How to make a birthday present for your sister
How to make a birthday present for your sister

Video: How to make a birthday present for your sister

Video: How to make a birthday present for your sister
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Probably one of the most satisfying things in life is to see how the results of your work give someone pleasure. This applies not only to the works of writers and artists, but also to gifts collected with love. From childhood, parents teach children to make surprises for birthdays and other holidays. Often, small creatives have to create incredible gifts with limited or no budget to purchase them. What gift can you give your sister for her birthday? The answer to this question will be revealed in the article.

Creating a present: a few important nuances

Before you start planning a surprise, you need to take into account all the features of the future birthday girl. Many people do not like to celebrate their birthday, but they are happy to receive gifts, others refuse all the delights of the holiday. Analyze how your sister feels about such an event, and everything will fall into place.

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One should not forget about the main rule of a gift - sincerity. It doesn't matter if it's bought or it's a thingor glued postcard all night long, selection and decoration should be done with love. If, when giving, you hear “Oh, how you guessed (a)! I just wanted it!” or “You thought (a) about me when you made (a) all this!”, then this is a sign of success and that the birthday girl is delighted. Even a trifle, presented from the right position, will please you better than an expensive counterpart.

After revealing a few important details regarding gift planning, let's move on to how to give a gift to your sister, what to focus on when doing this.

Creating a portrait of the perfect gift

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a birthday surprise:

  1. Age. A baby will be pleased to receive a doll or a toy, while an adult sister will be delighted with something made by her own hands.
  2. Character. Extroverts love the thrill and socializing, while introverts enjoy spending time alone. This factor will help in organizing the holiday itself.
  3. Hobby. If your sister is a cook, she'll love a recipe book or a new frying pan. Makeup lovers will love the brush holder.
  4. Relationship level. Unfortunately, not all families have an idyll, and sometimes relatives do not know what to give to loved ones. In some situations, your sister may not appreciate your efforts if you communicate purely formally.
  5. Budget. This factor is important for what is going to surprise.
What is the bestt for sister
What is the bestt for sister

There are moments when you really want to please your loved one, and the meansto buy the item you want. In this situation, the “interests-creative-process” formula will help, describing the ideal component of how to give a gift to your sister. Let's proceed directly to the analysis of the first factor - age.

What to give a baby?

We consider this criterion for the age interval up to 10 years. Young children are interested in toys and entertainment, so why not take this as the basis of your surprise?

papert for sister
papert for sister

Master the basics of knitting or embroidery under the power of any girl. You can build an unusual toy, complementing it with eyes, a nose and a smile. Boys can make a board game that will be interesting and understandable for their sister. And it will be doubly pleasant for her if her brother chooses not construction or cars, but spends his leisure time in the company of a baby and plays a homemade board game with her.

Another good option can be used if you have a great imagination. How about compiling a book of stories about your sister and reading them to her before bed? Naturally, the birthday girl should act as the main character, and the plot should only have a happy ending.

Designing a gift for a teenager

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to give your sister a birthday present if she is no longer interested in toys. Adolescence is perceived by many as a difficult stage in a person's life, full of contradictions and rebellion. But it's actually the easiest way to arrange a surprise for a teen sister!

Girls in adolescence, in addition to interest incosmetics, clothes and guys, become very sensitive and vulnerable. Many young ladies remember congratulations on their birthday, receiving a passport or graduation for a long time. Some of them write in diaries, describing the most memorable moments. Why not bet on it?

for sister
for sister

Congratulate her first with a handmade book of memories. When choosing which gift to make to your sister with your own hands, do not forget about the popularity of notebooks and diaries. They can be wrapped with a homemade cover with caricatures of a girl. Printed photos of the birthday girl, decorated in the form of a garland on the wall, will also be a great surprise. Some brothers make pendants from improvised materials. It seems to be a trifle, but my sister will surely remember such a surprise.

Another interesting gift is to make her a video or a presentation with her favorite actors. Every girl who has watched The Vampire Diaries will appreciate Damon wishing her a happy birthday. Simple, but at the same time a pleasant surprise that does not require investments.

Congratulations to adult sister

With a minimal budget, the question of what gift to give to the older sister seems rhetorical. In fact, showing your love and care to an adult woman can be even easier!

Many ladies at a conscious age try to surround their home with warmth and care, so why not ask her what she needs to create comfort? Some have long dreamed of stylish candlesticks, others like minimalism, others are delighted with wicker baskets or paintings withembroidery. All this can be done by hand. Video tutorials and a little practice will help in creating a wonderful gift.

whatt can
whatt can

If the budget is small, then you can please your sister with a gift in the form of a family photo album with cute signatures. This item will become a memento, passed down from generation to generation.

Make a calendar for your sister with nice captions for every day or make a wall clock by buying the necessary parts in a special store. Feel free to fantasize, but consider the interests of the birthday girl!

Top universal ideas for all ages

These surprises are suitable as a gift for almost every birthday girl. Despite the budget, they, by the way, will fit into any holiday:

  1. Culinary masterpieces. In social networks, cupcakes with numbers and initials of the birthday boy are gaining popularity. In our opinion, this is the best way to make a gift for your sister with your own hands. A few lessons in the preparation of the cream, plus convenient silicone molds will help you achieve results and slay not only the hero of the occasion, but also the guests. But remember that before that you need to create a trial batch to test the dough and filling.
  2. Memorial present. A souvenir or figurine "the best sister in the world" will not only please the birthday girl, but will also become an excellent interior decoration.
  3. Creative gift. Not only children can sing a personalized song or create a portrait. In the case of adults, it is worth adding a drop of creativity and professionalism. The result will pleaseanyone!

What's hot in holiday gifts

After analyzing statistics, photos on social networks and reviews, we can identify many trendy ideas on how to give a gift to your sister.

Gift for sister surprise
Gift for sister surprise

Here are 3 best options:

  1. Give memories. To do this, it is not necessary to buy tickets for a balloon trip, it is enough to come up with an interesting quest, forcing the sister to plunge into solving mysteries and mysteries. An unusual idea that can be implemented by the whole family.
  2. Emphasis on originality. A figurine, a painting or a Hollywood star - why not the best birthday present? Video tutorials that answer the question: “How to make a paper gift for your sister?” will help you create origami and other creative things. Make a crown for your older sister and congratulate her in the form of an address to the queen.
  3. Simplifying life. Many young ladies are obsessed with life hacks and strive to get something that will help organize their work or home space. The more unusual and interesting the subject, the better. Before buying, do not forget to ask the seller what this thing is for, how to use it correctly.

Adding zest

No matter how you make a gift to your sister, on her birthday it is most pleasant to hear congratulations. And their main secret is sincerity. You should not wish your sister a banal “happiness-he alth” if you want her to find a soul mate. Your wish will be like an affirmation that will surely come true.

Gift for sister cake
Gift for sister cake

There are situations when you really want to tell your sister about your love for her, but words cannot express thoughts. In this case, a postcard will help, in which your message will be indicated. The advantage of this method is that, at every opportunity, the sister will refer to it and reread the contents.


The phrase "the main thing is not a gift, but attention" every year proves its relevance. Congratulating your sister with a DIY surprise is very simple, since there are many options suitable for all ages. But do not forget that the main thing is support, attention and respect for the birthday girl, which is more expensive than any luxury gift.