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Fragrance "Areon": types, description, benefits
Fragrance "Areon": types, description, benefits

Car enthusiasts, of which there are now a huge number, and those who prefer to inhale fresh aromas at home or in the office, will be interested in the products of the Balev company, which produces Areon fragrances. Small, tasty-smelling stickers that are hung in a convenient place at the discretion of the buyer, attractive boxes that smell fragrant for a long time, or bottles resembling perfumes with a spray to distribute the scent you like - all this has long been a part of the life of a huge number of people around the world and has won universal love..

areon flavoring

A few words about the company

Company "Balev" has its head office and production plant in Bulgaria. The scale of the factory is amazing - it spread over an area of ​​​​more than 10 thousand square meters. km. It is worth saying that at the beginning of his path to success (1990) and world recognition, Dimitar Balev (the founder of the company) was a distributor of flavors from various companies. He later patented his own line of products: Areon fragrances, which are currently soldin more than 80 countries on the planet.

Assortment to please everyone

areon gel fragrance

In the case of the Bulgarian manufacturer, it is simply impossible to find fault with anything. The European level of production here is not just a profitable phrase, but a real level, which is strictly adhered to. All products of Areon fragrances are made of high quality materials using only hypoallergenic fragrances. Among the widest range, everyone will find the right fragrance for themselves, and any of the selected ones will last a long time, thanks to innovative technologies introduced into production. It is worth noting the most popular perfume bouquets today, which are offered by Balev LLC:

  1. Citrus, strawberry.
  2. Sea freshness or breeze.
  3. Tutti-frutti.
  4. Bubble Gum.
  5. Coffee, cinnamon, vanilla.

Fragrance "Areon" in the car: which one to choose?

areon fragrance for car

Even 20 years ago, the most popular flavors in the car were the so-called "herringbones". They were stickers in a shape reminiscent of the aforementioned tree. There were many drawbacks in such an accessory, for example, the need to carefully open the package and gradually pull the sticker out of it over the course of a month. Now such "Christmas trees" also exist, but along with them there is a huge selection of other flavors. "Areon" is among the leaders here:

  1. Stickers in different shapes and smells, suitable for permanent use. Duration of use no more than a month.
  2. Spray bottles that can be sprayed when needed. Due to the fact that they will use such an accessory if necessary, it is not possible to say exactly how long the tool will last.
  3. Glass jars of e-liquid, hung upside down for inexhaustible flavor. They can last up to six months, depending on the season. This is important because evaporation is much more intense in summer than in winter.
  4. Bags filled with coffee or odor-absorbing granules. This option is ideal for smokers, but it will not last long, only 4 weeks.
  5. Areon gel fragrances, in which you can regulate the intensity of the diffused smell yourself. This accessory will last about 2 months.
  6. Cassette, among which a series of flavors "Mon Areon" stands out. This popular type of air freshener contains special granules that increase its use up to 3 months. "Mon Areon" can be used both in the car interior and in domestic premises: residential buildings and offices.

Not just a trinket, but a little thing that is not ashamed to give

flavor mon areon

It is worth noting that all products made by Balev are designed for each individual consumer. Romantic girls will find teddy bear-shaped fragrances here for themselves,and serious businessmen will look for unique perfume bouquets, framed in strict and elegant leather bags of discreet shades. In addition, this product can act as a gift or a souvenir, because it looks stylish and unique.


According to customer reviews, which have accumulated a lot over the past 30 years, we can draw quite logical conclusions regarding the benefits of Areon flavors, among others:

  1. Variety of flavors.
  2. Low cost.
  3. Quality and duration of use.
  4. Unique design.
  5. Hypoallergenic fragrances.

I would like to note that, according to statistics, the most purchased Areon flavoring is tutti-frutti. Many distinguish it from others, because it is a kind of mix and does not bother. By the way, due to the fact that Balev products are inexpensive, any smell that no longer suits the owner can be easily replaced with a new one.

flavoring areon tutti frutti

For home and office space

Assortment "Areon" is diverse and unique. The special series for living spaces includes several types of specially designed accessories:

  1. Cassette machine, which can easily be used to purchase gel stickers of different fragrances.
  2. Glass flasks designed as an essential interior accessory.
  3. Special flavor clips attached to climate technology.
  4. Home fragrance sprayers,manually adjusted individually by each consumer. For them, bottles with various flavors are specially sold, which can be easily changed every day.
areon flavoring

New items

Most recently, the company "Balev" launched the production of aromatic napkins, pesticides (antimol) and special inserts with perfume impregnation, which must be placed in linen compartments or hung in wardrobes with clothes to give them a unique aroma. It is worth saying that it is already clear now: the novelty will not only please the consumer, but will also take its rightful place in every home.

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