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Pityriasis rosea during pregnancy: symptoms, treatment, effect on the fetus

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Pityriasis rosea during pregnancy: symptoms, treatment, effect on the fetus
Pityriasis rosea during pregnancy: symptoms, treatment, effect on the fetus

Pityriasis rosea or Gibert's disease is a pathology that has a mixed nature. It can occur as a result of the impact on the body of overheating, hypothermia. Most often, the disease occurs before the age of forty, and pink lichen during pregnancy, in children and adults, can occur only once in a lifetime. To infection, a stable immunity is formed, which persists throughout life. Outbreaks of lichen occur in the autumn-spring period.

Pink lichen during pregnancy effect on the fetus

Features of the disease

During pregnancy, the female body becomes more susceptible to infection with pink lichen. To a greater extent, this is due to the ongoing hormonal changes in the body, but it is impossible to say exactly why the disease arose. It is believed that pink lichen during pregnancy occurs due to the penetration of the herpes virus 6 and 7types, and someone claims that streptococcus causes pathology. It is believed that the bacterium plays the role of a kind of "trigger" device that causes an allergic reaction in the form of Gibert's disease.

Contagious or not

It is believed that pink lichen cannot be transmitted from person to person. However, there are families where both adults and children became infected with the disease. Based on this, scientists came to the conclusion that pink lichen during pregnancy enters the body through any objects: towels, underwear, combs, etc.

Causes of occurrence

Statistically, Gibert's disease most often develops when:

  • hypothermia;
  • overheating;
  • decreased immune defenses;
  • frequent stress;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • emotional stress.

And these are not all the favorable factors that can lead to the development of pink lichen during pregnancy. It can manifest itself if foods rich in allergens are included in the diet. The same reaction can occur to drugs, vitamins. In spring and autumn, when immune defenses decrease, the risk of the disease increases. Moreover, those who suffer from allergies, even with minor manifestations of it, are more prone to infection.

Gibert's disease

Clinical manifestation

The first manifestations of Gibert's pink lichen during pregnancy is a change in appetite - it disappears, malaise appears, the temperature rises slightly. When examining the lymph nodes, there may be a slight increase in individualgroups.

After these manifestations, a large pink spot is formed on the skin - about five centimeters in diameter. Peeling is observed in its center. Approximately ten days later, smaller oval pink spots form not far from this maternal plaque. Most often, new formations appear on the abdomen, back, arms and legs. The face and scalp are rarely affected. Spots appear gradually, about once every one and a half weeks. In the classical course of the disease, they do not merge into one large spot, but affect separate areas of the skin, on which there is a high concentration of sweat glands. The affected areas are very itchy, causing severe discomfort.

As the disease develops, the spots change color: they turn pale, become smooth, then disappear. For some time, in the place where the stain was, the skin remains yellowish in color. With a different development of events, the clinical picture is not very different, since even in a severe form, the symptoms of pink lichen in humans are similar. Treatment of the disease begins immediately, as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed. After a couple of months, the disease completely disappears. If the disease lasts longer, then this indicates a strong weakening of the immune system.

Treatment of pink lichen during pregnancy


The treatment of pink lichen in a person depends on the symptoms of the manifestation of the pathology. In order for the doctor to be able to accurately diagnose, he needs to conduct an examination, collect complaints, anamnesis. Be sure to take tests for microsporia, mycosis, as well as a blood and urine test.

Danger of shingles during pregnancy

Not so long ago it was believed that pink lichen during pregnancy does not affect the fetus. However, numerous studies have shown that pink lichen is not as harmless as it was thought.

All women who become infected with lichen are negatively affected, especially if it happened in the early stages of pregnancy. In the first fifteen weeks, there is a high probability of miscarriage, premature birth. Also, the disease can cause complications with the he alth of the baby. The stronger the lichen affects a woman, the more serious the consequences for the fetus.

If you go to the doctor for help late, a bacterial infection may join. It causes suppuration of formations. Usually, such a complication is caused due to strong scratching of the skin, traumatizing it with a hard tissue.

When infected in the second or third trimesters, the child does not have complications.

Preparations for pink lichen during pregnancy

Treatment of disease

Treatment of pink lichen is carried out at home, hospitalization is not required for this disease. If pink or red spots appear on the skin, a woman should immediately consult a doctor. The dermatologist will make an accurate diagnosis, determine the cause of the pathology, and prescribe treatment. Many dermatological diseases are similar to Gibert's lichen; it is impossible to distinguish it from another pathology on its own. After laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis, the doctor selects the treatment.

There is no specific therapy for lichen. It resolves on its own in about 2-14 weeks. Sometimes lichendelayed up to six months, but this phenomenon is extremely rare.

You should not treat lichen on your own during pregnancy, even to get rid of itching, since most of the medicines are contraindicated for use in pregnant women and are potentially dangerous for the unborn child. As a result, attempts to treat pink lichen at home without consulting a doctor can lead to disastrous consequences.

In order for the disease to pass faster, it is necessary to limit physical activity, as well as change underwear daily. In order not to injure the lesions, do not use hard brushes, washcloths, and when bathing, you should abandon cosmetic detergents and creams. You should visit the shower no more than once a day, and after it, rubbing with a towel is not carried out: the skin is dried with blotting movements.

Be sure to change the diet. All fried, spicy, smoked dishes, as well as exotic foods, flour, sweets, carbonated drinks, nuts, honey, chocolate and everything that can be a potential allergen are removed from the menu.

Pink deprive of gibert during pregnancy

Doctor's appointments

To treat pink lichen during pregnancy, the doctor uses a variety of means. To relieve itching, antihistamines are prescribed, a he althy diet is selected. Depending on the degree of damage, it may be necessary to cleanse the body of toxins using antiseptic drugs. In some cases, Zhiber's lichen treatment with ultraviolet light with a wavelength of up to 320 nm may be prescribed. recommended as much as possiblespend more time in the sun, sunbathe. The sun's rays have a positive effect on the duration of the course of the disease, reducing it. When sunbathing in the sun, do not forget about the possibility of getting a sunburn.

In order to increase the body's defenses, doctors recommend:

  1. Using a multivitamin designed specifically for pregnant women. The preparations "Elevit", "Vitrum prenatal", etc. help against pink lichen during pregnancy
  2. Treatment of all emerging viral and bacterial infections.
  3. Daily walks, gymnastics for pregnant women. Swimming has a positive effect.
  4. When joining the infection, pick up antibiotics. The most commonly prescribed drugs are tetracyclines.
  5. If there is a risk to the fetus, a woman should take sedatives (they are prescribed by doctors).

Doctors select topical drugs:

  1. Mixes of glycerin, talc, zinc and other useful substances.
  2. Hormone-containing ointments.
  3. Itching creams.

All topical preparations are safe for the fetus, so they can be used during pregnancy, but the dosage must be strictly observed.

As an external remedy, treatment of formations with peach, sea buckthorn oil, phototherapy and other methods selected by the attending physician helps with pink lichen. With all the recommendations of a dermatologist, pink lichen will pass quickly, leaving no marks on the skin.

Is pink lichen dangerous during pregnancy


KnowingIs pink lichen dangerous during pregnancy, doctors recommend taking care of yourself and your unborn child. To do this, you must try not to contact the patient with Zhiber's lichen, take vitamins prescribed by a gynecologist. If any pathologies occur during pregnancy, chronic ailments worsen, then it is worth treating them immediately.

To avoid a decrease in immunity, you should give up bad habits, including overeating.

A woman should always take care of herself and her he alth, in any physiological state. A good prevention of the manifestation of lichen is to avoid hypothermia, overheating, and a he althy diet. A pregnant woman should strictly follow all the recommendations of a gynecologist and then she will be he althy throughout the entire period of bearing a baby.

Pink lichen in humans symptoms treatment

The female body during pregnancy is susceptible to a variety of ailments. This is due to the fact that during the period of bearing a child, he is weakened, the hormonal background changes completely. In the first few weeks, a woman should be extremely careful not to contract pink lichen, because it can lead to negative consequences, although it is considered a harmless disease.

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