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Bobtail American Shorthair and Longhair: all about the breed, photos

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Bobtail American Shorthair and Longhair: all about the breed, photos
Bobtail American Shorthair and Longhair: all about the breed, photos

American Bobtail is a rather rare breed in our country. A leisurely swaying gait, a hunting look and a funny little tail make their appearance memorable. These are intelligent and attached to a person creatures with a high level of intelligence. The second name of the breed is snow bob. This is more often called the bobtail, which resembles the Alaskan lynx in color.

From the history of the breed

The American Bobtail cat breed is still quite young. She appeared in the sixties of the last century as a result of a random natural mutation of the ragdoll cat.

american bobtail

The American Bobtail Shorthair first appeared in North America. The history of the breed begins with a cat named Yodi. Husband and wife Brenda and John Sandres found this kitten on an Indian reservation in Arizona. He had a brown tabby color and a short tail. Thus, Yodi got to his owners and began to live in Iowa.

The kittens born from him and the yard cat inherited a short tail from their father. For the unusualoffspring drew the attention of Sanders' neighbors - Charlotte Bentley and Mindy Schultz. They crossed short-tailed kittens with a colorpoint (long-haired cat). Thus, a real American Bobtail was born, the photo of which was even placed in the local newspaper.

A variety of long-haired bobtails appeared later. This happened after a short-haired representative of the breed was crossed with a colorpoint Persian cat. In the USA they are called Himalayan. Outside of North America, the species is quite rare. In 1989, TICA (felinological organization) recognized the breed.

american bobtail photo

American Bobtail Shorthair: all about the breed

We want to say right away that these animals are still not very common in Russia. Today, there are two varieties: the American Bobtail longhair and shorthair. The main external difference between these animals is a short tail. The American Bobtail Shorthair (like the longhair) is a short and stocky animal, large or medium in size. Cats weigh from four to seven kilograms. The kitties are a little smaller.


Representatives of the bobtail breed have a large wedge-shaped head with rounded contours. There are no noticeable bulges. Its size is proportional to the body. The muzzle is wide.

american bobtail shorthair all about the breed

Ears are small, with slightly rounded tips. At the base they are wide, continuing the shape of the head. According to the standard, it is desirable to have tassels on the ears.

The eyes are almond-shaped, expressive, large, set at a slight angle. Their color sometimes does not match the color. Exceptions are sepia, colorpoint, mini.

The nose is slightly curved at the bridge of the nose, wide.


The American Bobtail has a medium length, rectangular body with a full and wide chest and hips, muscular and athletic build.

The paws are long, proportional to the body, in long-haired representatives of the breed it is desirable that there are tufts of wool on the paw pads.

The tail is short and flexible. Its length is at least 2.5 cm, the maximum should not exceed eight centimeters. The tail can be straight, curved or slightly curled at the end.

cat breed american bobtail


Whether you have a short-haired bobtail or a long-haired one, its coat is always elastic, having a double layer. In long-haired animals, there is increased shaggyness on the abdomen, paws, chest and tail. In shorthaired individuals, more hair is concentrated on the abdomen, the hairs do not fit too tightly to the body.


The American Shorthair Bobtail, like the longhair, can come in a variety of colors and patterns, but "wild colors" - tabby are considered preferred. An example of this is the American Bobtail, the photo of which you see below.

american bobtail shorthair

In addition, the following colors are allowed by the standard:

  • colorpoint;
  • all shades of brown andblack;
  • tortie;
  • blue;
  • purple;
  • redhead;
  • cream (with and without white).


It must be said that the American Bobtail is a breed that is still evolving. This means that the nature of the animals will still change. Meanwhile, today we can say that this is a playful and energetic animal. Many owners note that the bobtail is so deftly able to get out of an enclosed space that it may well outshine any illusionist. This indicates the high intelligence of the cat.

american bobtail longhair

If we evaluate the behavior of a bobtail on a scale of cat activity, where the Abyssinian cat leads with a score of 10 points, and the most calm animal, the Persian cat, completes it, then the bobtail will rightly receive 8 points. He is quite frisky, likes to play pranks, but at the same time not as energetic as an Abyssinian to “run” along the walls. Bobtails do not hide their feelings, they are very affectionate, however, not as "talkative" as the Siamese relatives.

The American Bobtail is easy to train, agile and jumpy. This is a friendly animal, perfectly related to humans. Cats are happy to spend a long time in the company of the owner and his family members, easily and naturally communicate with guests, but at the same time they do not tolerate restrictions on freedom. They love children very much. Play with them calmly, patiently. They are not aggressive towards other pets.

The American Bobtail is a family favorite. Such a pet is not attached to oneman, his love is enough for everyone. Bobtails prefer large companies, they feel quite comfortable with a crowd of people.


Shorthair Bobtails do not require complex care. Brushed once a week with a steel comb, they always look great.

Long-haired animals should be brushed at least three times a week. From an early age, teach your pet to grooming, then over time the cat will be happy with such a procedure. In spring and autumn (during molting), the animal should be combed more often. If you notice that your pet's coat is becoming oily, then the cat should be bathed, but not more than once a month. Don't forget that there are special shampoos, conditioners, etc. for animals.

He alth

As already mentioned, the bobtail appeared in the course of natural selection. Nature has generously endowed these animals with good he alth and the absence of any predisposition to genetic diseases.

american bobtail photo

To prevent your pet from getting periodontal disease, your cat should brush their teeth regularly or at least once a month to visit a veterinary clinic for this. The bobtail's nails are trimmed every two weeks. Examine your pet's eyes, if necessary, wipe the corners with a soft, damp cloth or cotton pad.


Experienced cat lovers know, but newcomers will be told that cats cannot eat the same food as humans. They need a special balanced diet. It does not matter, however, whether thesenatural products, or special dry (quality) food.

Bobtails (as well as other breeds of cats) are harmful to smoked meats, sweets, s alty and seasoned food. They can't eat everything and still be he althy. Therefore, the basis of their diet should be meat (if you choose a natural diet). Fats and carbohydrates are difficult for them to digest. Often, it is carbohydrate-rich foods that provoke excess weight in bobtails, and this, in turn, leads to the development of diabetes.

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