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Developing activities with a child of 1 year

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Developing activities with a child of 1 year
Developing activities with a child of 1 year

It seems like only recently you were holding a tiny ball in your arms. And now your baby is celebrating his first birthday. Now he needs exciting entertainment. Do you want to spend a day together fun and useful? Learn all about activities with a 1 year old.

activities with a 1 year old
activities with a 1 year old

Playing builders

Be sure to please your baby with a new designer. This is a great toy for kids over a year old. It is not necessary to choose a set of complex parts. For crumbs, ordinary cubes are suitable, which differ in color and size.

At first, the child will not be interested in building houses and castles; rather, he will prefer to break those that his mother builds. It will take a little time, and the child will be interested in construction. Such activities with a child of 1 year old will help develop engineering and creative thinking. Be sure to pay attention to the crumbs in different colors.

Assembling the pyramid

Pyramid is the most favorite toy for most children. Teach your child to put rings on the holder. This game develops coordination of movements. The child also beginsdistinguish rings by size and color. Some mothers complain that the child cannot learn such a simple task. However, if you show patience and perseverance, then everything will work out for you.

classes for children from one year old
classes for children from one year old

Classes for children from a year to develop fine motor skills

Nerve endings that regulate the coordination of fingers are located in close proximity to the speech center of the brain. That is why any finger games contribute to the fact that the baby will speak early. You can give the baby a massage of the palm and fingers, diluting the mechanical movements with nursery rhymes and songs.

Now give the child the first task. Playing with beads will be great fun. They can be thrown into a plastic bottle, and then try to get it. However, do not leave your baby alone with small items as they may swallow them.

Gradually complicate classes with a child of 1 year. For example, you can invite your child to stick thin pasta or other objects into the holes of the colander. To develop dexterity, you can also string beads on a string.

Dough games are popular among children. Plasticine for such babies is not suitable because of the danger of eating it. But the most common dough that you can knead or buy in a store will be an excellent material for creativity. Little fingers will roll balls, make pancakes or sculpt animals. All these games are very interesting.

Classes with a child of 1 year for the development of speech

Constantly communicate with your baby. This will help him replenish hisvocabulary. Speak your words clearly and loudly. Young children simplify some words and say them incorrectly. This is quite normal for babies from a year old, but do not duplicate the pronunciation of the crumbs, otherwise his speech will not be correct for a long time.

Use any material to learn new words. Books are great for this. The child learns to associate certain words with pictures and tries to build first sentences.

Well, if you are walking on the street, then pronounce the names of all the objects that surround you. It is also a great opportunity to study the sounds made by various animals. Do not be afraid that your child will touch the grass, flower or earth. You can always wash his hands, and tactile sensations play a significant role in the development of children.

Toys for children from one year old

toys for children from a year
toys for children from a year

Toddler toys are subject to the following requirements:

  • They must be made from non-toxic materials. If you experience an unpleasant odor coming from the toy, or the paint is easily rubbed off, then refuse to buy.
  • If you purchased wooden toys, inspect them for rough areas.
  • Toys should not contain small parts that can easily come off.

In addition to the above-mentioned pyramids and cubes, you can purchase wheelchairs, a doll carriage, a set of toy dishes and sorters. The last version of the toys is great for children 1 year old. The child is invited to place various figures incorresponding holes. This is a great opportunity to explore color and shape.

You can also use any toys that will help to play scenes from the life of the baby. For example, girls love to feed the doll with invisible porridge. The boys are happy to play with a toy steering wheel, pretending to be dad.

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