Forgive me, dear! Tips for making peace with your sister

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Forgive me, dear! Tips for making peace with your sister
Forgive me, dear! Tips for making peace with your sister

Video: Forgive me, dear! Tips for making peace with your sister

Video: Forgive me, dear! Tips for making peace with your sister
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Parents will die sooner or later, friends come and go, and acquaintances do not even consider it necessary to get close to unknown people. But a sister will always be the closest person with whom you grew up and have common blood, memories.

how to make up with your sister if she is guilty
how to make up with your sister if she is guilty

Sometimes it is not always possible to find a common language even with close people. Quarrels can appear literally out of thin air, developing into a serious conflict. Let's find out how to make up with your sister, what steps to take, what to say during an apology.

No pride

Many people want to know how to make peace with their sister. But they are hindered by their pride and unwillingness to understand how the offended person feels.

Before you go to the world, drop any accusations against your sister. Do you want to ask for forgiveness? Ask, but do not say after the apology such words as: “It’s my fault, but you also behaved inappropriately” or “Forgive me, but you should have apologized too.”

Don't expect remorse in return. This is the highest manifestation of selfishness and pride, and with such an attitude, go and ask for forgiveness from your sisterjust stupid. There is a risk that you will quarrel again, and the conflict will grow into something more.

Persistence - good or bad?

The best way for those who want to know how to make peace with their sister is to talk to her. Do not send interested persons, but turn yourself in personally.

As soon as your sister sees sincere repentance, she will definitely melt and want to forgive you. But you need to speak from the heart. Take the advice above and don't blame her for the fight.

how to deal with older sister
how to deal with older sister
  • First, find the right moment. No need to come to your sister at work when she is very busy. It will only annoy.
  • Second, if you don't know what to say, think over your monologue in advance.

Perseverance is not always good. Quarrels are different, and if yours was accompanied by offensive words and hatred, then a truce can be difficult. It happens that your sister needs to be given time to comprehend everything and cool the ardor.

Give her time

From here comes another tip: if you want to make peace with your sister as a loving family member and needing her presence in your life, then give her time.

Just imagine: you had a fight, and an hour later you realized that you said a lot of unnecessary things or acted badly. Immediately run to ask for forgiveness, and your sister is still offended by you. All you get in return for an apology is a few more angry words. Should I rekindle the fire when the coals are still smoldering?

Original apology

You can make up with your sisterin verse, like a real poet. Or write her a song, draw a picture or send a warm heartfelt letter. It all depends on what kind of creativity attracts the native little man the most.

For example, in poetry. Believe me, if you write a few lines of apology - sincere and real - then your sister will definitely forgive you.

“My dear sister!

You have always been close to me.

But I hurt you and now I want to apologize.”

“Sister! You are the closest in the world.

And I'm a fool for pushing you away.

You are a smart, sincere and native person on the planet.

I myself made a quarrel out of a grain of sand!”

What to talk about?

You can make peace with your sister if she is at fault. How to do it? Very simple! You should come to her, and if you can’t see her in person, then just call.

brother and sister reconciled
brother and sister reconciled
  1. Start with a greeting. Speak slowly, calmly, and try not to get flustered. Ask your sister if she is able to speak. If she is still offended by you, then she will probably say that she is busy. Ask for a minute to talk.
  2. Ask for forgiveness. It doesn't have to be formulaic. Speak from your heart what your heart tells you to. If you want, you can talk about how dear your sister is, why you feel bad from a quarrel.
  3. Don't blame. Even if she was the instigator of the conflict, you should not put pressure on her and try to extract words of apology from her. Just draw conclusions: if a sister is wise, then she admits her mistake. Nextconflict, if history repeats itself, you will no longer have to apologize first. This is especially important when the relationship involves siblings. Whether you reconciled or not later, the main thing is not to forget that pride has no place here.
  4. Be wiser. The last point follows from the third point: show prudence and take the first step. There are many stories where sisters and brothers are in conflict for years because no one dares to come first.

But you're older

Big sisters and brothers always have a great responsibility. They must protect the younger ones, teach them and even educate them. But how to make peace with an older sister if she is too proud or perhaps very vulnerable?

Because you are the youngest child in the family, your opinions are often not taken seriously, as are insults. But situations are different. Therefore, before you go to peace with your older sister, try to understand her emotions and mental organization. Why is she offended? What prompted her to stop talking to you? Where is your fault?

how to get along with your sister
how to get along with your sister

When you analyze the situation, you should immediately go to your sister and ask for forgiveness. Or just talk, convincing that a quarrel with her is too difficult a test. This will not only help to make peace, but also set a good example.

And finally

It's not enough just to apologize or make peace with a loved one. It is important to learn from the conflict and then apply it in the future.

Believe me, people who make the same mistakes often end up lonely becauserelatives refuse them. If you have reconciled with your sister, then try to smooth things over in the future and be more prudent!

fight between brother and sister
fight between brother and sister

If your sister refuses to go to peace, then do not insist. Don't track her, don't threaten her, don't bombard her with letters. Do this periodically, giving her the opportunity to rethink everything, and possibly take a break from you. After all, situations in life really are different!