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How to wash tulle: practical recommendations, methods and reviews

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How to wash tulle: practical recommendations, methods and reviews
How to wash tulle: practical recommendations, methods and reviews

It is difficult to imagine a living room without a window, because it is a source of natural light and fresh air. Window openings need a decent frame - beautiful curtains and curtains. But it is not enough to pick up beautiful “clothing” for windows, in order for it to please your eyes for years, you need to know how to wash tulle and not ruin it.

Varieties of window curtains

How to wash tulle

Today, in any curtain shop you will be offered a huge number of types of tulle. Translucent draperies perfectly protect the window from prying eyes and let in enough light, and if you choose them in the original design, they can become an important element of the interior. The most popular today are curtains made of organza, mesh, veils and muslin. Before thinking about how to wash tulle, it will be useful to find out what material it is made of - natural or synthetic. However, any kind of thin curtains should be washed at low temperatures and subject to a number of special conditions.

Preparing tulle for cleaning

How to wash tulle to become white

Remove curtains for washing at the very beginning of cleaning. If there isopportunity, shake the curtains well in the fresh air. You can also soak them in cold water before washing. Some housewives prefer to soak the tulle in cool water with detergent, and after a while drain this water and start washing. More than one generation of housewives argues about how to wash tulle correctly: in a washing machine or by hand. In fact, the main thing is to follow simple rules: do not wring the fabric too much, do not stretch, do not squeeze. Choose the most suitable laundry detergent. You can use a special shampoo for curtains, a regular powder or an all-purpose liquid detergent for washing machines. Attention: when washing tulle, it is important to prevent excessive foaming. To comply with this condition, add half the amount of the selected product than recommended in the instructions.

Machine wash

How to wash tulle

How to wash tulle in a washing machine so as not to spoil it? Choose the appropriate program: "Hand wash" or "Delicates". If your machine does not have such settings, choose a temperature regime of no more than 30 degrees and a washing program without spinning. Tulle in the drum of the machine should be placed in a neatly folded form. Don't be afraid, it stretches well, if you crumple it, the likelihood of tissue damage will increase. Many housewives prefer to wash tulle in special laundry bags. Try it and you will put this advice into practice, do not be afraid, the fabric washes as well as without a bag, with minimal risk of damage.

Howwash tulle by hand?

How to wash tulle in the washing machine

Many housewives prefer to take care of delicate fabrics only by hand, avoiding aggressive products and machine washing. Theoretically, this care option is really suitable for thin curtains. But in fact, machine wash does not pose any threat to them with the right choice of mode. If you decide to wash the tulle by hand, remember: it is important not to use hot water and do not rub the fabric. The correct washing algorithm is as follows: soak, water change, rinse with powder, rinse with clean water. It is unacceptable to wring out delicate fabric by twisting. It is best to let the tulle flow on a clothesline, and then hang it on a curtain rod while still wet.

How to restore whiteness and freshness to curtains?

A popular question among housewives: how to wash tulle to become white, as when buying? In fact, if you wash your curtains regularly and try not to stain them, they most likely won't turn yellow. But if for some reason your tulle no longer looks "dazzling white", you can try to return it to its original color. When choosing bleach, be sure to read the label carefully. For delicate fabrics, products containing chlorine are not suitable. Choose oxygen or optical brighteners. In the first case, you will have to face a rather high price, but such laundry detergents really effectively lighten the fabric and are suitable for use with white and colored laundry. Optical brighteners work on a completely different principle. ATtheir composition contains special microparticles that are deposited on the tissue. As a result, the material looks lighter, but such bleaches are not suitable for colored curtains. Ask your mother or grandmother about how to wash tulle so that it turns white, and she will surely offer you ordinary table s alt. The secret is simple - pour a few spoons of this seasoning into the prewash compartment and start the machine. What is important, this method is not only cheap and easy, but also completely safe for delicate fabrics.

Iron or not, as well as other subtleties of tulle care

At what temperature to wash tulle

How to prepare tulle for returning to the interior after washing? If you read the reviews of hostesses on thematic forums, you will notice that many people find it difficult to care for curtains precisely because of the need to iron them. We have already figured out at what temperature to wash tulle - no higher than 30 degrees. It turns out that the iron should be set to the bare minimum. But wait, actually ironing is far from a mandatory procedure. Try at least once to hang a still damp curtain over the window. Under the weight of its own weight, it will straighten out, while a thin fabric will dry in about an hour, if it is hot at home - in a matter of minutes.

In the days of our grandmothers' youth, it was customary to starch tablecloths, today this procedure is optional, but for the sake of experiment, you can try. Add 250 grams of starch to a basin of water, rinse the curtain in the resulting solution after normal washing and hang to dry. In fact, every housewife has her own secrets on how to wash tulle,that she be white. One of the interesting extreme folk remedies is green bleaching. After traditional washing, it is necessary to drop a few drops of this antiseptic into the rinse water (10-15 drops are enough for a large basin, the water should not be very colored) and dip the curtain into the resulting solution. After this procedure, carefully wring out the tulle and dry it in the usual way. Try different ways to wash curtains and decide which one is right for you.

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