Baby House in Ryazan: address, opening hours, guide
Baby House in Ryazan: address, opening hours, guide

Video: Baby House in Ryazan: address, opening hours, guide

Video: Baby House in Ryazan: address, opening hours, guide
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Orphans are one of the most painful topics in modern society. They prefer to keep silent about it, because it is not profitable to reflect the real number of children in specialized institutions. The article will focus on one of these institutions - the baby house in Ryazan.

History of the organization

Ryazan Children's Home was opened more than a century ago. It all started at the beginning of the 20th century, when there was a special box at the children's hospital on Kalyaev Street. Careless parents put their newborn babies in it, not wanting publicity. Here, near the box, there was a poster with a call to leave the baby in it, instead of getting rid of it in a cruel way.

Time passed, a revolution broke out, which brought the formation of the Nursing Home. In the 20s of the last century, there was a very high mortality rate among babies. Children fell ill with infectious diseases, and in the Baby House (Ryazan) special attention was paid to their prevention. Baby care was put at the highest level, given the possibilities of those times.

Before the war, the inhabitants of the Baby House, along with doctors and educatorsmoved. They were given a building on Shchedrin Street, completely devoid of any amenities. Despite the difficulties that arose, the institution worked according to a strict regime, carefully observing the necessary rules. At this time there was an active promotion of breastfeeding. There were several full-time nurses at the Children's Home. And unlucky mothers were asked to stay with the baby until the moment he was weaned.

The year 1978 came, the Baby House in Ryazan moved again, this time to its current location, Vysokovoltnaya Street. At the same time, one small but very significant nuance arose: there were practically no he althy people among the inhabitants of the institution. Only 2% of the total number of children belonged to those, the rest suffered from nervous diseases and mental disorders. The institution was retrained as a place for children with CNS lesions and mental disorders.

Today, about 200 children from 0 to 4 years old live in the Baby House (Ryazan - the city of location).

Inside the institution
Inside the institution

Medical staff

Special children need constant medical supervision, for this purpose there are doctors of various categories, nurses and nannies in the Orphanage.

Heads the team Shatskaya Elena Evgenievna - Candidate of Medical Sciences, doctor - neonatologist of the highest category. She is also the leader of the organization. In addition to her, the institution employs:

  1. Deputy chief doctor is Fetodova Marina Vladimirovna. She is a pediatrician of the highest category.
  2. Fokina Irina Valerievna - pediatrician of the first category.
  3. Sevostyanova Natalya Alexandrovna - pediatrician of the second category.
  4. Vedenyapina Galina Borisovna - pediatrician.

In addition to these doctors, the children of the Orphanage in Ryazan receive the help of neurologists, otolaryngologists and an epidemiologist.


More than three hundred people are on the staff of the institution, including both doctors and educators, educational psychologists and speech therapists.

The Orphanage of the Baby in Ryazan is famous for the dignified attitude towards the wards on the part of educators and doctors. The following describes the conditions in which children live, but for now it is worth noting those who are constantly next to them:

  1. Tyukova Irina Yurievna - teacher of the highest category.

  2. Miroshkina Olga Alexandrovna - teacher-psychologist of the highest category.
  3. Gerasimova Tatyana Alexandrovna - teacher-psychologist of the highest category.
Holiday in the baby house
Holiday in the baby house

Children's lives

The baby house in Ryazan (the photo of the babies is presented below) is distinguished by its routine. The mode is tailored to the inhabitants according to their age and habits.

Very small children wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning, older ones later. Then it's time for hygiene procedures and breakfast. The food in the institution is quite decent, the pupils receive food five times a day. Mandatory breakfast, as already written, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

A certain time is allotted for walks and classes, the kids attenddance and music lessons, draw with pleasure and get acquainted with such a subject as the world around.

For children at the Baby House (Ryazan) there is a gym where kids like to spend time doing wall bars, fitness equipment and in a dry pool. A winter garden, a hairdresser, a baptismal, numerous rooms for child development - all this is located in the institution.

Children in the hall
Children in the hall


In the village of Sushki, Ryazan region, there is a two-story building belonging to the Baby House. Here, accompanied by employees, children are taken out for the summer period. The dacha is furnished with new furniture; a major overhaul was recently carried out on its territory. There is a modern children's playground in the yard, where kids frolic under the supervision of adults.

On vacation, the pupils of the Baby House continue to learn about the world around them. teachers try to conduct various excursions for them, to experiment with water and sand, to observe the life of flora and fauna.

Particular attention is paid to the psychosomatic development of babies, their physical condition. Wellness procedures are regularly carried out, with an emphasis on hardening the child's body.

Country cottage
Country cottage

How to adopt a child?

Are there children for adoption in Ryazan, in the Orphanage? As in any other institution of this type, they always are and will be. Another question is that not everyone is able to become an adoptive parent, as well as many babies can only be given under guardianship, but not to a foster family for one reason or another.

In order to become an adoptive parent, you must apply with the appropriate application to the guardianship and guardianship authorities at the place of residence.

Visit to the institution
Visit to the institution

Documents for adoption

In order to take a child from the Orphanage in Ryazan (photo above), you must have a conclusion on the possibility of becoming an adoptive parent. It is issued, as written above, by the guardianship authorities.

In addition to the conclusion, potential parents need to collect a number of documents:

  1. Certificate of income from employment.
  2. Certificate from the house book, confirming the ownership of the dwelling.
  3. Copy of financial personal account.
  4. He alth report.
  5. Certificate from the internal affairs bodies confirming the absence of a criminal record.
  6. Marriage certificate, if available.
  7. Certificate of completion of the school of foster parents.
  8. Short autobiography.
Baby house building
Baby house building

Meet your baby

After the list of documents is collected, potential parents are registered with the guardianship authorities, they are given a referral to visit the child.

Personal acquaintance with the baby is the duty of the adoptive parents. When communicating with a baby who has reached the age of 3-4 years, contact is established, potential parents look at the child, soberly and balancedly assessing their capabilities. Can adoptive parents fall in lovespecifically this child, find the key to him? It is, of course, impossible to pick up a child without getting to know him.

Where is the facility located?

Address of the Baby House: Ryazan, Vysokovoltnaya street, house 47.


The opening hours of the institution are somewhat unusual for those who are used to the standard "five days". The baby house is open daily, without holidays and weekends, from 11:45 am to 2:30 pm.

Institution phone number can be found on the official website.

What is a foster parent school?

This is where adoptive parents get their rose-colored glasses broken and thrown out of their comfort zone. The written proposal will seem rude to someone, the fact is that many people are simply unaware of the scale of the problems that they will have to face when taking a child into the family. Potential moms and dads see the situation in a rosy color, and the reality turns out to be extremely cruel. Most of the children return to where they were taken from. These kids are getting severely traumatized.

In order to avoid returns, they created schools for foster parents, where adults receive valuable information about what can be expected from a child adopted into a family and how to correct his behavior.

Classes are held in the form of communication between presenters and adoptive parents. School graduates share their own experience, and students solve problems set by the leader, watch educational videos, discuss topics of concern to them and get acquainted with legal aspects.

There is an opinion among potential adoptive parents that only young couples can attend classes. It's absolutelyerroneously, without taking a course on adoption, there can be no question. In the Baby House on Vysokovoltnaya (Ryazan - the city of location), only those who attended classes at the specified school receive a referral to get acquainted with the baby.

And one more thing - at school, foster parents will not be dissuaded from the idea of adopting a baby. Middle-aged people are afraid to attend classes for this very reason, believing that they will be asked to leave the venture because of their age. Here they give you the opportunity to independently weigh the pros and cons before deciding to take the baby.

foster family
foster family

The main fears of potential parents

When preparing for adoption, people understand what they are getting into. The main fear is related to the he alth of the unborn child. In second place are genetic abnormalities inherited from natural parents.

In the school described above, they are taught to deal with these fears, they are not afraid to discuss them and offer various situations from which adults are looking for a way out. This approach helps reduce the anxiety of adoptive parents.

When not to take a baby?

There are hard losses in life, it is especially painful to lose your own child. Other parents close in on their pain, they do not allow the thought of becoming mom and dad again. And someone, not having time to move away from grief, decides to take the child from the orphanage. Only this should not be done until a certain point, because subconsciously the parents will begin to compare the deceased with a new child. Most often, such comparisons are not in favor of the latter, he again finds himself in an orphanage,receiving the deepest psychological trauma.


The baby house in Ryazan is a place where children from birth to 4 years old found shelter. Despite all the conditions created for them by the staff of the institution, the kids are waiting for their dads and moms.