How to meet a girl on social networks: examples and tips
How to meet a girl on social networks: examples and tips

Video: How to meet a girl on social networks: examples and tips

Video: How to meet a girl on social networks: examples and tips
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Today, the Internet has taken a strong place in the life of every person: through the network you can order food, buy clothes, and, of course, meet interesting people. Guys have not been trying to attract women's attention on the street for a long time: it is much easier to do this on the World Wide Web, having thought in advance about original phrases and creating their own special, unique image on a page on a social network. How to meet a girl in social networks? It is not difficult to do this, it is much more difficult for her to like and interest. The article provides general psychological advice and phrases for dating on social networks.

Chat with a stranger on the Internet

This is perhaps one of the most difficult cases. How to meet a girl in social networks if you have no mutual friends, no common interests and you are from different cities? If you really liked her, then you can try your luck:

  1. The first rule is no pushiness. Obtrusiveness only irritates.
  2. Betterto interest her with an unusual phrase. You should not give gifts on a social network to a stranger - this can alert. But jokes, non-banal humor and an unusual approach to dating will interest you.
  3. Don't "get" a stranger. First you need to write her a greeting, then - a nice joke. After that, be silent for a while, do not bother. If the beginning of communication was successful, the girl will write herself after a while.
how to please a girl on vkontakte
how to please a girl on vkontakte

If there are mutual friends or acquaintances

How to get acquainted in social networks if there are mutual friends? Such a need is not uncommon, because the so-called "possible friends" are usually displayed on social networks, the list of which is automatically compiled from the friends of your friends.

If there are mutual friends with the interested girl, this is both a plus and a minus. In particular, you can ask a mutual friend if the heart of a beautiful stranger is busy, if she is dating someone. If yes, then it’s better not to get into other people’s relationships - it’s easier to wait until her heart is free (as you know, many girls of nature are windy and change partners quite often).

If it turns out that a beautiful stranger is lonely, then you should write to her first. But, of course, not a stereotyped and banal phrase. You can pretend that you are interested in a question about her work, perhaps you need her services or advice as a specialist.

how to impress a girl on social media
how to impress a girl on social media

Studying the girl's interests: groups, communities, reposts

How to meet a girl on socialnetworks, if you have common interests with her? The plan is the simplest:

  1. Write her, ostensibly not to spend time or chat, but to get her opinion or advice from her about a common hobby issue.
  2. Ask for her opinion about the work of a common favorite actor in a play or film.
  3. Ask where she got her hobby supplies, even if you're not really interested. It is worth showing a lively interest in the favorite business of the person you like.
  4. If a girl maintains a dialogue, then you need to gently, but at the same time clearly make it clear that you like her hobby. To do this, for example, you can use the following phrase: “It is rare that any of the girls understands something in this industry (put the name of your common hobby here). I am glad that I could find such a beautiful, yet well-versed girl like you.”

If your page is of interest to a new friend, then she will definitely continue to communicate. You should not always write to her first - let her be the initiator of communication at least in rare cases. Otherwise, there may be an opinion that they are “running” after her, that you are too intrusive. This will spoil the opinion of you, and the girl may eventually refuse to correspond at all.

chatting with a girl online
chatting with a girl online

Should I like a girl on social media?

Likes are a direct manifestation of sympathy. Almost always, photos of pretty girls gain dozens or even more likes. Because beauties are no strangers to such attention. On the contrary, there are morea person who does not put likes on a photo - but, for example, puts them on posts on the wall, will intrigue. This will emphasize the fact that the man pecked not at the appearance, but at the inner world, that he is interested in her inner world.

Acquaintance with a girl on social networks does not at all mean showering her with likes and writing comments with your valuable opinion under each photo. Such behavior can only cause bewilderment. In extreme cases, it is permissible to put likes only on two or three photos that you liked especially strongly. And you don’t need to pay attention to everything in a row - especially if she hasn’t given a man a single “heart” yet and hasn’t shown her ardent interest in any other way. If you are from the same city, then it is generally better to have several meetings - only after that you can show sympathy so frankly as to “throw” a person with likes and comments.

are likes important for a girl
are likes important for a girl

Original Greeting: Should You Say Hello Online

Original dating in social networks can be different. Spontaneity, a good sense of humor, sudden behavior are important. However, overly extravagant and ornate greetings can turn off.

Example of a very unfortunate greeting to a stranger on a social network:

  • "Good morning to my sunshine";
  • "Good morning my Princess. I've been thinking about you all night";
  • "It's a new day that I'll spend thinking about you";
  • "I think of you at first light."

Such greetings are terrible and can only causedisgust. You should not blaspheme in front of a girl, no matter how beautiful and wonderful she may seem. It's better to limit yourself to a simple "Good morning" and put a smiley face or a sticker with a cup of coffee.

No greetings are also not the best choice. Network etiquette implies a mandatory greeting at the beginning of correspondence. It can be laconic, but at the same time stylish. For example, - “Good day”, “Hi, Natasha (substitute the desired name)”, “Hello”. Yes, these options are very simple, but they are not intrusive, do not oblige the girl to answer and do not call for intimacy or special frankness. Such a greeting, as it were, implies a secular conversation, but it is precisely from such conversations that friendship develops, which over time can develop into a more tender and deeper feeling.

what to text a girl
what to text a girl

Examples of unsuccessful and stereotyped "tackles"

To avoid embarrassing mistakes, read examples of dating in social networks that you definitely should not follow:

  1. "Hello, dear Princess (and other epithets inadequate in their appeal)."
  2. "Girl, weren't your parents chemists by any chance? (or other variations of this old joke).”
  3. "Do you want to ride/walk tonight?" - not the worst dating option, but a decent girl can get offended and immediately block.
  4. "I saw a beautiful girl in a dream and just realized, looking at your photos, that she exists in reality" - also not the worst option, but it can scare away rational and sarcastic representatives of the beautifulgender.
  5. "Do you want me to send you my photos?" - a stranger, as a rule, is completely uninterested in other people's photos, no matter what they are.
examples of bad dating phrases
examples of bad dating phrases

Overconfidence when dating online

Most guys who think about how to meet through social networks make the same mistake - they show excessive self-confidence. But pressure and obsession can only scare the girl away. Meanwhile, the stereotype that a hot and assertive man is attractive is very tenacious. Most women are simply afraid of such manifestations.

Overconfidence when dating online can manifest itself in the following:

  • bragging about their financial situation - a lot of photos of the car, apartment, expensive watches and other luxury items;
  • demonstrative protrusion of his prestigious circle of acquaintances - photos from clubs, restaurants, offices;
  • photos with several girls at once, as a demonstration of their popularity with the opposite sex;
  • reposts and quotes from "male" publics about the need for big money, traveling abroad, big money for a man.

Modesty and politeness are the best choice

How to meet a girl on social networks if she seems polite and modest? With this you can not be too arrogant and assertive. If an adult woman condescendingly and with a grin regards such behavior, then a young girl will be more likely to be frightened by it.

First you need to tryjust befriend her. Be a polite and sympathetic friend for some time. Gradually give her subtle compliments. To admire her skills, talents and abilities - this should also be done as delicately as possible. If you are overly assertive, it may seem to the girl that she is not admired at all, but laughed at. Or that communication is just another experiment of social engineering, of which there are a huge number now.

After you manage to become her, first of all, a friend, you can gradually move on to the manifestation of your feelings. If the girl will reciprocate - well, you managed to achieve your goal. If she continues to see you as just a friend, then you should stop communicating (if your goal was initially only in romantic feelings and in achieving love affection).

online dating tips for guys
online dating tips for guys

How to get to know each other in social networks: optimal phrases

What are the best phrases to use for online dating? There is no exact recipe - all girls are different and what one likes may not be to the taste of another. Here is a sample list of the best phrases for dating:

  • "Good day. I see you like to play poker. Do you want to play with me at your leisure?”.
  • "Hello. I noticed that you are into marathons. Will you be present at Bolshaya Manezhnaya on Sunday morning?”.

What can not be written and sent in any case

Here is an example of a bad start to online dating:

  • "You look like my future wife, only I haven't met her yet."
  • "Does your mother need a son-in-law?".
  • "When I saw your photo, I realized that I dreamed of you all my life."
  • "You are a mystery to me. Allow me to reveal your secrets and unravel the secrets"

Remember, these are only approximate phrases that may or may not be used online. Each person is individual and requires a personal approach.