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The best compliment for a girl: interesting ideas, tips on how to meet

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The best compliment for a girl: interesting ideas, tips on how to meet
The best compliment for a girl: interesting ideas, tips on how to meet

Do you have a date soon? Then you should think about how you will attract attention and earn the respect of the person you like. Do you want to go on a date with a girl, but the lady doesn't pay attention to you? Then you need to win the girl's heart. How to do it? Tell her something nice. Look for interesting ideas of the best compliments for a girl below.


Most girls are just obsessed with their looks. Therefore, men can safely assure their chosen one that she is the most attractive and charming. Such phrases will be the best compliments to a beautiful girl. You can tell the lady how wonderful her eyes are, how soft her hair is, or how great her figure is. Girls spend a lot of time putting themselves in order. So they like to hear feedback that they are doing all this work for a reason.

in your own words

How should the best compliments to a girl sound in your own words? Examplemaybe like this: you are my most beautiful. Your hair is amazing and this dress suits you so well. A girl always tries before a date, preens, so she will be pleased if a man can appreciate the result of her activities, because she tried first of all for him.

You should always remember that a compliment must be honest and come from the heart. You should not lie to your missus in order to get some dividends from her. If you don't like your girlfriend's hairstyle, just keep quiet. If you say that the lady looks wonderful, you will often see a crow's nest on the head of a person you like.


Don't know what to praise your girlfriend for? The best compliments to a girl, formulated in your own words, can refer to the result of the lady's activity. For example, if your missus draws or dances, you should always speak positively about the work of your soulmate. Feel free to focus on the things you like. For example, honestly say that you are delighted with the painting of your chosen one. True, in this case, you should specify your compliment. For example, say that you especially liked the latest creation of a girl.

beautiful girl

You can say general compliments, for example, about the fact that you consider your chosen one to be a very talented person. You can compare her with other famous ladies who have achieved success in one area or another. But always be frank and do not exaggerate the talents of your missus. Otherwise, the lady may beginstar disease, and on an absolutely empty place. Therefore, be sober with compliments and say them when they sound appropriate.

Intellectual abilities

Do you think you are dating a very smart girl? Don't be afraid to say this to your significant other. Intellectually developed persons like to listen to flattering reviews about their education. Do you think the best compliment to a beautiful girl is nice words about an attractive figure? Some ladies believe that it makes no sense to focus on obvious things. Much nicer to praise something that is not so obvious.

the best compliment to a beautiful girl

For example, if you are engaged in scientific work with a girl, you can praise the lady for her intelligence, concentration and for her full dedication to the work she is doing. And you can also casually compliment the girl, for example: "I definitely wouldn't have done it without you, your intelligence helps us work much faster." Such words will be pleasant to hear for those persons who have spent many years studying. It is always a pleasure for a person to receive good reviews about their activities, as well as to hear a positive assessment of their talent.

Compliments to parents

Do you want to win the heart of a lady? What is the best compliment a man can give a girl? If your chosen one has a good relationship with her parents, then you can emphasize that the girl is very similar to her mother or her father. A woman brought up in a prosperous family will definitely appreciate suchcompliment. After all, most girls idolize their parents and dream that their family was at least partially similar to the one in which they grew up.

A man, in order to earn the trust of a lady, after meeting his parents, can speak well of the people with whom fate brought him together. The guy should say that the lady has a good father, smart, well-read and intelligent. And the mother can be praised for her charm, cheerfulness and culinary talents. A girl is always pleased to hear compliments about people close to her. And the understanding that the guy found his parents interesting and pleasant people will warm the heart of any female person.

best compliments for a girl

Character Traits

How else can you praise a lady? The best compliment for a girl is one that comes from the heart. Having met a charming person, you can focus on her positive character traits. For example, say that you like the lady's modesty, her love of life, or her active life position. How not to miscalculate with a compliment? When meeting a girl, you can find out what exactly she is proud of, and then focus on exactly those traits of her character that she values ​​​​in herself. Thus, you will definitely be able to please the missus. The girl will be pleased to know that you appreciate in her the same thing that she appreciates.

Dating Tips

Don't know how to impress a pretty person? Tell her something nice. The best compliment for a girl is one that is said at the right time. For example, if a ladylooks amazing today, focus on her appearance. If the girl is going to take her doctorate, tell her that she is very smart.

compliment to a beautiful girl

You don't know how to approach a strange lady on the street? It is very easy to do this. First you need to smile, then, overcoming your fear, take the first step, say a compliment and ask the girl's name. Ideally, you need to keep up a small conversation with a lady, and then take the phone from a pretty person you like. If the lady does not give her phone, ask for a contact on one of her social networks. On the Internet, it is easier for many girls to continue their acquaintance than to communicate with a stranger on the phone.

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