Best kids tablet review
Best kids tablet review

Video: Best kids tablet review

Video: Best kids tablet review
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With mobile, restless and too active children, the learning process is slow and difficult, so many modern parents are increasingly turning to children's tablets and computers for help.

The appearance of such gadgets is similar to adults and differs only in a colorful and bright design. Such devices are intended for learning, useful pastime or entertainment. By purchasing this device, you will make the perfect gift for both a girl and a boy.

Your attention is presented with a small review of the best children's tablets with a description of the main characteristics.

Prodigy math tablet

This entertaining game will teach a child to figuratively reproduce the silhouettes of objects, animals, ornaments (patterns), geometric shapes, numbers and letters. The gadget is a field with 25 pins for drawing with rubber bands.

Math drawing tablet
Math drawing tablet

Children's drawing tablet will enable the child to master:

  • some basic geometry basics: area, perimeter, shapes, etc.;
  • representation of the transformation of size, symmetry, shape;
  • develop deductive and inductive thinking.

In addition, the tablet allows the child to explore. And this affects the development of differentiated perception, fine motor skills, the assimilation of generalized knowledge, methods of action and sensorimotor memory. The development of the imagination will contribute to obtaining creative results in all activities and will ensure good preparation for schooling and further school success.

Playing with letters and numbers, entertaining tasks will help develop curiosity and interest. The tablet is intended for children aged 3-8 years. Made from natural wood.

Turbokids kids tablet

Entertaining and developing your child is now easy with the help of modern technology with the TurboKids tablet. The device has many necessary applications for this. In addition, you can download interesting games, tutorials, and other necessary programs. The 7-inch multi-touch screen and 1024 × 600 resolution will not tire your baby's eyes. The touch system will work correctly even with prolonged use and multiple touches.

Turbokids children's tablet
Turbokids children's tablet

The tablet is a fairly high-performance device - no annoying "slowdowns" will interfere with your classes. The device is powered by a quad-core processor and has 1 GB of RAM.

The entire array of necessary applications can be stored in the device using the built-in memory of 8 GB, and if necessary, you can "grow" up to 32 GB. The tablet will surely please your children with brightdesign and new features.

Fisher-Price Smart Tablet with Smart Stages

With the new Fisher-Price children's educational tablet, the child has the opportunity to choose the learning mode that suits him best. Each of the three options has many developing phrases and songs for different levels of development of the baby and age. The child can start learning the letters and names of animals, use the 35 buttons to activate sounds or music, and so on. In addition, the tablet flashes with cheerful lights and lights up.

Fisher-Price smart tablet
Fisher-Price smart tablet

DEXP Ursus Z170 Kid's

This tablet will give your child a lot of emotions. It contains many features to help your baby develop:

  • children's content;
  • fun games;
  • puzzles.

With Android 4.x+, this gadget will delight you and your child with endless possibilities. Due to the functioning of the Allwinner quad-core processor, the device achieves maximum performance.

Children's tablet DEXP Kid's
Children's tablet DEXP Kid's

The 7-inch IPS multi-touch tablet screen delivers amazing quality of educational programs and cartoons.

1 GB RAM ensures fast task execution. The tablet supports the installation of micro SD and microSDHC for memory expansion and Wi-Fi function. It is worth noting that the manufacturer provides for possible risks that are associated with the use of a tablet by a child. In order to avoid the consequences of impacts, the device is equipped with rubberized inserts on the plastic case, which contribute to shock absorption when falling.

Tablet computer "Masha and the Bear"

Is your child ready to learn new things? Then this educational children's game tablet will suit him perfectly. With this device, your little student will develop logic and memory, mathematical, musical and sensory abilities.

The tablet has 4 modes: study, piano, outfit, game.

Tablet "Masha and the Bear"
Tablet "Masha and the Bear"

Learning mode consists of several lessons, thanks to which the baby will learn:

  • count up to 10;
  • determine connections between phenomena and signs;
  • navigate in space;
  • distinguish between small and large letters;
  • determine the time by the clock;
  • classify things and objects, define them into groups;
  • subtract, add and compare numbers up to 10;
  • get to know numbers, letters and shapes;
  • fix the multiplication table in memory.

In the "Piano" mode, the young musician can play melodies of his own composition. In the "Outfit" mode, you can choose an outfit for the cartoon Masha. You can listen to songs from the cartoon "Masha and the Bear" and play in the "Game" mode.

The tablet runs on three AA batteries.

Baby Hit Y-Pad Large Learning Pad

This interactive developmental toy is considered by many parents to be one of the best children's tablets withlearning functions.

In appearance, the tablet resembles a real I-Pad, which is very attractive to little know-it-alls. Children are very fond of repeating their daily actions with the objects around them after adults.

Kids' tablet
Kids' tablet

In addition to entertaining (playing an improvised piano, funny songs, music), the tablet also performs many educational functions: the first acquaintance with simple numbers, learning the alphabet - both Russian and English. To make learning easier for a child to perceive, it is presented in a playful way. Also, this children's tablet will develop the abilities necessary for further successful learning: fine motor skills, memory, ingenuity, musical abilities, hearing.

Due to its durable design, the tablet will entertain and delight your little one for a long time, and unlike a real "adult" device, it is not prone to screen breakage.

Main Tasks:

  • alphabet (English and Russian);
  • numbers up to 10;
  • acquaintance with words by letter;
  • fun music;
  • piano;
  • games with finding letters and numbers;
  • children's songs;
  • item names.

All touches on the tablet screen are backlit.

Educa Tablet "I am learning to count"

With this children's tablet, the child will learn to recognize numbers from 1 to 20, associate numbers with numbers, put them in order, name objects that occur in everyday life.

Children's tablets
Children's tablets

Possiblethree functional modes: question and answer game, music and learning. Includes 12 cards with tasks of varying difficulty and exciting games. You can play it alone or with friends. There is a volume control. Designed for toddlers from 3 to 6 years old.

Educational B. B. Paw

The B. B. Paw children's learning tablet is designed for preschool children. The creators took into account the peculiarities of age in the preparation of all applications. And the design and software are specially designed for kids ages 3 to 6.

The software includes game tasks in reading, mathematics, geography, grammar, biology, exercises for the development of musical abilities, memory, logic and drawing skills. This is called the early learning system.

Educational B. B. Paw
Educational B. B. Paw

The device will help the child take important steps in development and begin to learn about the world around him. The main idea of B. B. Paw is to combine education with entertainment. The main character of the tablet, the charming bear cub BoBo, will become the first assistant for the baby.

The tablet will teach the baby a lot and entertain him, freeing up mom's time.

  • Russian voice acting and interface;
  • 72 developmental and educational programs, which are divided into categories;
  • child friendly simple interface;
  • bright body and funny paw shape;
  • on the back of the tablet - a special stand;
  • parent-friendly interface is standard Android with Internet access;
  • RAM 512MB;
  • built-in 4 GB flash memory.

Tablet "Cat Tom"

This children's tablet is a novelty for Tom cat lovers. His cheeks, eyes, tummy, tail will respond with words, light or sound. Also, the tablet can accept up to 8 phrases with 39 different answers to them.

Your child will be delighted with the funny phrases, songs and anecdotes that "Cat Tom" plays. The tablet is made of safe and environmentally friendly material. And thanks to the built-in superchip, the tablet works 5 times faster than its previous versions.

Crystal sound is provided by the use of CrystalVoice digital signal processing, which enhances its quality. According to user feedback and test results, the crisp and clear sound in this interactive tablet is not inferior to "Tom Cat" in the iPhone. The 3D view makes Tom the cat look completely alive.

For ease of use, the set includes a stand.

Kidz Delight Alphabet Tablet

This children's tablet is a great gift for today's kids. It contributes to the development of the child, offering a large number of modes of operation. The alphabet tablet has a bright design that will attract the attention of the child with a variety of buttons with letters and pictures. In the process of learning or playing with it, the baby will be able to learn the letters, using the 6 proposed modes for this.

Alphabet tablet
Alphabet tablet

In addition, light effects and joyful greetings will delight. The small size of the tablet allows you to take it with you on trips and travels, providing the childfun activity for a long time.

Ameniza tablet

Children's tablet Ameniza will certainly please young fans of the animated series "School of Monsters" and will not only combine entertainment with development and learning, but in general will also play the role of an assistant in preschool preparation.

The device contains 120 programs and an English-Russian interface.

Children's educational tablet
Children's educational tablet

Runs on 3 AA batteries and weighs very little. The front panel has a small black-and-white screen and intuitive buttons. The design and appearance deserve attention - they will not leave anyone indifferent.