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Furacilin for newborns: has long been known and almost irreplaceable

Furacilin for newborns: has long been known and almost irreplaceable
Furacilin for newborns: has long been known and almost irreplaceable

Finally, the long-awaited event happened - a baby was born. Moms and dads usually buy clothes, booties, diapers, bedding for the baby in advance. Along with a stroller, a crib and clothes, parents prepare a first-aid kit for a newborn, which includes brilliant green, sterile cotton wool and napkins, iodine.

An effective remedy, long known

furatsilin for newborns
furatsilin for newborns

This drug is by no means a novelty in medicine - our mothers and grandmothers used furatsilin for newborns, as it has antibacterial properties. Its spectrum of action is quite wide. Furacilin is effective against:

  • staphylococcus aureus;
  • streptococcus;
  • salmonella;
  • causative agents of dysentery;
  • in the fight against inflammation.

According to pediatricians, furatsilin for newborns is absolutely safe, as well as for nursing mothers. It is used only as an external agent in the form of a solution. Usually, the eyes are washed with the smallest ones against souring or crusts that form in infants on the eyelids. Apply remedyrecommended by a pediatrician, as the crusts may be due to allergies and require the use of other medications.

Furacilin is also used to treat pustular wounds, burns, and conjunctivitis. For newborns and adults, the release form of the drug is the same - a tablet that has a characteristic yellowish color. In the maternity hospital, mothers are told how to use the furatsilin solution and how to make it at home for morning and evening baby care.

furatsilina solution for newborns
furatsilina solution for newborns

How to prepare a solution of furacilin for newborns?

Usually take one tablet and dilute in half a glass (100 ml) of moderately hot boiled water. By no means cold, otherwise the tablet crystals will dissolve for a very long time. After the solution is made (it has a yellowish tint), it should be filtered through a sterile napkin or gauze: the remaining sediment is discarded. The resulting liquid must be cooled to room temperature and used for its intended purpose.

Usually, in a solution of furatsilin for newborns, they do it every day so that it is fresh. Before use, it can be slightly warmed up to the temperature of the child's body. Then wipe the baby's eyes with clean cotton swabs as follows:

  • dip a cotton pad into the solution and wring it out slightly;
  • wipe the eye with a swab from the outside to the inner corner;
  • use a new cotton pad for each eye;
  • procedure only with clean hands.

Parting words for new parents

furatsilin for newborns how to breed
furatsilin for newborns how to breed

It is desirable that the pediatrician himself tell the parents about furatsilin for newborns (how to breed, how to apply and at what temperature). Like any medicine, the drug can cause an allergic reaction in a child. This is extremely rare, but parents should be aware of what kind of reactions the baby may have, and be sure to tell the doctor about them at the next visit to the doctor. An experienced pediatrician will definitely recommend another antibacterial agent.

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