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Home photoepilators: which one is better? Photoepilator for home use
Home photoepilators: which one is better? Photoepilator for home use

The principle of human hair growth can be compared to a perennial plant: no matter how much you cut it, it will sprout again and again as long as the root is alive. The same thing happens with the hair growing on the human body.

None of the many methods of hair removal or depilation can completely prevent the growth of new unwanted hair. To permanently get rid of body hair, it is necessary to destroy the source of their growth - the bulb and follicle.

In our time, the latest device has been invented - a photoepilator. It is an efficient machine that guarantees reliable results.

photoepilators at home which is better
photoepilators at home which is better

The principle of its work is that by exposing the bulb to non-monochromatic light emitted by a special lamp, the gradual death of hair follicles occurs.

Howthe process of photoepilation is carried out

The heat waves emitted by the device affect both the blood that feeds the hair follicle and the hair itself. The blood cells coagulate, resulting in the death of the follicle responsible for the growth of a new hair. In addition, due to exposure to a light wave, the hair shaft is heated, and after the procedure it dies, weakens and falls out.

photoepilator silk n glide reviews
photoepilator silk n glide reviews

The action of this type of hair removal is the absorption of light by melanin, as a result of which not all hair is removed, but only those in which this natural pigment is present. Gray and blond hair that does not have melanin cannot be removed by photoepilation. Depending on the color of the hair, the light from the flash is absorbed with varying degrees of efficiency. If the hair is dark in color, the bulb dies more quickly, otherwise it is not destroyed, but only damaged, and hair growth can be continued (with varying degrees of activity).

Photoepilation course

For complete hair removal, you need to undergo a course of photoepilation - this is about 7 sessions. This is primarily due to the phases of hair growth: the follicle dies only in the phase of their active growth. After the first session, you can not see the instant disappearance of hair, their partial loss will occur only the next day, due to natural death. However, after the first treatment, the hair that is in the resting or cessation phases also becomes thinner, brittle andpowerless.

Photoepilators at home - which one is better?

One of the most popular and sought-after methods of hair removal these days is photoepilation. Due to the ease of use of the device and painlessness, these procedures are very popular, especially among the female population. Many beauty salons offer professional expensive services. One session in the salon will cost the visitor from 1000 to 7000 rubles. However, a cheaper way is a photoepilator for home use. He is able to successfully deal with unwanted hairs.

remington photoepilator
remington photoepilator

It is known that this device has a considerable cost, but, compared to attending a course in a professional salon, using a home device will cost many times less. For a more profitable purchase, you should definitely know everything about home photoepilators. “Which is better to choose? Which firm do you prefer? - such questions most often arise from buyers.

Characteristics of home photoepilator

When buying a photoepilator, it should be selected according to certain criteria: technical characteristics, lamp life, energy density, price category, etc. In today's market, you can find a fairly wide range of various devices for home hair removal. The most popular are such manufacturing companies as Philips, Remington, E-one, Silk'n and others.

First of all, when buying a photoepilator, it is necessary to consider the effectiveness of the lamp flash, due to which death occurshair follicle. The maximum power of its radiation should be no more than 5 J/cm2. Otherwise, skin burns may occur. Some models are equipped with a special flash power control to adjust epilation on different parts of the body.

e one photoepilator
e one photoepilator

Secondly, you should pay attention to the light spot area of the photoepilator: the larger it is, the more effective and faster the destruction of unwanted hair will occur. The maximum area of modern home photoepilators does not exceed 6 cm2.

The next important point is the lamp resource, that is, the maximum number of flashes that it can produce. Such devices are produced with a resource of 750 to 40,000 flashes, which directly affects the price of the product. If the lamp has expired, it can be replaced with a new one. It should be noted that spare replacement lamps are quite expensive, sometimes their price is comparable to a new photoepilator.

Prices for photoepilators

The cost of photoepilators directly depends on the following factors:

  • lamp life,
  • light spot volume,
  • manufacturing country.

Besides, some firms do price markup for the brand: the more famous the manufacturer, the more expensive he sells his product. Currently, the most budgetary version of a home photoepilator can be purchased for 10,000 rubles. The most expensive photoepilators are offered by the French company E-one - the maximum price for such a unit can reach 120,000rubles.

Rating of popular models

In order to answer the question about home photoepilators “Which is better?”, You should consider the consumer rating of the most popular companies and their models. We repeat, the most famous manufacturers of these devices are such companies as Philips, Remington, E-one, Silk'n.

Silk'n Company

These photoepilators are manufactured by the Israeli company Home Skinovations, Ltd. Thanks to extensive testing, the products of this company are recommended by leading dermatologists as safe and effective devices for combating unwanted hair.

photoepilator price
photoepilator price

In the manufacture of photoepilators, proprietary patented HPL technology is used, which consists in the production of long pulsed light with a wavelength of 475-1200 nm. Periodic flashes (1 flash per second) with a power of 3 to 5 J / cm2 directly affect the hair follicle, reliably destroying the cause of unwanted hair growth.

Silk'n glide photoepilator reviews

Silk'n glide photoepilators are budget-friendly and effective at home hair removal. Many buyers are satisfied with the result, leaving positive comments.

According to consumers who have used the Silk'n glide home photoepilator, reviews of this device note the following positive characteristics of the device.

  1. Won't burn or leave unwanted marks on skin.
  2. The procedure is completely painless.
  3. Resource of one cartridgedepends on the specific model and is comparable to the price category.
  4. You can adjust the pulse speed yourself, 5 modes are offered for this.
  5. The Glide epilator is easy to use as it does not require special eye protection goggles.
  6. The device is designed in such a way that the flash is produced only in close contact with the skin, which eliminates the harmful effects on the eyes.
  • Silk photoepilator is powered by electricity (220V);
  • the company guarantees a result of 50% after 3-4 procedures;
  • The machine's compact size makes it very convenient to use.

The most popular models of Silk'n glide photoepilators: Silk'n Glide 30K, Silk'n Glide 150K, Silk'n SensEpil XL 65.000 and others.

photoepilator for home use
photoepilator for home use


Photoepilators from the German company Remington also won the trust of consumers. They are distinguished by reliable and modern technical characteristics. For example, one of the most popular these days is the Remington i-Light photoepilator. His performance:

  1. The intensity level is set independently, depending on the individual characteristics of the skin: on a scale from 1 to 5.
  2. A special single pulse mode can be set to treat small areas of skin.
  3. To treat larger areas, you can also set the multiple pulse mode.
  4. The device is equipped with a special paw resource indicator. If helights up, this indicates that there are no more than 150 pulses left. If the lamp needs to be replaced, the indicator will blink rapidly.
  5. The device is equipped with a skin contact sensor.
  6. Remington i-Light can be used on any part of the body, except those where there are tattoos.
  7. The procedure must be repeated after the hairs begin to grow back.

The Remington photoepilator does an excellent job of its main task - the removal of unwanted hairs. According to consumer reviews, after 5 sessions, the hairs disappear and no longer appear.

Manufacturer E-one

French company E-Swin produces high-quality and efficient E-one photoepilators. Most of the models of this company have a very high cost, which deters most buyers. Despite the fact that many companies advertise their product, guaranteeing an unsurpassed result, customer reviews do not always confirm the effectiveness of certain models of photoepilators. Unlike other companies, E-one (photoepilator) is always positive reviews from independent users. First of all, buyers note the high efficiency and effectiveness of the device: quick disposal of unwanted hair.

The most popular models are: E-One Clinic R Multy, E-one No. 1 and others.

Specifications of these photoepilators:

  1. Professional quality for home use.
  2. Checking against 20 safety criteria guarantees the consumer a completeconfidence in using them.
  3. Medical quality certificate.
  4. Visible results after first use.
  5. Guaranteed to completely get rid of unwanted hair in the shortest possible time.
  6. Frequency: one treatment every 2 months.


Home photoepilators from the Dutch company Philips are quite popular among buyers. According to the consumer rating, the most purchased models are Lumea Precision Plus SC2003/00, Lumea Philips SC2001, PHILIPS SC1992/00 Lumea IPL. All Philips Lumea photoepilators have the following features:

  1. High efficiency lamp with long life.
  2. First noticeable results after 5 sessions: hair thinning, falling out and not growing back.
  3. 5 performance settings for different skin types.
  4. Philips photoepilator is not suitable for people with red, white, light blond and ash hair color.
  5. The device is not intended for dark skin, the maximum efficiency of epilation is noticeable on a light skin tone.
  6. Gentle use recommended for naturally tanned skins.
  7. If you follow the instructions, you are guaranteed to get rid of unwanted hair.
  8. The Philips photoepilator has a number of advantages, thanks to which it has gained a well-deserved credibility. Many consumers recommend just such a home photoepilator. The price of this device is approximately 22,000 rubles.

Is the photoepilator harmful?

home photoepilator price
home photoepilator price

Most often, buyers are concerned about the dangers of light exposure that occurs when the device flashes. Here the answer can be unequivocal: the photoepilator for home use does not pose any threat to he alth, since all models undergo rigorous quality control and medical safety testing. The maximum depth of exposure to the flash does not exceed the depth of growth of the hair follicle, so this device does not pose any harm to he alth.


The main disadvantage of any photoepilators is their price. If we compare the cost of any model of photoepilators, we can conclude that it all depends on the resource of the lamp - the larger the resource, the more expensive it is. If you plan to use the photoepilator for a long time, as well as on large areas of the body, the most profitable purchase will be an expensive model with a long-life lamp. Otherwise, you can safely purchase a cheaper photoepilator.

When deciding to buy this device, you must take into account the level of skin sensitivity, because this type of hair removal is considered the most gentle. During the procedure, the skin may turn red, and there may also be a slight burning sensation, but these symptoms are almost painless. In addition, photoepilation does not damage the integrity of the skin and does not leave traces of irritation. Also, each time the duration of the procedure will be reduced, due to a decrease in the number of hairs.

So, in order to answer the question about home photoepilators “Which is better?”, it is necessary to take into account factors such as price andefficiency. It is these criteria that determine the best quality of home photoepilators.

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