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Stroller "Carolina" - simplicity and ease of use

Stroller "Carolina" - simplicity and ease of use
Stroller "Carolina" - simplicity and ease of use

A stroller is a necessary thing that will serve your child as a kind of transport almost daily, for several years. But its purchase costs a lot. In order to buy a comfortable, high-quality stroller, it is important to consider some selection criteria before buying. A wide variety of strollers are on sale in the markets and shops. Each of them is endowed with its own unique characteristics and functions, so the purchase can be a daunting task for parents, especially if they have not yet decided on the type of stroller. The stroller "Carolina" is very popular with mothers. It is produced by a Canadian company, there is a wide range. Let's take a look at the most important factors to consider when choosing a stroller.

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What does your baby need?

Three-in-one strollers are very popular today. Her system consists of a seat-cradle, car seat and stroller. But such a "transport" for the baby looks very cumbersome, so if you prefer something more compact, then it is better to choose a stroller withsystem "two in one". For example, the Carolina Elegance stroller is suitable for both newborns and older babies. The stroller should be such that the child is comfortable in it - this is the most important rule that must be observed when buying.

Horizontal seat back

If the backrest reclines to a horizontal position, then the stroller can be used for the smallest children, that is, newborns.

Reversible place

The handle position should be easy to switch back and forth. It would be nice if there was an adjustable footrest.


The more wheels a stroller has, the more comfortable it is to roll. For example, the stroller "Carolina" easily overcomes a wide range of surfaces, curbs, stairs. Swivel wheels are easily blocked if necessary.

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The best baby strollers are equipped with a fairly soft adjustable seat and have side handles for gripping.

Folding system

One of the most used features in any stroller is the folding system. Assembly should be easy, especially if you need to hold your baby while folding.


Pushing the stroller up and down stairs can be a challenge, so the easiest option should be considered. For example, the Carolina Lagoon stroller weighs only 9.6 kg.


It's good if the stroller will include a specialA cape that protects the baby from wind, rain and sun. You will also need a basket with plenty of space to store the items you need on a walk (diapers, a bottle of porridge, etc.). Pillows to provide extra support for young children should also be included.

Your lifestyle

Before buying, consider such nuances as:

- trunk capacity of your car;

- quick folding mechanism if you use public transport;

- lightness and compactness if you live in a high-rise building.

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Parents often buy used strollers to save some money. There is nothing wrong with buying a used stroller as long as it fits your budget. But there are a few things to check carefully before making a purchase. Here they are:

- inspect the stroller for important items such as bassinet, car seat, carry bag, rain cover and more;

- check if the seat belts and attachment points are in good condition, because if they are out of order, then the safe transportation of the child is excluded;

- test assembly mechanism for any distortion;

- see how the bearings wear (heavily worn bearings cause wheel wobble);

- test the brakes - they must meet the strictest safety regulations.

All these important points affect the price and determinerating of baby carriages. With the right choice, you will eliminate all inconveniences, and your walks with your baby will be pleasant for both of you.

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