Wedding in the mountains: simplicity and sophistication

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Wedding in the mountains: simplicity and sophistication
Wedding in the mountains: simplicity and sophistication

Video: Wedding in the mountains: simplicity and sophistication

Video: Wedding in the mountains: simplicity and sophistication
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Wedding is the most important day in a couple's life. In order to remember it, it is not necessary to arrange an exquisite dinner party in the castle. An excellent option may be a wedding high in the mountains. Such a celebration can be organized without frills and with unusually delicate taste, because in this case it is nature that is the main decoration of the holiday.

Features of a wedding in the mountains

A feature of a wedding is its organization even with the smallest budget. Bouquets of wild flowers can serve as decorations. A set table for an organized buffet, decorated with fruits and a scattering of wild berries, will perfectly fit into the overall atmosphere. Sophistication and simplicity are key to a wedding in the mountains.

Wildflower bridal bouquet
Wildflower bridal bouquet

In the mountains, you can make an outdoor ceremony, after signing at the registry office. Depending on the wishes of the couple, an arch is placed, although you can do without it. The arch will look harmoniously entwined with bright colors. But the palette for the overall design should be chosen dark, with the addition of yellow and green. Photographing from the air orphoto shoot on the cable car.

The most unpredictable moment in organizing a wedding in the mountains is the weather. The couple should be prepared for the fact that instead of having a bachelorette party, stag party or a joint holiday on the eve of the wedding, they will have to spend the whole day and evening with the organizer, reworking the concept of the celebration and choosing a new place for the holiday, as the weather can change dramatically.

Decoration of a place for a celebration
Decoration of a place for a celebration

However, despite some difficulties in organizing, such a wedding is worth it. The couple will be happy with the choice regardless of the outcome, and the guests will be pleasantly surprised by the venue.

Mountain wedding concept

When organizing a wedding, first of all, you need to choose a venue for the celebration. When developing a concept, it is recommended to consider the following factors:

  • convenient location for a buffet or banquet;
  • lighting;
  • musical accompaniment and acoustics.

You also need to consider transport for guests, whether it will be convenient to get to the ceremony venue. It is necessary to clearly allocate time.

wedding at the top
wedding at the top

Wedding concepts can be very diverse. It all depends on the imagination of the couple. It can be a photo shoot in a magical forest or a vintage holiday, fun festivities in keeping with old traditions, or just an exquisitely decorated place without being tied to a particular style.

Wedding in the mountains of Sochi

The task is easier if the couple lives in Sochi, and a little more complicated if the place of residence of the newlyweds is inanother city. But in the end, the main thing is the desire to organize a wedding in Sochi. In this case, you can use the services of special agencies for organizing weddings. The choice of location and all questions can be discussed online or by phone. An ideal place can be a site in the mountains overlooking the sea, the cost of renting such a territory starts from 10,000 rubles. per hour.

The wedding ceremony can be held in the mountains, and the menu can be ordered at local hotels and restaurants. Each self-respecting hotel complex is equipped with terraces with picturesque views, where you can comfortably sit and enjoy the atmosphere of nature and celebration.

Honeymooners can enjoy restaurants such as:

  • Tulip Inn Roza Khutor - from here you can see the beauty of not only the city, but also the majestic mountains, since the restaurant is located on a slope.
  • Art Up City - the hotel's special offers will be appreciated by many young couples who expect to organize a wedding on a minimal budget.
  • Grand Hotel Polyana
  • Hotel Solis.

Tips from newlyweds

Tips from couples who have already gone through organizing an original celebration will be very helpful:

  1. When choosing a menu, you must try all the dishes and alcoholic drinks to avoid unpleasant situations.
  2. When organizing, it is important to consider the smallest details, but on the day of the ceremony, do not get hung up on the little things.
  3. Don't try to please everyone. First of all, this is a celebration for two.
  4. Enjoy the process of organizing and relate to everythingeasier, enjoy the celebration and not be nervous.