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Panasonic SD-255 bread maker: description, instruction, recipes, reviews

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Panasonic SD-255 bread maker: description, instruction, recipes, reviews
Panasonic SD-255 bread maker: description, instruction, recipes, reviews

A bread maker is a useful and indispensable device for baking flour products. It is easy to use such a device even for people without culinary skills. The Panasonic SD-255 stove has excellent characteristics. The device has many features that allow the hostess to experiment with baking.

Functions and Specifications

Panasonic SD-255 is a compact device for home baking bakery products. The device is equipped with an LCD display with a control panel. The user can set the desired program for preparing dough and baking. The oven also has a dispenser - a device for automatically adding dough components.

Bread machine specifications:

  1. Able to bake bread weighing from 600 to 1250g
  2. 3 types of crust.
  3. Baking timer.
  4. 9 bread baking programs.
  5. 8 programs for kneading dough, including dough for dumplings, dumplings and pizza.
  6. Jam making function.
  7. Keep baking hot after turning off the program.
  8. Baking programscupcakes and pies.
  9. Overheat protection.
  10. Power - 500-550 W.
  11. Weight - about 7 kg.

The baking time depends on the selected program. The minimum baking time for bread in the oven is 2 hours. The greatest amount of time is required for baking French bread. In this case, the full cycle lasts 6 hours.

The Panasonic SD-255 has a rectangular shape. Measuring spoon and measuring cup included.

panasonic sd 255
panasonic sd 255


Compared to other models, the Panasonic SD-255 bread maker has the following advantages:

  1. Smart design. The mold is easy to install and remove. There are no additional latches and latches in the design, which simplifies the overall process.
  2. Available backlit display.
  3. All processes are automated. It is only necessary to place all the ingredients in the right amount and set the program.
  4. Built-in dispenser. If desired, you can add dried fruits, raisins, nuts to baking automatically.
  5. The delay timer allows you to prepare bread for breakfast by setting the program from the evening.
  6. In addition to traditional bread, the oven allows you to knead the dough for pizza and dumplings.
  7. Additional function for making jam and jam, which is juicy and fragrant.
  8. Non-stick coating ensures high-quality baking. Baked goods don't stick and come off easily.
  9. Easy care. The stove is easy to clean inside and out.
  10. Affordable price.
panasonic sd 255 bread maker
panasonic sd 255 bread maker

Bread Maker Recipes

The manufacturer offers a set of recipes for the most popular types of pastries that the stove can handle. The components can be bookmarked according to the instructions, or vice versa. First, pour the liquid ingredients (eggs, water, milk), and add the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, s alt) on top. Yeast must be added last, making a small hole in the flour for them.

This sequence of adding ingredients contributes to the uniform connection of all components and eliminates the entry into the reaction of yeast and liquid components even before the stove starts. This allows you to get a quality dough with the right consistency.

Experienced housewives have identified pastries that work well in the Panasonic SD-255 oven. Recipes tested and recommended for home use.

  1. Rye bread. Mix 1 tbsp. l. sugar, 3 cups rye flour, 5 g dry yeast and water until a batter forms. Leave for 18 hours to infuse in a warm place. Then transfer to the refrigerator, in which the starter should be stored until it is completely used.
  2. French bread. Place dry ingredients in the oven in the following order: 400 g flour, 8 g s alt, 1 tsp. yeast. Then add liquid ingredients: 15 g butter, 250 ml water, 80 ml milk.
panasonic sd 255 manual
panasonic sd 255 manual

How to use the oven

Before first use, wash and dry those parts of the stove that willcontact with products. This should be done with a damp sponge and non-abrasive detergent. Next, you need to connect the bread machine to the network and set the program of work. The color of the crust and the weight of the bread to be baked should be indicated. Add all the ingredients according to the recipe and start the oven.

If raisins are to be used in baking, they should be added in the middle of the process. This way it will keep its shape. This is done automatically using a dispenser or by a sound signal.

When the bread is baked, the oven will turn off. The ready indicator lights up on the display.

For baking rye bread, the set includes a special spatula with sharp teeth for kneading the dough. It makes it easier to handle sticky dough.

When baking cupcakes and muffins, line a bucket with parchment oiled. If this is not done, the dough may burn.

Ready-made hot pastries are recommended to be removed from the oven immediately so that the steam does not spoil the shape of the product.

The stove performs all processes automatically and, when moving from one stage to another, displays the corresponding messages on the display.

The manufacturer encloses the rules for using the Panasonic SD-255 oven with the device. The instruction contains a decoding of all designations and functions of the control panel.

panasonic sd 255 recipes
panasonic sd 255 recipes

Care and cleaning

After each use, the device must be cleaned of grease and food residues. Since the Panasonic SD-255 mold has a non-stick coating, you should use a soft sponge and a product in the form ofgel.

The lid and dispenser are removable so they can be washed by hand under the tap. In the same way, you should clean the bucket, measuring containers, shovels.

It is recommended to wipe the stove body with a slightly damp soft cloth.

Clean spoons and spatulas can be stored in the tray provided at the bottom of the bread maker.

panasonic sd 255 reviews
panasonic sd 255 reviews


Housewives highly appreciated the Panasonic SD-255 stove. Reviews are mostly positive. Buyers noted ease of use and a large number of different programs. Many have purchased this oven because of the presence of a dispenser. Thanks to him, it is much more convenient to bake sweet pastries with raisins and dried fruits.

According to the owners, the stove is compact and durable. For many women, she has become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen.

As for the downsides, some people didn't like the fact that the oven vibrated while kneading the dough. There are customers who found the cord too short.

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