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Vetapteki Voronezh. Addresses and opening hours of the most popular pharmacies in the city

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Vetapteki Voronezh. Addresses and opening hours of the most popular pharmacies in the city
Vetapteki Voronezh. Addresses and opening hours of the most popular pharmacies in the city

All pet owners sooner or later face the need to visit a veterinarian, whether it's a routine checkup, seasonal vaccinations or pet malaise. Most of the drugs prescribed by a specialist can be purchased at the clinic itself, immediately after a medical examination. But, unfortunately, not all veterinary clinics have their own pharmacies, and the owner faces a difficult task: where to buy the right medicine for adequate money and not run into a fake or low-quality product.

In the article we will look at what to look for when visiting this institution, we will tell you the addresses and opening hours of the most popular veterinary pharmacies in Voronezh.

veterinary pharmacies voronezh

Determining quality

One of the indicators of the quality of any pharmacy, including a veterinary one, is the cleanliness and size of the premises. Dusty shelves and dirty floors may indicate non-compliance with hygiene standards and rules for storing drugs.Convenient shelves and special refrigerators for medicines are a must for a pharmacy that monitors the quality of its products.

veterinary pharmacy voronezh addresses

All drugs must have licenses and certificates. If there is doubt about the quality of the product, then you can ask the pharmacist to show these documents. If the administration of the institution has nothing to hide, then everyone should provide it without any questions.

Pharmacy, looking after their reputation, hire qualified professionals. If you have questions about the use of a particular drug, you can check with the pharmacist for the necessary information.

If a specialist cannot answer questions, or refuses to provide documents, then this is a reason to contact another pharmacy.

Vetapteka on Lomonosov Street

Doctor Agrofarm is one of the most popular veterinary pharmacies in Voronezh. It is located at 114B Lomonosov Street, not far from the Agricultural University. Here they sell drugs made in their own production. Constant checks, testing of medicines and control at all stages of the manufacturing process guarantee their quality. Experienced pharmacists will always tell you how to use the drug to achieve the best effect. The location next to the production allows frequent updating of the assortment and preventing expired drugs from being sold.

veterinary pharmacy at Lomonosov address

Thanks to a wide selection of quality facilities and competent staff, this establishment is becoming more and more popular among the residents of Voronezh. Vetaptekaon Lomonosov works on weekdays from 08:00-18:00, on Saturday from 09:00-15:00.

"Two dogs" near Petrovsky Square

The central veterinary pharmacy of Voronezh "Two Dogs" is located near Petrovsky Square, on the street of the 20th anniversary of the Komsomol, house 50. It is located on the territory of the clinic, which allows you to purchase the necessary medicines immediately after the pet is examined by a specialist. A large selection of medicines and products for animals allows you to purchase everything you need on the spot and not run around looking for the right products in other shops in the city. Pharmacy employees are waiting for their customers on weekdays from 08:00-19:00, and on weekends from 09:00 to 16:00.

"Two dogs" - a network of veterinary pharmacies in Voronezh. Petrovsky Square is the location of the central one. Another of the pharmacies is located on Friedrich Engels Street, 20. It works on weekdays from 08:00-19:00, and on weekends from 09:00-16:00. The third pharmacy of the network at 26, Serafimovich Street, is waiting for visitors on weekdays from 08:00-19:00, and on Saturday and Sunday from 09:00-14:00.

veterinary pharmacy voronezh addresses

All veterinary pharmacies work seven days a week.

24/7 Help

Sometimes your pet may need medication at night when most veterinary pharmacies are closed. In this case, it will be useful to know the addresses of 24-hour pharmacies for animals. Pharmaceutical departments at Animal He alth veterinary clinics operate in this mode.

veterinary pharmacy petrovsky square voronezh

Specialists of hospitals are ready to receive caudate patients every day, at any time of the day. And pharmacy pharmaciststhey will sell the necessary drug and give recommendations on its use.

Voronezh round-the-clock veterinary pharmacies operate at the following addresses:

  • Volgogradskaya street, 44;
  • street of the 60th Army, house 29a;
  • Truda Avenue, 28.

Summing up

Choosing a veterinary clinic is a serious matter. Not only he alth, but sometimes the life of a pet depends on the quality of the drugs sold and the professionalism of the pharmacist. The use of an expired or counterfeit medicine can lead to serious consequences for the he alth of the animal. Therefore, the purchase of medicines for your pet must be approached responsibly. If the pharmacy and the pharmacists working in it do not inspire confidence, then it is better to find another one, consult with your doctor or friends, which pharmacy is better to prefer.

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