differ in color and coat. Now there are four types. They are all recognized as separate breeds. Although some specialists in the field of cynologyrefer them all to the same breed.

Outwardly, the Belgian Shepherd Dog is quite flexible and harmoniously built dog with a muscular build. She looks very noble and elegant. Height at the withers - 56-66 cm. Weight - 27-32 kg. The head of the Belgian Shepherd is small and elongated. The eyes are dark brown, set high, the dog has an intelligent look. The tail is of medium length, at rest it is lowered down, and when excited it is raised upwards, slightly curved.

belgian shepherd photo

The Belgian Shepherd is a very alert and watchful dog. Such dogs make excellent guards who are unfriendly to strangers. The Belgian Shepherd is tremulous and gentle towards family members. Such dogs are well trained, as they have a high IQ and excellent memory. Therefore, difficulties in training should not arise. Remember that, like all representatives of the canine world, these shepherd dogs cannot stand rudeness towards themselves, but you don’t need to show weakness either, otherwise you will have to follow the dog’s lead all your life.

This dog is very active, she loves long walks. The Belgian Shepherd Dog will accompany its owners everywhere: jogging, hiking, even cycling. She will gladly take part in flyball or agility competitions.

This four-legged creature is bursting with energy. Despite the fact that the dog has an explosive temperament, it is always collected and reserved when it is needed. In addition, she has an excellent reaction, which is why such dogs serve in the police and customs. Also theseshepherd dogs can be excellent guide dogs for blind people.

belgian shepherd puppies

By the end of the 19th century, 4 varieties of the Belgian Shepherd were approved. All of them have beautiful names that they received from various regions and cities of Belgium: Tervueren, Malinois, Laekenois and Groenendael.

In many countries these four types are separate breeds. All of them have one standard, and differ in the type of coat (structure and length), as well as in color. It is allowed to cross these species with each other only in exceptional cases. All breed types should have a thick, dense coat with an undercoat to protect dogs from the weather.

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