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German shepherd booth: dimensions, diagram, construction instructions

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German shepherd booth: dimensions, diagram, construction instructions
German shepherd booth: dimensions, diagram, construction instructions

For working breeds of dogs or hunting dogs, hardening of the body is very important, so it is extremely necessary for the animal to stay outside. A good owner is obliged to provide his pet with a normal life, which is why you should figure out what a booth for a German shepherd should be, which will meet all the requirements of the pet and bring only pleasure to the tenant.

german shepherd kennel

Determine the construction site

The place of the dog enclosure should be well removed from your house or other buildings: a drain hole, a road and a toilet. A light hill, sheltered by trees or bushes from the wind and burning solar radiation, is perfect. It is extremely unfavorable if the booth for the German Shepherd is next to other pets, be it chickens, horses or pigs, as their waste products will disturb the pet.

Classify two types of such buildings:classic model and improved. The most common and generally recognized type is a one-room apartment. The second type is supplemented with a vestibule. A dog house for a German Shepherd is usually built using the advanced modification method.

german shepherd kennel size chart

Materials for making

The most preferred material for building a den is wood, usually pine. Edged board will be ideal. Compressed chipboard is not recommended due to its rapid destruction under the influence of moisture and the presence of harmful chemicals in the composition. The boards for the house need to be painted to protect them from moisture.

For conditions with a low temperature climate, the building must be made with double walls, sandwiched with insulation. It is better to choose natural: sawdust, cotton wool, felt or fabric. You can cover the roof with roofing felt, slate, roofing iron.

Perhaps an alternative would be if the German Shepherd kennel is made of cement-bonded particle board. DSP is harmless and easy to use.

dog kennel for german shepherd

German shepherd booth: size, layout

To make your pet comfortable and cozy in your home, you need to build a kennel, taking into account some of the factors below.Before starting construction work, you need to take measurements from the animal:

  • Measure the area occupied by the dog during sleep, when it lies on its side, spreading its paws, in other words, it occupies the largestspace, and calculate the minimum room size.
  • Measuring the height at the withers, we get the desired height of the structure.

Experienced dog breeders advise taking the set parameters (described below) when building a recreation area and the frame itself.

The German Shepherd kennel has the following dimensions:

  • width – 1.35 m;
  • depth - 1 m;
  • height - 0.95 m.

There are also certain kennel entry options that are comfortable for the dog.

The German Shepherd kennel has the following dimensions:

  • width - 0.4 m;
  • height - 0.6 m.

In any case, if you cannot fully decide on the necessary indicators, then it is better to exaggerate them than the building will turn out to be small for a pet, otherwise there will be discomfort.

german shepherd kennel dimensions

German Shepherd Booth: Step by Step Diagram

  1. Preparing material for construction as described above.
  2. The floor of the base can be made of bricks or a screed, which will be a priority (warmer). Also, the flooring will require two layers of boards and insulation between them. It is important to impregnate the wood with antibacterial agents.
  3. Assembling the frame of the walls. First of all, large bars are assembled so that the floor is according to the intended size in the form of a rectangle. Then beams of the same size are attached in height and, if necessary, small ones additionally if the building is long. It is better to fix with metal corners. Next, the roof is covered, in addition toframe, if desired, we supply it with a sheet of plywood.
  4. Sheathing and insulation of the house. From the prepared boards, we sheathe the frame on both sides, not forgetting about the insulation. We make the insulation with the chosen material, whether it be sawdust, cotton wool or something else. For the roof and floor, the insulation scheme is identical.
  5. Finishing and accessories. The hole in the room can be built in such a way that it will be slightly higher than the ground, so that dust and sand do not fly in, then the dog will step over the barrier without any problems. It is also possible to attach a curtain according to the type of door. We cover the outside with varnish or something else, the main thing is to leave everything natural inside so that the animal does not get poisoned.

Practical roofing tips

The main thing is to make the roof so that it can be removed or folded down for cleaning the booth or emergency veterinary care for your pet. Two kinds of roofs are defined:

  • attic;
  • ceiling.

When making a kennel under a canopy, a roof option without an "attic" is acceptable. If the German Shepherd kennel is separate, it is better to choose a different construction method or make the roof sloped so that moisture or snow does not accumulate.

For insulation, you can choose the same materials as for the walls. Sawdust or polystyrene are considered ideal. For more convenient removal of the roof, you can attach a handle. And so that during the rain there is less noise inside, choose slate or soft tiles.

house for german shepherd

Insulation Highlights

In order to additionally insulate the kennel in the winter season, it is necessary to attach a canvas curtain at the entrance and hang a load from it. Sand in plastic bags can also be used as a weighting agent. There are many options for keeping the curtain from a strong frosty wind.

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