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What to do in the summer for children: a list of ideas for the village and the city

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What to do in the summer for children: a list of ideas for the village and the city
What to do in the summer for children: a list of ideas for the village and the city

Summer is the favorite time of the year for most kids. The weather is good outside, you can swim, sunbathe, eat delicious berries and fruits. In addition, no one forces you to go to school, do homework in the evenings. However, idleness quickly gets boring. To make the holiday fun and useful, parents should decide in advance what to do with their child in the summer.

Preschool Fun

Kindergartens continue to work in the summer, but many kids do not go there. It's time for the holidays, when you can spend more time with your parents, play together and learn something new. It's great if you can go to the sea with the whole family. However, not everyone has this opportunity.

Puzzling over the question of what to do in the summer? The list below will help you choose:

  • Teach your baby to do exercises in the morning, start tempering.
  • Explore new playgrounds in your city.
  • Take the kids to the park to feed ducks or squirrels. Suitable for preschoolers andvisiting a petting zoo, riding rides.
  • Have more picnics in the nearest park or square.
  • Blow soap bubbles.
  • Catch insects with a net, study them and release them.
  • Collect natural material for herbarium and crafts. Learn the names of plants.
  • Draw on the pavement. In this way, by the way, you can learn the alphabet.
  • Let your child play with fountains and puddles, experiment with water.
  • Dig minks in the sand and make little cakes.
  • Role-play a lot, transforming into store workers, brave travelers, and fairy fairies.
  • Teach your child to ride a bike or rollerblade.
  • Go to the beach or pool. Summer is the best time to learn how to swim.

Visiting grandma

Fresh air, nature, fresh milk and vegetables from the garden… Many parents send their kids to the countryside. What can a tomboy do in the summer under the strict supervision of grandparents?

child feeding animals
child feeding animals

Many options:

  • Communicate with pets. Show your baby where eggs and milk come from.
  • Get your preschooler involved in gardening. He will be happy to look for berries, water the beds from a small watering can.
  • Go to the river, build wet sand castles, throw pebbles into the water. Grandpa teaches grandchildren how to fish.
  • Make a hut out of branches.
  • Make a bow and teach your child how to shoot it.
  • Hang the swing.
  • Outdoorallocate space for the kitchen. Toddlers enjoy cooking grass soup and making mud pies.
  • Attach a sheet of plywood to the fence, paint it with slate paint. You will get a drawing board.
  • In hot weather, fill an inflatable pool or shower with perforated PVC pipes.
  • Walk in the woods with a magnifying glass and binoculars. Gather berries and mushrooms, study nests, anthills, listen to the sounds.

Getting brushes

Preschool is the best time to develop creativity.

Drawings on stones
Drawings on stones

What can you do in the summer in rainy weather? Here are some interesting ideas:

  • Draw on rocks.
  • Make boats out of paper, walnuts, Styrofoam, or whatever else you can find. Have a bath test.
  • Make plasticine insects that you saw on a walk, or vegetables from your grandmother's garden.
  • Drip colorful paint on paper, fold the sheet in half. Now turn the resulting stain into a funny animal or alien.
  • Make toys out of dough or clay.
  • Learn how to make colored sand or semolina at home. Create pictures from them.

Holiday ahead

School ends at the end of May. Parents face a difficult task: where to place a student for the whole summer so that he is not left to himself? Kind grandmothers come to the rescue, as well as summer camps. They can send children from 7 years old. Many of these institutions have their own specifics:emphasis on playing sports or learning a foreign language. Try to plan a vacation with the whole family.

When deciding what to do in the summer, do not overdo it with the number of new experiences. One or two memorable trips - this is enough for a good rest of a junior schoolchild.

What to do in the summer in the countryside?

If possible, be sure to send the child to rest outside the city. It is there that he will be able to strengthen the immune system, restore the nervous system. During the summer, there are plenty of things to do in the countryside.

children in the forest
children in the forest

Here is a small list:

  • Teach your child how to make a fire, climb trees, choose strong branches, swim, catch fish and cook soup from it.
  • Go to the forest, learn to navigate in it, pick berries, mushrooms, leaves for the herbarium.
  • Find medicinal plants. Buy an encyclopedia on the nature of your strip.
  • In the garden, select a bed for the child to experiment.
  • Help the offspring find friends, invite them to tea more often, buy board games. Build a bench or gazebo for the kids where they can gather.
  • Teach children to jump in rubber bands, play outdoor games. "Cossack-robbers" remain a real hit.
  • Offer a fun company to prepare a concert for the villagers, help with props.
  • When it rains, invite the kids over to read funny or scary stories.

Urban jungle

It's much harder for parents whose children for some reasonstayed at home. What to do in the summer in the city?

children near the trampoline
children near the trampoline

Here are some helpful hints:

  • If your child spends the day alone, take them to a school camp. Often, developing classes are also organized in children's centers and clubs.
  • Become the initiator of yard games of Indians, pirates or knights. Help make outfits, build a wigwam and stick swords. Arrange a treasure hunt quest.
  • Walk in the evenings, admire the lit lanterns, luminous fountains. You can also ride a bike, roller skates with the whole family.
  • Go to the beach more often, if possible go to nature on weekends. Children like night gatherings by the fire, spending the night in tents.
  • Arrange cultural trips to museums, cinemas, theaters, zoos, planetarium. Take your child to the rope park.
  • Teach a student the things you usually don't have time for: cooking, knitting, sewing dresses for dolls, wood burning, photography. You can enroll your child in an interesting circle.

Fun learning

What to do in summer besides games and walks? Of course, intellectual development. During the long holidays, many schoolchildren lose the ability to learn and are hardly included in the educational process. To prevent this from happening, encourage your child to read books for at least 20 minutes a day. Choose interesting items. Listen to the school program in the audio recording.

children studying beetles
children studying beetles

Problems and dictations set aside for later. In summer it is much more useful to putexperiments, watch cartoons in foreign languages. The material covered can be repeated by playing board and computer games.

Show your child that learning is fun. Do creative projects with the whole family. Choose one topic for a week and study it, make crafts, experiment, prepare reports and quizzes. Build a model of the solar system, organize a zoo for dinosaurs of different species, travel to the jungles of South America and identify the most erudite Indian in the family.

What should a teenager do in summer?

It is difficult to force a growing child to obey parental instructions, but you cannot leave him without control either. Otherwise, he will spend the whole summer in front of a computer or contact a bad company. There is only one way out - to listen to the opinion of a teenager, to look for compromises.

He alth camps are still a great option. They solve the problem of organizing children's leisure, help get rid of computer addiction and find new friends. A teenager can be sent abroad. Many guys enjoy hiking, conquering mountains and rivers.

Children aged 12-14 are still important to spend time together with their parents. It is useful to spend it in nature, learn how to put up a tent, admire the summer dawn and talk heart to heart, sitting by the fire.

To the village to grandfather

Resting in the countryside is often perceived by teenagers as a real tragedy. What to do in the summer away from friends, when all around are cows and garden beds?

teenagers go fishing
teenagers go fishing

Actually,lots of options. In the village you can:

  • Walk in the forest, enjoy the scenery, draw and photograph, pick berries.
  • Swimming in the river, sunbathing, fishing with grandfather.
  • Learn to chop wood, grow potatoes, milk a cow and ride a horse.
  • Record grandmother's memories of her youth on the recorder, make her own family tree.
  • Make friends with local kids, play football and badminton together, have midnight campfires, sing along with the guitar, go to village discos.
  • Do something creative like beading, wood carving, or learning to play the guitar.
  • On rainy days, read books, watch movies, listen to your favorite songs, play computer games or fool around with grandpa.
  • Start a blog about the hardships of rural life. Regularly upload stories about heroic battles with weeds and record milk yields past the bucket. Accompany them with photos.

City life

Not all teenagers have the opportunity to get out into the fresh air.

teenagers on bikes
teenagers on bikes

But even in a stuffy city there are interesting things to do. In summer you can:

  • Riding a bike, rollerblading, skateboarding.
  • Play football, volleyball, do fitness, visit the pool or sports section.
  • Go to the beach with friends, have a picnic in the park.
  • Going to movies and concerts.
  • Have a theme party at home or in the country.
  • Find new ones in the cityplaces of interest.
  • Start repairs in your room, update the interior.
  • Try something new and different. Now there are circles of robotics, sand animation, acting. Or maybe a teenager will be fascinated by graffiti or floristry?
  • Get a job and get your first paycheck.
  • Become a volunteer at an orphanage or dog shelter.

Ideas of what to do in the summer are inexhaustible. The main thing is that the child gain strength before the next school year and not waste time. Then he will meet September fully armed.

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