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What size is your multicooker? 6 liters is the optimal volume

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What size is your multicooker? 6 liters is the optimal volume
What size is your multicooker? 6 liters is the optimal volume

How much does a modern woman have to do! Raising children, cooking for the whole family, cleaning, washing dishes, washing clothes and at the same time also working! Smart assistants offered by the home appliance industry are capable of making life easier for the hostess. When it comes to cooking, the best solution is to buy a slow cooker.

What can a slow cooker do?

What kind of device it is, what functions it copes with, today every good housewife knows. The uniqueness of the multicooker is that you can cook boiled, fried, stewed dishes and bake. At the same time, the role of a person is only to load products into the bowl and turn on the desired mode, the rest will be done by the technique itself. Preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner does not take much time; a woman does not have to stand at the stove. The slow cooker itself knows how long to cook this or that dish and when to turn off. It will please both beginners and experienced housewives - you can cook soup, porridge, vegetables, scrambled eggs, pilaf in it. At the same time, all cooking takes place in one bowl, so there is a minimum of dirty dishes in the kitchen. WideThe assortment presented in stores allows you to choose exactly the device that suits your family. When choosing, first of all, you need to pay attention to the size of the bowl. What is the volume of the most frequently bought multicooker? 6 liters is the optimal size for cooking a variety of dishes.

multicooker 6 liters

Volume matters

Which device to choose if you need to feed your family? For cooking for one or three people, small appliances are quite suitable, but if there are more members in the family, or there are often guests in the house, then it is better to choose a larger appliance. Capacity is measured depending on the size of the multicooker bowl. 6 liters is the most optimal volume for cooking. In such a device, you can easily load the necessary ingredients that can be fried, stewed, boiled and baked. You can cook 4 liters of soup or bake a pie weighing up to two kilograms, bake a whole chicken or duck. The volume of the dish can be adjusted if you want to cook a small portion. To do this, you just need to put less food.

Functionality and performance

More productive is a large multicooker. 6 liters of volume not only allow you to put more food, but also more varied cooking due to the large number of different functions. A large slow cooker can be equipped with yogurt making options, a steamer effect and many other useful features.

Is this multicooker more productive? 6 litersare provided with high power, which means food can be cooked faster and better. It will replace several kitchen appliances: stove, double boiler, oven, deep fryer. The keep warm function will provide the family with a hot meal at the selected time. The manufacturability of the device is also manifested in the fact that the indicators of the device show which process is currently running.

The convenient delay start feature allows you to load food from the evening and, by setting the timer, wake up in the morning for a ready-made hot breakfast.

Despite the complexity, the devices are easy to operate, their menus are clear and simple.

multicooker bowl 6 liters

Shops offer so many models that among them there is sure to be a multicooker that suits you. 6 liters of volume have devices from different manufacturers. They differ from each other in technical characteristics, which sales assistants in any home appliance store will tell you about.

"Mulineks" - fast, reliable, economical

Any housewife will be delighted with the Mulineks multicooker for 6 liters. The French brand has developed a kitchen appliance with a pressure cooker and steamer effect. Moulinex CE 4000 cuts the cooking process in half while maintaining high quality food, as the use of steam conserves nutrients. This is its advantage over a stove or a conventional multicooker. This model has 6 automatic modes. Cereals, vegetables, meat are cooked under high pressure, so the process is faster. Porridge and vegetablesyou can cook with low pressure, and fry without it at all. The device allows you to sauté vegetables, fry cutlets and pancakes, stew all types of meat, heat up food.

Mulinex multicookers 6 liters

This model has a stylish design - shiny metal case, in combination with plastic look great and will decorate any kitchen. A convenient removable cover makes it easy to wash the device, this advantage was noted by many housewives. Due to the high pressure, the cooking speed increases and, consequently, the energy consumption is reduced. In addition, a recipe book is included with the appliance.

When choosing Redmond, get ready for variety

RMC-m30 is a modern Redmond multicooker. 6 liters - a fairly roomy bowl, a suitable option for a large family. In it, you can cook a variety of he althy food, while spending very little time. This model is equipped with a dozen automatic programs focused on the cooking method and type of food.

Dietary meals and food for the baby are prepared using the "steam / boil" program - boiled meat, fish and vegetables will appeal to everyone who prefers a he althy diet. The second mode will perfectly cook porridge in milk from various types of cereals. In addition, it is useful when cooking jam, jam and other desserts.

A separate program is designed for cooking buckwheat, which can be boiled with both porridge and a side dish, and another one is for making crumbly side dishes from rice and other cereals.

Cook soups, compotes, marinades allows the mode"soup/beans". It can also be used to boil beans, peas and other legumes.

Fry cutlets, steak, fish without sticking and oil splashes in this multicooker in the "frying" mode. There are special programs for cooking pilaf, jelly, yogurt. And completes the list of possibilities - "baking / bread". This setting is recommended for making casseroles, pies, cakes, muffins, and for baking a variety of breads.

multicooker redmond 6 liters

Useful Features

In order for your food to be always ready to serve, the multicooker is equipped with the function of heating dishes, and also knows how to maintain the set temperature of ready meals (auto-heating).

Cooking in this slow cooker is easy because it comes with a book containing 120 detailed recipes and lots of bright color illustrations.

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