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How to grind coffee correctly to get a cup of excellent drink?

How to grind coffee correctly to get a cup of excellent drink?
How to grind coffee correctly to get a cup of excellent drink?

The most popular drink in the world is coffee. It is an integral part of our daily life. It is drunk by people of all religions and nationalities. The amazing aroma of freshly ground coffee does not leave indifferent any of the coffee lovers around the world. The quality and taste of the drink itself is largely dependent on the grinding of coffee beans. If you grind coffee incorrectly, you can spoil its taste, using even the most elite varieties. The type of grinding depends on the preferred method of preparing the drink. How to grind coffee correctly?

grind coffee

There are many ways to prepare this drink, they all require different grinding of coffee beans. Before grinding coffee, you need to decide which way it will be prepared. For its preparation, a coffee machine, a geyser or drip-type coffee pot, a French press can be used, these can be variants of traditional Turkish coffee, espresso or drinks created on its basis (latte, cappuccino, americano, latte macchiato, ristretto).

The way the extraction process will take place depends on the grinding of beans - the transfer of useful substances and trace elements. Typically, coffee packages are labeled with information about the recommended methods for preparing the drink. It's best to stick with them. It is worth knowing that with coarse coarse grinding, a less saturated and strong drink is obtained. To obtain the most useful and aromatic drink, coffee beans ground into powder are suitable. However, coarse coffee is not suitable for espresso, and using a fine grind in a drip coffee maker will result in a burnt and bitter-tasting drink.

How to grind coffee

The grinding of coffee beans is an essential step to bring out the aroma and flavor of the oils contained in the beans. Each method of brewing coffee requires a certain fineness of grinding. Adjusting this indicator can significantly affect the quality of the drink. There are such types of grinding coffee beans: coarse or coarse, medium, fine, powdered or extra fine.

Coarse grinding is suitable for brewing a drink in a traditional coffee pot, in a French press. Coffee brewed this way doesn't seem quite strong, but it's high in caffeine and invigorating.

For lovers of geyser-type coffee makers, French presses will also use coarse grinding. A good option for them is the medium grinding. The technology of making a drink with the help of these devices does not involve the use of fine grinding, as the sieve of the coffee maker can become clogged, besides, the thick gets into the drink itself.

Practically forall coffee brewing methods are suitable for medium grinding, recognized as universal.

Fine grind is used for coffee makers with filters. It keeps longer and is ideal for making the strongest and most aromatic coffee - espresso, which is prepared using coffee machines of various types and modifications.

Powdered or ultra-fine grinding is used to make true Turkish coffee in cezve or cezve. For the Turkish version of the grain, it is necessary to grind it almost to the state of powder. You can grind coffee so finely using an electric coffee grinder, but it is better to use a manual grinder. According to connoisseurs, the older it is, the more fragrant and tasty the drink will be.

Good ground coffee

It is believed that grinding coffee with a good manual coffee grinder is better because of the low speed of its operation, during which the grains and the resulting powder do not heat up so much and do not lose their aroma. This time-consuming process for true coffee lovers is a kind of ritual.

The correctness of the selected grinding is checked by extraction. If the coffee turned out tasty and rich, it means that the grinding degree was adjusted successfully.

It is important to remember that good coffee (ground) should be ground immediately before brewing, because after grinding, the aroma disappears from it rather quickly. It is better to buy already ground grains in the nearest coffee houses or specialized stores, where consultants will tell you how to choose the right kind of your favorite drink (depending on the preferred method of drinking it).cooking).

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