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Scabies during pregnancy: symptoms with photos, causes, necessary tests, consultation with a gynecologist, treatment and possible consequences

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Scabies during pregnancy: symptoms with photos, causes, necessary tests, consultation with a gynecologist, treatment and possible consequences
Scabies during pregnancy: symptoms with photos, causes, necessary tests, consultation with a gynecologist, treatment and possible consequences

Some women experience severe scabies during pregnancy, which does not pose any particular threat to the expectant mother and her baby. At the same time, this parasitic skin disease can greatly complicate the already difficult life of a pregnant woman. Is scabies dangerous during pregnancy or can it be left untreated?

Main reasons

Definitely, this parasitic disease can only be caused by a scabies skin mite that feeds on dead human skin cells. Itching on the skin appears due to the fact that the female of this mite at night digs vertical as well as horizontal passages in the skin in search of a place where eggs can be laid. On those areas of the skin where the tick has settled, you can see crusts and small vesicles.In addition, at night, and sometimes during the day, a woman may experience severe itching.

Naturally, such a parasitic skin disease does not appear in all pregnant women, but only in those who have severely reduced immunity. Scabies is transmitted almost instantly when using any household items of an infected person, as well as through direct contact. A pregnant woman can easily catch scabies in public transport, in a sauna, in a bathhouse, in a gynecological center.

scabies during pregnancy


Pregnancy for every woman is a rather difficult period, as she needs to protect herself from a variety of diseases as much as possible. But in rare cases, a pregnant woman can become infected with scabies, so you need to be aware of her symptoms in order to prevent the progression of the disease. Symptoms of scabies depend mainly on its form.

The first signs of the disease appear about 2 weeks after infection. Usually, small pimples form on the skin on the limbs between the fingers. When pressed, a clear liquid may flow out of them. Further, small blisters may appear in the bends of the elbows, armpits, on the mammary glands, feet and genitals. With the further development of the disease, tick passages and small holes become noticeable, thanks to which the tick breathes while under the skin.

Moves are pale gray elevations that can be about 1 cm long. As a result of a scabies mite attack, a woman experiences itching, which undoubtedly causes discomfort. Especially the itching becomes quitestrong at night.

Bacterial infection can join scratching and pyoderma can develop. Sometimes scabies is complicated by damage to certain organs, the appearance of abscesses and boils. It is worth noting that scabies is not dangerous for the fetus, but there is still a risk of infection during childbirth.

treatment for scabies during pregnancy


If the expectant mother has severe itching on the skin, which intensifies in the evening, then she should immediately seek qualified medical help. The specialist first conducts an initial examination and, on its basis, will make a preliminary diagnosis. In addition, a number of laboratory tests are required.

Diagnosis of scabies during pregnancy is no different from the method of its detection in an adult. When visiting a doctor, a scraping will be taken from the affected areas of the skin. Scabies is considered established in case of detection of mites, their larvae and waste products.

Another no less popular method for detecting such an unpleasant disease is associated with the use of iodine. Usually a few drops are enough, which are applied directly to the affected skin. If severe itching is associated precisely with ticks, then their moves will immediately become noticeable. This method is considered the safest for women who are expecting a baby.

Once all laboratory tests have been received, the doctor can prescribe the appropriate treatment. Usually, in this case, preference is given to the most sparing drugs.

scabies during pregnancy than to treat

Risks and Complications

If the disease was detected at an early stage of development, then it cannot lead to any consequences for the he alth of the expectant mother. Of course, not everyone manages to prevent the development of complications, which quite often manifest themselves in the form of boils on the surface of the skin. Gradually, without the lack of suitable treatment, this problem turns into dermatitis. If an infection penetrates the wound, then the situation becomes more complicated, because another concomitant disease begins. This development of events is dangerous for the unborn child.

Women need to know the effects of scabies during pregnancy. After all, without the right treatment, they suffer from severe itching of the skin, which provokes the development of feelings of anxiety and nervousness. This condition is exacerbated in the evening, which has a negative effect on sleep. As a result, the expectant mother sleeps extremely restlessly and wakes up many times a night. This causes insomnia, which has extremely negative consequences for the mother herself and her baby. As a result of the activation of mites, the skin becomes less resistant to other diseases. We are talking about dermatitis or boils. If the case is too advanced, then pustules begin to appear on the surface of the epidermis.

How to treat scabies during pregnancy?

In the treatment of scabies in pregnant women, medicinal drugs are called the main treatment drugs. It is very important that the doctor prescribes remedies that will not harm the child and provokemiscarriage. The following medications are generally recommended for women during pregnancy.

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Spregal is the most popular and frequently used gel in which the active ingredient is pyrethrin. It differs from many other means by high activity and low toxicity, which contributes to the more rapid destruction of the scabies mite.

Wilkinson's ointment

Wilkinson's ointment is a combination drug that has antiparasitic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and antiseptic effects. The ointment for scabies during pregnancy, the photo of which is below, is quite effective.

is scabies dangerous during pregnancy

Tar and oil

Tar improves the regeneration of the epidermis, blood supply to tissues and the process of keratinization. Naftalan oil, which is part of this ointment, has a slight analgesic, disinfectant, absorbable and softening effect.

Benzyl benzoate

Benzyl benzoate is a water-soap solution with the addition of a small amount of anestezin and dichlorodiphenyl trichloromethylmethane. The scheme for using benzyl benzoate should be calculated over the entire life cycle of the tick: a single application leads to the death of active ticks, but the eggs remain intact. Therefore, it should be used regularly.

Other drugs

"Ivermectin", "Krotamion", "Lindan" are quite effective medicines, which, however, forpregnant women have some contraindications, so they are prescribed quite rarely.

Above were the safest drugs for women during pregnancy. With very severe itching, which causes great discomfort, a woman may be prescribed antihistamines such as Desloratadine and Levocetirizine.

ointment for scabies during pregnancy

Folk treatment

In our time, doctors recommend very effective folk methods that help a pregnant woman get rid of scabies.

  • Sulfur ointment: you need to take a tablespoon of sulfur, lard, tar and laundry soap. All ingredients are well mixed and boiled for half an hour in a water bath. After that, the ointment is applied for a week to the affected skin.
  • Heat in a water bath for half an hour 500 ml of mustard oil and 100 g of garlic, cool the mixture and apply it for at least seven days on the body.
  • Inelecampane root must be crushed and mixed with melted bacon, keep the mixture for 30 minutes in a water bath, cool, and supplement it with a tablespoon of tar. Affected skin can be treated three times a day until a complete cure occurs. The agent is washed off with tar soap and warm water.
  • Turpentine ointment: for its preparation, you need to take 2 parts of butter, and 1 part of turpentine. The ointment is applied morning and evening.
  • Infuse an equal amount of green fruits and nut leaves in 1 liter of boiling water, cool and apply to the affected skin.

In parallel with alternative treatment, you needregularly disinfect all areas. It is recommended to use these methods after consultation with the doctor so that the remedy does not cause the risk of complications and is guaranteed to fit.

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Decreased immunity during pregnancy is a common occurrence. Thus, even when planning conception, it is very important to strengthen the body and take vitamins. In resisting infection directly, immunity plays an important role in most situations. Try not to be with sick people in the room, thereby protecting yourself from the risk of infection with scabies.

Be careful with people who have had contact with sick scabies. They can be carriers of infection. Observe personal hygiene, this will be a significant prevention of the disease. Make it a habit to wash your hands as often as possible. During pregnancy, it will be appropriate to use a special disinfecting aerosol that is convenient to use at any time.

If one of the family members had scabies, in this case, it is necessary to thoroughly disinfect not only the dwelling. This also applies to the individual items of the patient. Otherwise, the tick will remain on interior items and furniture.

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