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Where is the painting grid used

Where is the painting grid used
Where is the painting grid used

Fiberglass paint mesh is mainly used during puttying work. It is necessary to prevent shedding of building compounds at the junctions of walls with door and window frames, ceiling and floor, etc.

Painting mesh (serpyanka) with a 2x2mm cell is indispensable in construction work for sealing cracks in ceilings, drywall joints, fiberboard, chipboard, etc. This reinforcing material is designed to improve the quality characteristics of the treated surface. It protects the walls not only from mechanical damage, but also from technological defects and even temperature changes.

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Paint mesh has the same properties as all other similar special building materials. It is made of fiberglass, which is interwoven and additionally impregnated with a special substance that is resistant to alkaline environments. Such a mesh is necessary to improve the adhesion of finishing materials, it takes loads well, and helps to increase wear resistance.surfaces. It is non-flammable, non-flammable, frost-resistant, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. However, in order to perform its functions, it must be properly placed. It should be located between the layers of the solution, and not between the surface and the putty (plaster).

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Depending on the size of the cells, the paint mesh is used in construction for different purposes. Also, its technical characteristics may differ to a certain extent. Outwardly, it resembles gauze. When working inside buildings or outside, it is most often a reinforcing element. If necessary, it can be used for other purposes: when plastering walls, installing a thermal insulation system, laying tiles, in an external protective layer. The mesh allows you to significantly increase the strength of the treated surface and make it more resistant to destruction. Another plus of this material is that building mixtures lie on top of it more evenly.

The paint mesh is also used for finishing window and door openings, during decorative, restoration work, as well as when leveling self-leveling floors. It is very easy to use: you just need to put it on glue (for example, PVA or any other adhesive mixture) and stretch it on any surface, then apply plaster or other building mixture on top.

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The most important indicator of mesh quality is the tensile strength factor. The dimensions of the cells are quite small and amount to 2x2 mm. This is necessary for the strength of the reinforced mortar(puttying) and for other types of work in which a paint grid is used.

You can buy it today in absolutely any hardware store or order it in an online store with delivery. You need to choose the material depending on the base and reinforcement. Most often, the mesh is purchased for protective, restorative and decorative wall coverings, puttying works, strengthening ceilings and walls, joints in slabs, facade insulation works, also for reinforcing floors or for laying a water-repellent roof.

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