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Yorkie puppies: how to toilet train quickly?
Yorkie puppies: how to toilet train quickly?

The Yorkshire Terrier breed belongs to the Terrier family. Each species is unique. Yorkies are also distinguished by their size and chic appearance. Sometimes they look like toy dogs and look like small children.

History of the breed

The native side of the Yorkies are two counties in England. One is named Yorkshire. Actually, as a result of this, the species of dogs began to be called so. The ancestor is considered to be the Waterside Terrier. This is a small dog with a fairly long gray coat. Their purpose was to exterminate rodents.

Comfortable dogs

When choosing a pet, each owner selects a pet according to his abilities. For example, the size of an animal affects many factors. Namely, the amount of space allotted to the dog, the time for walking, the volume of the daily diet, etc.

how to toilet train yorkie
how to toilet train yorkie

When these factors are taken into account, Yorkshire Terriers are very comfortable pets. Sometimes they are called pocket and not by chance. Breeds come in varieties in size: mini and standard. If you can't potty train a Yorkie quickly, you can let the dogwalk at home. In the cold season, the owners often practice this method.

Puppy in the apartment

When a family is preparing for replenishment and responsibility for a small treasure, this is the happiest time. This delights both children and adults. The initial care must be at the highest level. Also, don't forget the surprises associated with questions about how to toilet train a Yorkie puppy. At first, a favorite can do it anywhere. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the fact that if you have not vaccinated your pet, then this should be done.

how to toilet train a yorkie at home
how to toilet train a yorkie at home

At this time, it is not recommended to walk the animal so that it does not come into contact with anyone. If the breeder has not instilled in the puppy the first hygiene skills, this will have to be done by the owners themselves. So, how to toilet train a Yorkie at home quickly and without consequences? Let's try to figure it out.

Preparing a room for a new family member

In order to get a pet, you must first prepare for its appearance in the apartment. What important things will be required:

  • litter (house);
  • two plates for water and food;
  • toys;
  • tray (special with removable post);
  • replacement diapers for the toilet or newspaper;

It is necessary to designate a place to sleep and rest.

How to toilet train a Yorkie?

First, tune in to the idea that a puppy is a child. He, like all children, requires affection, care, attention, praise. Now there will be misses past the trayfeel less painful, and the hygiene training steps for the new family member will go smoothly.

Most often about how to teach a Yorkie to the toilet at home, the breeders themselves report when communicating with new owners. Usually, the owners teach the still fragile puppies themselves for the first time, in addition, the example of adult dogs helps the kids.

So what do you need to do before you bring your pet to his new home? For two to three months, remove all carpets, rugs, so that you do not have to remove the smell of urine. This is sometimes difficult to do. In addition, you should temporarily rearrange various figurines, decor items, outdoor flowers to another place. Puppies during the game are very active and mobile. It's better not to risk the things you hold dear.

potty train yorkie fast
potty train yorkie fast

So, a place to sleep and rest has been chosen. Here it is recommended to put a tray nearby. It will be very correct if all these items are fenced off with an aviary. When you notice that the puppy wants to go to the toilet, take it and transplant it into the tray. When the baby has done all the things on the spot, generously reward him with tasty things. Otherwise, the pet must be scolded in an authoritative, decisive tone. Most often, puppies go out of need after violent games, drinking and rest. It usually takes several months to get used to. Many Yorkies do this. How to toilet train a pet? I'm sure everyone thinks it's hard. It depends on the dog itself, on its character, gender, temperament.

Little training for a dog

The process of instilling good manners, friendship with the potty in a dog is laborious andit may even take several months. But it is quite doable. A distinctive manner of dog-boys is their desire to mark their area. Accordingly, in the homes of owners who have males, corners, legs of chairs or tables, open doors always fall under attack. For a more thorough accustoming a pet to a tray, it is recommended to put some kind of column in the middle of the allotted space. For this, a one and a half liter plastic bottle with water, a cat scratching post or a bar hammered together specifically for these needs can serve. Currently in stores you can find a universal toilet for males with a column in the middle.

If the baby does not like the tray

Be patient and learn some details that this business needs consistency, gradualness and perseverance of the owners. It is best to be at home for the first time so that the dog learns to understand what they want from it. Sometimes it happens that the tray is too big for a small puppy (with high sides), in this regard, he ignores all attempts to get in there and relieve himself. There is also the opposite effect when the toilet is too small and the dog is uncomfortable and uncomfortable to visit this place.

how to toilet train a yorkie at home
how to toilet train a yorkie at home

It is important to note the fact that when the puppy is next to his mother, he gets used to her smell. Yorkies are no exception. How to teach a baby to the toilet so that he immediately feels not only care, but also the smell of his mother? You need to take with you from the previous owners a piece of diaper or newspaper with the urine of an adult dog. Then put it in a new and clean trayand show the puppy. At first, his sense of smell will remind him of the correctness of actions, and an unmistakable hit will be a reward for the owners. But the tray must be changed periodically at least once every two days. Now it is worthwhile to manipulate the smell of the urine of the puppy itself.

To scold or not to scold?

An important point is the punishment of the puppy. If you notice late that the dog has performed his needs in the wrong place, in no case scold him. The animal will not understand what exactly you want to say. When the owner behaves correctly, then raising a pet will become easy and labor-intensive. In this case, you should arm yourself with professional literature or consult with specialists.

how to toilet train a yorkie
how to toilet train a yorkie

Tray training is in full swing. The kid does not always understand what is required of him. If a Yorkie puppy has done things past the toilet, in no case should one resort to physical punishment. What is still vulnerable this breed - Yorkies. How to toilet train a small cub without bad consequences, because you can harm a wonderful creature with a random movement?

If time during the day does not allow to follow the course of training, it is recommended to spread newspapers or diapers on all the free space in the aviary. Further, as needed and the puppy understands what they want from him, they are gradually removed. Only one diaper should be left, which is then placed in the tray.

If it is not possible to be with the baby all day, send him to a special corral, which has two departments:toilet and sleeping area. A puppy, being in such a limited space, will never confuse these parts of his temporary home. Be sure to place a plate with food and drink, toys there.

how to toilet train a yorkie puppy
how to toilet train a yorkie puppy

How comfortable dogs are, those Yorkies! How to toilet train so that a pet can be an exclusively domestic animal? You can not walk your pet on the street at all, but then he will be scared of everything, including communication with other animals. It all depends on the owners and their preferences.

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