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Faience wedding: how to celebrate the nine-year anniversary?

Faience wedding: how to celebrate the nine-year anniversary?
Faience wedding: how to celebrate the nine-year anniversary?

Faience wedding is a very important date in married life, which indicates a strong and sincere relationship between spouses. But how to celebrate such a significant day? What traditions should be followed? What would be the perfect gift?

What does a faience wedding symbolize?

faience wedding

Every year of life lived together is of great importance for spouses. And it has long been customary to celebrate every anniversary, according to tradition. The same date means that the lovers have been married for 9 years.

Faience wedding is, of course, an important event. By the way, this anniversary was named so not by chance. Faience is both strong and fragile material, as well as marital happiness. On the one hand, nine years spent side by side testify to strong feelings and devotion to each other. But, on the other hand, this date is a kind of milestone, since it is considered to be a kind of turning point in the life of a married couple.

In some regions, this anniversary is usually called chamomile, which also characterizes the relationship between a man andwoman. After all, chamomile is a symbol of warmth, sun, fun and love. This flower indicates that life together is still blooming and has not yet reached its peak.

Faience wedding: traditions and customs

This anniversary is usually celebrated with family and closest friends. Like any other holiday, this date requires some preparation. In particular, it is desirable to put earthenware tableware on the table. Since the anniversary is also called chamomile, if possible, you can decorate the festive table with these flowers. By the way, if a husband gives his wife a bunch of field daisies he picked, this can be considered a good sign.

9 years faience wedding

An invariable tradition on such an important day is breaking dishes. And here any old earthenware mug, saucer or plate will come in handy. As already mentioned, nine years of marriage is a kind of transitional period. In recent years, each of the spouses has accumulated enough resentment. Therefore, after each broken mug, a husband and wife should sincerely express their complaints.

Yes, of course, such a ceremony can be carried out in a playful way in order to amuse the guests at the table. Nevertheless, it is best to really try to ease the soul, sincerely forgive each other and let go of all grievances. Perhaps this is what will save the couple from the crisis in the relationship.

Faience wedding: what to give spouses?

You can hardly go to visit empty-handed. Therefore, many people are interested in questions about what gifts should be for faience.wedding. Of course, the ideal option would be new earthenware, which will replace the old one, broken during the ceremony. Quite often, a tea set or a dinner set is chosen as a present.

earthenware weddingts

On the other hand, you can surprise the couple. For example, you can order special earthenware mugs with family photos - this service is offered in almost every photo salon. You can also give large decorative wall plates with portraits of the spouses.

And, of course, as a gift, you can present various faience souvenirs that will decorate the house, make the spouses' room more comfortable and will always remind you of a fun holiday. And if you decide to bring flowers, then, of course, it should be daisies.

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