Panasonic ER131 hair machine: description, instruction, reviews

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Panasonic ER131 hair machine: description, instruction, reviews
Panasonic ER131 hair machine: description, instruction, reviews

Video: Panasonic ER131 hair machine: description, instruction, reviews

Video: Panasonic ER131 hair machine: description, instruction, reviews
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To create a stylish men's hairstyle, it is not necessary to go to the hairdresser. You can make a high-quality haircut at home with the help of a trimmer. This is a convenient and compact clipper that allows you to shorten the length of your hair up to 1 mm. Among the entire range of trimmers on the market, the Panasonic ER131 machine is in special demand both among professionals and amateurs. All technical and functional characteristics of this model will be considered in more detail in our article.

Description of the Panasonic ER131 hair clipper

The ER131 hair clipper from the world famous Panasonic brand is a device that allows you to create stylish haircuts at home. The device has a compact size and light weight, easily fits in one hand and does not require special skills to operate it.

panasonic er131
panasonic er131

The Panasonic trimmer allows you to install different types of nozzles with a wide range of hair lengths: from 3 to 12 mm. Sharp stainless steel blades with high motor speed allow you to create haircuts in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the detachable attachments and the maneuverability of the trimmer, it can bebe used not only for shortening the hair on the head, but also for trimming the beard and mustache. The device works from the mains and from the battery, which allows you to use it not only at home, but also take it with you on the road.

Model specifications

The ER131 trimmer model has the following technical and functional features:

  • powerful motor makes 6300 revolutions per minute. Thanks to him, the machine works very quickly;
  • cutting speed is 34,000 hairs per second;
  • possible operation of the device from the mains and from the battery;
  • Battery fully charged lasts 8 hours;
  • The duration of the device without additional recharging is 40 minutes;
  • there is a battery charge indicator that allows you to control the remaining time of the device until the next recharge;
  • battery for Panasonic ER131 type Ni-Mh;
  • quality stainless steel blades.
panasonic trimmer
panasonic trimmer

The hair clipper is available in white. This is the Panasonic ER131H520 model. The appliance is intended for domestic use only.


Comb attachments (2 pcs) are included with the hair machine. The first nozzle allows you to create haircuts with hair lengths of 3 and 6 mm. The second nozzle, with sides of 9 and 12 mm, is designed for styling haircuts with a longer length. Thus, there are only 4 settings for creating hairstyles with different hair lengths. The cutting height is marked on the inside and sides of the attachments so that you cancheck its value before installation in the instrument case.

hair machine
hair machine

In addition, the Panasonic ER131 comes with a charger and a special brush. It is designed to clean the device from hair that falls under the nozzle during cutting.

Instructions for use

Using this device, you can cut hair that is no more than 5 cm long. They must be clean and dry so that grease and moisture do not get on the blades of the device. Only in this way will it be possible to make a high-quality haircut and not dull the blades. The hair machine should always move against the direction of hair growth.

Haircut should start from the back of the head, gradually moving towards the crown. All movements must be confident and calm. The nozzle of the device is tightly applied to the roots of the hair, and the machine is driven in one direction, straight, without chaotic and sudden movements. After the back of the head has been processed, it is necessary to clean the device of hair. So the machine will work faster and more efficiently.

After the haircut of the back of the head is completed, you can begin to process the crown and frontal part of the head. Then the hair near the auricles is cut off. For edging, a nozzle with a minimum value is used. You can also remove the attachment and trim the haircut along the contour of the hair without it.

battery for panasonic er131
battery for panasonic er131

At the end of work, the device must be cleaned with a brush. Before each haircut and after it, the blades of the machine are lubricated with oil. This will allowprolong the life of the blades and keep them sharp for a long time.

Customer Reviews

What did customers like about Panasonic's ER131 hair clipper? In their feedback on his work, they noted the following:

  • comfortable ergonomic body, comfortable to hold;
  • good sharpening of stainless steel blades;
  • high quality haircut;
  • mains and battery operated;
  • the machine is simple and easy to use at home;
  • silent haircut;
  • long and convenient network cable;
  • best value for money.
panasonic er131h520
panasonic er131h520

The ER131 hair machine from the world famous manufacturer of equipment does not suit all buyers. In the configuration and operation of the device, they did not like the following:

  • not enough attachments;
  • poor battery;
  • does not cut soft baby hair well.

Most owners of a hair clipper recommend this device to their friends and acquaintances.

This is the price of a Panasonic trimmer, model ER131

One of the main advantages of a hair clipper at home is an affordable price. A professional device with excellent technical and functional characteristics can be purchased very profitably. The average price for a Panasonic ER131 trimmer is 1700 rubles. This is quite inexpensive, given the fact that the kit includes two nozzles at once with a wide range of length and battery charger. With the Panasonic hair clipper, you can create stylish and creative men's hairstyles in no time.