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Is it true that some babies are born with teeth? Are babies born with teeth?

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Is it true that some babies are born with teeth? Are babies born with teeth?
Is it true that some babies are born with teeth? Are babies born with teeth?

Sometimes you can hear from young parents that their baby was born a "nibbler". Or you can meet such a version that the teeth appeared within a few days of birth. But not everyone agrees to believe in these words. And how can you believe them if you can't see them with your own eyes? Whether children are born with teeth is not always clear. After all, you can’t just take and get into someone else’s baby’s mouth to find out if there are teeth there. Sometimes such statements seem to be something beyond fantasy. However, it is worth looking into it.

Birth of children with teeth - myth or reality

are babies born with teeth

There is no doubt that the birth of a child with teeth is the absolute truth. But for many mothers, this news comes as a shock and suggests the poor he alth of the baby. But don't be afraid. Yes, this is a departure from the norm. But in most cases, such deviations do not carry anything terrible. With the help of doctors, children's premature teeth can be removed, or they can be left if this does not affect the baby's he alth in any way.

How often is thishappening?

can a baby be born with teeth

To say for sure whether children are always born with teeth, even doctors cannot always say. Theoretically, this is a known fact, but in practice, only a small part of doctors have encountered a similar phenomenon. This is because children rarely have teeth at birth and a child is born with only one in a thousand teeth. Of course, there is no doubt whether a child with 2 teeth can be born. It is possible that. But this happens in exceptional cases. Often the teeth are very weak and require extraction.

Reasons for the appearance of "insufficiency"

As you know, the formation of the baby's body occurs in the womb in the first three months of pregnancy. At the same time, dental and root germs are laid. From this moment and after birth, they accumulate calcium and minerals. By the time of eruption, the teeth are already strong and ready for chewing loads. In most children, the stage of tooth formation is completed at about six months or later. Then they begin to erupt. These are the well-known milk teeth, which will later be replaced by molars.

can a baby be born with 2 teeth

But natal (appeared in the womb) or neonatal (appeared within a few days after birth) are arranged somewhat differently. So, the main reasons why babies are born with teeth are:

  • Maternal drug use during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester during the formative phase;
  • unique hormonal and physiological characteristics of the bodymother;
  • excess of vitamin D and calcium in mom and baby through nutrition;
  • heredity;
  • rarely, the appearance of such teeth can be associated with serious diseases. For example, Pierre Robin syndrome or Sotos syndrome.

Features of the birth of children with teeth

After it becomes clear whether children are born with teeth, another, more interesting question involuntarily arises: how do they differ from ordinary teeth? There is definitely a difference. Visually, they can be very similar to baby teeth. But often they are more yellow, much smaller, soft and mobile.

In most cases, they appear on the lower jaw in place of the incisors. They do not have a root system or have a very weak base, unable to really gain a foothold on the gum. Such teeth are very mobile and can fall out at any time, which will lead to negative consequences for the baby. It should also be noted that if the child's teeth did not appear in the womb, but some short time after birth, then they should also be classified as incomplete.

What to do with such teeth?

Not all doctors agree. Some strongly recommend removing them, while others advise observing first and only then making decisions. Of course, in most cases, such teeth are still removed. Each of these opinions has its own reasons.

baby was born with teeth

Natal teeth can seriously compromise the development of the jaw and even the bones of the skull in general. They can be a major hindrance.bite formation. And an improperly formed bite can lead to serious problems with molars in the future. In certain cases, they can interfere with breastfeeding and proper latching. But the successful feeding of the child with mother's milk depends on it. If this does not work out, then the baby will have to be fed with a mixture. And due to the lack of mother's milk, the child will have weak immunity in the future.

Seemingly harmless teeth can lead to such serious problems. But according to some doctors, they should be left. But they must meet certain conditions:

  • have a strong root system to avoid falling out and getting stuck in the throat;
  • teeth should not have any chips or irregularities to avoid improper jaw formation and injury;
  • the doctor may advise you to keep the teeth if it turns out that they are "complete". But such cases are rare.

If the baby's teeth meet all the above parameters, then it's up to the parents to decide whether to remove them or not.

What signs are there?

As with other abnormal phenomena, there are many signs associated with natal teeth. For the most part, they indicate that the child was born strong and strong, his life will be carefree and full of prosperity. It is believed that children born with teeth will be undoubted leaders and managers. They even say that great generals like Napoleon or Caesar were born with teeth. And only thanks to this sign of fate they became great.

why are babies born with teeth

But there is another opinion. It is completely opposite to the previous one. It is believed that such a baby will not be distinguished by he alth and we alth, because all his vital energy and strength went into the formation of these teeth. Based on folklore, one can learn that in some countries children with such phenomena were considered evil spirits and everywhere they tried to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Can a baby be born with teeth is a question the answer to which still worries young parents. Be that as it may, in any case, the he alth of the baby is the main concern of the parents. And if such a deviation is detected, you should immediately consult a doctor and take the necessary measures to avoid more serious problems in the future, which are unlikely to be corrected.

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