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Unlucky with girls - what to do? Where can you meet a good girl

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Unlucky with girls - what to do? Where can you meet a good girl
Unlucky with girls - what to do? Where can you meet a good girl

Many guys wonder where they can meet a good girl. It would seem that why such a problem should exist at a young age, but it really does arise. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to find your person among millions of others. Over time, the oppressive feeling of loneliness begins to literally overwhelm, eat from the inside. And when only disappointments are constantly haunted, it’s just right to get confused, to lose faith in one’s own prospects. There are many who want to improve their personal lives.

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Only for this you need to know what a girl needs, you need to learn how to feel her, to anticipate needs and desires. Not always a man behaves appropriately, shows attentiveness, politeness. In some cases, mistakes made can be very costly. And then it is necessary with sadnessto state the fact that you have no luck with girls. Below are some actionable tips to help you deal with the situation.

Keep Calm

Remember that wise advice of good-natured Carlson? The most important thing is not to despair. Whatever happens, don't be discouraged. You need to try to pull yourself together, and then there will definitely be a way out. As a rule, a calm attitude towards the situation helps even when there is no reason to continue to hope for reciprocity. It is not enough just to think why I am lonely, you also need to make some efforts. It is best to try to control your own feelings. Only then will undoubted confidence in the future come, that the efforts made are not in vain.

Assuming Responsibility

Before you rush to blame someone else for your own bad luck, you need to try to reconsider individual beliefs. Take a look at yourself from the outside and answer honestly: do you always act according to your conscience? Was it not such that women were offended undeservedly, were their feelings hurt? These are all very serious points that require detailed consideration.

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A long emotional immersion is acceptable here. The fact is that it is desirable to be able to experience the situation for yourself. Taking responsibility means that you need to not only understand how to behave in a relationship with a girl, but also try not to repeat past mistakes. Only in this case it will be possible to experience significant improvements soon.

Patience andperseverance

It would be wonderful if all our desires were fulfilled in the blink of an eye. But, as a rule, this does not happen. Patience is a very important component of our life, allowing us to fully and completely concentrate on what is happening in the present moment.

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If you didn't learn something the first time, it's important not to despair, but to try to take additional steps. A certain perseverance does not interfere at all in such a subtle and delicate matter. A guy definitely needs to have an idea of ​​​​how to communicate with a girl in order to please her. In a certain sense, this will help to make fewer mistakes on the way to the cherished goal.


The power of the World Wide Web should never be underestimated. If you want to find your soul mate, you should definitely register on special sites. Let not all acquaintances end in something serious, but there are chances to meet true love, and rather big ones. Turn to the internet and you won't be disappointed. Some think like this, they say, I want to find a girl, but I'm not going to strain myself especially for this. In such cases, the search can stretch for years, cause the development of significant self-doubt. You need to be active, be enterprising.

Bars and cafes

Wonderful places where you can not only have fun, but also meet someone interesting. In the wake of a good mood, it becomes easier to invite the girl you like to your table, treat her with something tasty. be readyhave an interesting conversation so that the lady does not get bored. If you are sure that you are definitely unlucky with girls, test your courage.

interesting communication

You have to be brave and exude tremendous self-confidence. There is nothing sadder than a situation when a guy closes in on himself and does not want to make any attempts to correct his depressing situation. Bars and cafes can make things a lot easier if you're willing to get active without being shy.

Common acquaintances

Sometimes finding your soul mate on your own becomes quite difficult. Then acquaintances who are really easy to trust can come to the rescue. Such people simply organize a fateful meeting for you. It will be great if a pleasant acquaintance develops into something beautiful and truly touching. The guy will learn to understand what the girl needs, will be able to give her more time and attention. When there are mutual acquaintances, communication takes place in the most natural setting and no one has to worry about how to keep the attention of a person they like.

Study Location

Many couples met in the walls of their native institute or university. And there is nothing surprising in this. Where else can a young man meet his love, if not in a place where he has to spend many hours in a row? You just need to start taking a closer look at your classmates. It is likely that they will be extremely interesting and attractive persons. No one is rushing you here.

meeting in a cafe

You can watch the girl you like and draw conclusions. However, there is a possibility that if you do not express your aspirations for a long time, then more efficient fellow students can bypass you.


A very original way to get to know each other, especially given the fact that today relatively few people attend cultural events. The library is not only a storehouse of folk wisdom, but also a repository of knowledge. Nobody goes there, so the chances of meeting a decent girl increase. If a single guy also likes to read and is interested in the latest literature, it's time to be puzzled by this issue. Take a closer look around. Perhaps the second half has been waiting for a meeting with you for a long time. Do not miss the opportunity to once again visit the library. Then you won't have to complain about not being lucky with girls.

Work team

For older young people who have already graduated, I would like to recommend taking a closer look at colleagues. Among colleagues, you may well meet a pretty girl who will become your future wife. As a rule, in a work team there are more chances to get to know each other better, because you have to contact these people for quite a long period of time. If a guy does not know how to behave in a relationship with a girl, then the option with a colleague seems to be very successful. So the safest, there will be a minimum of disappointment. Choose responsible women who have shown their best side.


Also a very effective way, although not many people prefer it. You can get acquainted on the street, but only if you saw a particular lady and were simply unable to pass by. Situations like this happen, and their significance cannot be denied. How can a guy make a girl fall in love with him in this case? Remember that in fact you only have a couple of minutes to make a good impression.

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If it doesn't work, you'll have to step aside. Sticking to the girl you like on the street, and even insisting on continuing the acquaintance, is clearly a bad form. It is best to proceed slowly, trying to be as polite and delicate as possible.


In everyday life, you often have to travel somewhere. It is very useful to try to use this time correctly. You can meet both on a bus or plane, and in a crowded minibus. The most important thing is to understand that it is very easy to miss your chance. It is this factor that helps many men to act quickly, without unnecessary thought and anxiety. Everyday shyness, the habit of being cautious and striving to make only a favorable impression on others suddenly disappear somewhere.

Public transport is sometimes a great option for finding a loved one. You just need to stop being afraid to look inappropriate or make some stupid mistake. Instead of passively dozing, sitting comfortably in the seat, it is recommended to look around and smile affably. Never dojumping to the conclusion that you're having bad luck with girls until you've tried all the options listed.

Instead of a conclusion

Thus, it is very important to properly tune in to meet your destiny. If this is not done, you can look for the right girl for years, but never come close to fully understanding what is really happening. Where else can you expect to meet your soul mate?

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It turns out, wherever there is a mass congestion of people. And if you prefer secluded walks, then there is also a chance to meet the girl of your dreams. Try to be more often where you yourself would be pleased to be. Then the chances of meeting your like-minded person, a person who has similar interests, increase.

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