Flirt at work: how to stay in line
Flirt at work: how to stay in line

Video: Flirt at work: how to stay in line

Video: Flirt at work: how to stay in line
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Most of the time people spend at work. Often the team becomes the second family (and sometimes the only one) for a person. In communication with loved ones, it is not customary to be bored, so flirting at work becomes a kind of outlet, a way of showing positive emotions. This is especially important for women. After all, every woman is pleased to feel unique, one and only among many colleagues and employees.

Flirting at work with a married man
Flirting at work with a married man


More than half of employees in offices and manufacturing enterprises admitted that they like to flirt at work. Men rightfully took the first place in this list, largely ahead of the fair sex. The guys admit that in this way they demonstrate their sympathy for an attractive colleague. For women, flirting at work is an exciting game, fun entertainment at work.environment. Those people who do not flirt with colleagues admitted that this is not typical of their style of behavior. 25% of respondents said that there are no worthy candidates among employees, 6% are wary of judging colleagues.

Flirting in the workplace
Flirting in the workplace

Pros of "work flirting"

Work flirting has a lot of advantages, especially when it comes to girls. Flirting at work with a man brings a lot of positive emotions because:

  • He helps keep fit. A girl will never allow herself to come unhaired or poorly dressed if the object of her desire is present in the office.
  • It helps to raise the tone, good mood. Attention from a colleague will instantly dispel all sadness and set you on a positive wave.
  • It perfectly increases self-esteem, helps to rise in the eyes of others and feel irresistible.
  • It greatly simplifies and speeds up the workflow. Any task is solved much faster, and time flies by.
  • He sometimes leads to a serious relationship. For business people, work is a great place to find your soul mate.
Flirting at work with a man
Flirting at work with a man

Cons of "work flirting"

Flirting at work is not always beneficial, sometimes it leads to adverse consequences. Before starting such a relationship, it is worth considering the following consequences:

  • People can just not understand each other. The girl will start her game, and the guy will hope for more. Such a misunderstanding maylead to sad consequences with a showdown and gossip behind your back.
  • Ordinary flirting can gradually develop into love. If colleagues are not ready for such a turn of events (both are not free or there are other reasons), then everything can end on a minor note.
  • There may be serious, but unrequited feelings on the part of the girl. Working in this mode will cease to please, as jealousy towards other employees, unnecessary worries, gossip, etc. will appear.
  • Reciprocal flirting on the part of a guy can be caused by the desire to find out the necessary information, the ability to manipulate or act for their own mercantile purposes.
  • As a result of such, at first glance, harmless relationships, you can start thinking about changing jobs. Flirting can provoke the envy of colleagues, unnecessary rumors, and the anger of superiors.

Benefits of flirting with your boss

Flirt with boss
Flirt with boss

Flirting with your boss at work can bring a lot of benefits. Any girl knows how nice it is to be the boss's favorite. If you behave correctly, you can get significant privileges:

  • boss won't discriminate against a woman he likes;
  • a girl can avoid a fine or other punishment for her fault;
  • you can ask for vacation or sick leave without fear of rejection;
  • a woman can count on bonuses that not all employees will get;
  • the boss will be happy to patronize his favorite;
  • possible career advancementstairs;
  • public immunity is ensured, since not everyone will risk hurting the boss's favorite with a word or deed.

Disadvantages of flirting with a boss

The disadvantages of flirting with your boss outweigh the advantages. Here it is necessary to observe a clear boundary, since each wrong step can end sadly. However, if the boss finds out that the girl's actions and plans are not sincere, she will have only one way out. She will certainly have to quit, because she will no longer have to count on normal further cooperation. The boss will definitely try to take revenge, and colleagues will openly gloat.

Flirt with a married man

Flirting with a colleague
Flirting with a colleague

Flirting at work with a married man is not as safe as it seems at first glance. Girls like to deal with an experienced representative of the stronger sex, because they feel a certain superiority over the situation (they are free and it seems that the relationship depends solely on their desire). In fact, everything looks different:

  • a man perceives flirting as an opportunity to assert himself (make sure that someone else needs him, except his wife);
  • against the background of a non-working wife, an attractive employee looks much brighter, the guy has every chance to fall in love;
  • girl is not ready to transition flirting into a serious relationship;
  • unnecessary rumors and gossip appear;
  • the wife enters the game and starts to harm in every possible way;
  • there is public censure and punishment from the authorities;
  • flirt onworking with a married colleague rarely ends with a happy ending, relationships outside of work have huge differences.

Boundaries of Behavior at Work

Every girl needs to understand the difference between an innocent flirt and a more serious relationship. To enjoy communication with colleagues, it is recommended to do everything in a dosed manner and not cross the critical line. Since this line is conditional and very thin, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • The boundaries of flirting at work end where there is play and there is no serious relationship.
  • Don't flirt with one colleague to make another jealous. This may lead to competition between them or unexpectedly involve many outsiders.
  • Under no circumstances should you use sarcasm, banter, offensive grins, etc.
  • Don't keep flirting outside of work, it would be inappropriate outside of the office.
  • It is not recommended to flirt during corporate holidays. Since all people are in high spirits, they can afford to cross the threshold and then regret it.
  • It is necessary to use flirting solely for the benefit of the common cause (to cheer up a distressed colleague).
  • Flirting between employees should not interfere with the work process in general and the career of each of them.
Flirting at work
Flirting at work

Flirting at work should have only positive functions. The team will be friendly only when there isa pleasant and he althy working atmosphere. The game of flirting should not be taken seriously and rebuilt into an office romance, because in this case completely different rules come into play.