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The first days after the hospital

The first days after the hospital
The first days after the hospital

Every young mother, in addition to the list of things to be discharged from the maternity hospital, is concerned about the preparation of the house for the arrival of the baby. Indeed, after hospital sterile conditions, it is necessary to protect the baby as carefully as possible from drafts and other factors that can cause a cold.

first days after birth

Organizing a baby's room

In the first days after the hospital, a children's room or a private corner should be prepared. It is worth remembering that there is no need to recreate hospital sterility, the baby should gradually get used to the microflora surrounding him. Otherwise, he may develop an allergy. The room should be well ventilated, so the window in the warm season should be kept ajar. Many new parents worry about their baby getting too cold, but overheating is just as dangerous. If the baby is cold, it will be noticeable on him: he may start to cry, and when overheated, any signs are often invisible. Therefore, you should not wrap the baby excessively. If the apartment has dry air or the first days after the maternity hospital fell in the winter,when the heating is on, it is worth buying humidifiers. Such devices can be found in all major children's stores.

for discharge from the hospital

First day

After the return of the child, you need to change into home clothes. The labels should be carefully cut off, as children's skin is very sensitive, and what seems a little rough to an adult can scratch it. On the first day at home after the maternity hospital, it is worth limiting the arrivals of relatives - the baby adapts to the new environment, and unfamiliar faces can only add stress. At this time, you should not go for walks and baths, for now, rubbing, washing and timely changing diapers is enough. You can practice co-sleeping by first laying a diaper on the bed. You will often have to get up at night, so you will need a separate area on the bedside table or table, where the night light and all the necessary things will be located. Thanks to this, it will be much faster to feed, calm and put the baby to bed, change his diaper.

Doctor coming

A nurse or local pediatrician, as a rule, comes on the third or fourth day. Questions of interest can be systematized and written down, since it takes a lot of time for a child in the first days after the maternity hospital, and sometimes it is difficult to concentrate. For the doctor, you need to prepare shoe covers or slippers. The pediatrician will examine the baby, give some recommendations on some procedures and introduce the main rules of care.

first day at home after birth

Experiences of parents

Sometimes absolutely natural phenomena cause panic in young mothers and fathers in the first days after the maternity hospital, especially if there is no one to consult with.

Situations not to worry about:

1. Heat. In children, thermoregulation is not formed immediately, and if the mark on the thermometer reaches 38 degrees during feeding or crying, then after the baby calms down, it usually goes down. So don't panic if you don't have a cough or other cold symptoms.

2. Skin condition. In the first weeks of life, she gets used to the environment, so peeling and redness are possible. Do not get carried away with baths with herbs and potassium permanganate, it is better to ask your pediatrician about a suitable moisturizer.

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