Romantic deeds: ideas, pleasant surprises for a loved one, behaviors, tips and tricks

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Romantic deeds: ideas, pleasant surprises for a loved one, behaviors, tips and tricks
Romantic deeds: ideas, pleasant surprises for a loved one, behaviors, tips and tricks

Video: Romantic deeds: ideas, pleasant surprises for a loved one, behaviors, tips and tricks

Video: Romantic deeds: ideas, pleasant surprises for a loved one, behaviors, tips and tricks

Romantic deeds are impressive, they can be costly and not very, but the main thing is that they fulfill their function - they inspire, delight, bring the couple together. It doesn't always take money to please another, it only takes desire.

romantic deeds for a girlfriend
romantic deeds for a girlfriend

Simple methods to help feelings

So that feelings in a couple do not fade away, but become sharper, they must be supported by any means.

What romantic things can you do for a girl:

  1. Solve her problems. She will be grateful for your help.
  2. Show attention and care. Giving gifts, courting, which is not a one-time feat, but a regularity of small gestures: a ride to the fitness club, a chamomile, cooking her favorite salad.
  3. Memorize details to surprise. The ability to listen allows you to capture many interestingfacts that can be used in making a "surprise": buy movie tickets for your favorite movie, please with your favorite dessert, say out loud the words from a novel or poem that impressed the girl earlier.
  4. Watching a melodrama together. Usually this is an exclusively female occupation. If the partner finds interest in this and will be in unity with the lady in such an ordinary business, she will certainly appreciate it.
  5. Rush at the first call. Such an act is akin to romantic behavior: to leave your affairs and prioritize her worries.
  6. Shopping together. Agreeing to devote time to her business - going to the hairdresser, shopping, spending time with the children or unexpectedly taking on household chores - is like heroism in the eyes of a woman.
  7. Moral support. It is in relation to life. Sometimes a joke or a kind word is enough to make you want to breathe and get down to business with renewed vigor.

Principles of "effective" romance

Regularity. It is believed that in order to maintain warmth in a relationship, it is necessary to repeat romantic acts with a frequency of once a week.

Communication. As an integral part of a romantic relationship: without it, surprises can and unpleasantly surprise, indirectly indicating that the partner is ignored the rest of the time. It is necessary to discuss plans for the future, do not skimp on compliments, spend time together.

romantic things for a guy
romantic things for a guy

Inspiration. This list is limitless. It all depends on imagination andopportunities. Originality is not the main thing.

Spontaneity. No need to adjust for special dates like March 8th or Valentine's Day.

List of romantic gestures

Romantic acts for your girlfriend or boyfriend, with or without reason:

  • write a poem for a loved one;
  • draw a picture; print the image on a color printer and arrange a beautiful frame, apply creative photo processing;
  • order a song on the radio or sing it yourself, give a music collection of your favorite tunes;
  • apply variety in love confession: in public, in a note, by SMS, by e-mail, in various words;
  • diversify kisses: in nature, slowly, on the water;
  • take time to study sensitive points;
  • romantic dinner, picnic, cocktail party on the roof of the house;
  • come up with role-playing games, play blindfolded;
  • make a massage, candlelight evening, invite to a slow dance;
  • learn a scene from a movie and play it together;
  • read a poem you have learned by heart;
  • collect herbarium together;
  • to record a relationship disc together with songs, thoughts, notes, interesting photos, memorabilia (tickets after the movie, etc.);
  • create a list of pleasant things to do together and periodically do it;
  • make a delicious dessert;
  • feed each other grapes;
  • visit an exhibition, go tocinema;
  • take a walk, an evening of dreams;
  • for a girl - marriage proposal.

Romantic acts involve gifts. It can be anything: a book by your favorite writer, roses of an unusual color that you like, a personalized gift taking into account the interests of your loved one, an ordinary dessert that is originally packaged, supplemented with a note or a beautiful ribbon.

"Male" romance

Depending on the "language of feelings", gifts are valued to a greater or lesser extent: you can do something nice with words, touch, help with deeds, quality pastime, and also receiving gifts.

Romantic acts for a guy:

  • send a gift by courier;
  • send encouraging or surprise SMS;
  • prepare fireworks during dinner in nature, at the restaurant;
  • bring lunch to work, but be sure to cook it yourself, not a semi-finished product;
  • bake a cake;
  • give a mouse pad with the image of your favorite actor, football player;
  • make a heart with a mosaic of warm words;
  • leave a note with gentle words in your jacket pocket;
  • site as a gift - with it you can communicate, exchange confessions, celebrate significant events, create your own virtual story of romantic relationships;
  • compose a story about a loved one, in which skillfully present fantastic or desired events as real, emphasizing the positive aspects of his character orachievements;
  • buy a bag of fresh fruit or a bag of vitamins to promote he alth;
  • organize a joint trip to the bathhouse, sauna, purchase a spa certificate for two;
  • order a portrait with a photo of a loved one;
  • fisherman - hand over a rubber suit, tent, thermal mug;
  • athlete - home simulator.

Romantic dinner

It is enough to make a light touch - put the dish in a beautiful salad bowl, light candles, put wild flowers in a glass, set the table with a colorful tablecloth, serve with hand-made napkins, even if ordinary sandwiches are prepared - and the usual dinner turns into a festive one.

romance guide
romance guide

For this purpose, you can bring a ready-made dish from a cafe, supplementing it with homemade ones. A box of assorted chocolates will be the subject of discussion for a variety of flavors over the next week.

Use circumstances

A meeting after a long separation can start a romantic relationship, it is an unforgettable event in itself. But the rarer the dates, the richer they can be.

Secret arrival after separation will pleasantly surprise and delight any person. If you add "surprise" with balloons, flowers, the effect will intensify. The meeting place can be prepared by decorating it with flower petals, and then having an amateur photo shoot.

There is no possibility of regular meetings - then it makes sense to make rare dates unusual. Let it be even a trip to a cafe in a neighboring area ora trip in a limousine with champagne - such an event will not soon be forgotten. As far as possible, expand options: go on vacation together to go diving, mountain climbing, water skiing or flying in a hot air balloon.

Fancy gifts

It's hard to surprise your beloved in an age when a woman can afford everything she wants. And where is the guarantee that the partner will not disappear with an expensive car tied with a bow? Therefore, in parallel with expensive gifts, sometimes you should use gifts of your own making, using your mind and imagination.

romantic behavior
romantic behavior

List of unusual gifts:

  • Rose in ice. Pour boiled water into a square container, place a rose in it, freeze, extract, pack in beautiful paper.
  • Pillow of love. Make a pillow with your own hands, decorate it with beautiful applications, embroidered inscriptions about love, put miniature surprises inside it, finding which a man will remember about his woman.
  • Love message. Buy a white dove, on the foot of which attach a small surprise. What exactly to put in a miniature container depends on the imagination. But be sure to complement the gift with a love note. When the "message" is read - release the dove to freedom, admiring its flight.
  • Puzzles. If a loved one has a captured beautiful story from a movie, a book, it can be recreated in the form of puzzles by ordering them from special companies. During the meeting, the couple will build an image,which one of them will unexpectedly and pleasantly surprise.
  • Strategy game. Its conditions must be invented independently, as a result of the moves made, surprises are provided. The game can be designed in a humorous style.


Romantic acts involve detachment from reality, so it's good to add some extravagance to the surprise. Ordinary household items, like a pot or a food processor, do not give the feeling that extraordinary things.

Getting a small crocodile or python as a gift is extravagant. It is not known whether the "present" will take root in the house, but the impression of it will remain for a long time.

romantic relationship
romantic relationship

Naturally, gifts can be things of different value and category: antiques, paintings, musical instruments, jewelry and semi-precious stones.

Depending on tastes and preferences, on the practical side, it can be surprises such as a donation for property, opening a bank account in the name of a loved one, paid services (with a check), the most unexpected home accessories.

Romance and reality

As you know, a person falls in love with an image, not a real person. Experienced people use this feature of the psyche, creating romantic relationships to their liking. And often - successfully recreating the features of the image of literary characters, combining rare qualities: nobility and the ability to take risks, authoritativeness and tenderness.

Despite lofty expectationsromantic relationships between a man and a woman are impossible in marriage due to destructive mundane realities. When partners are not able to meet each other's needs, they don't want to "decorate" such communication, they prefer to have a long rest or get rid of it altogether.

what romantic things can you do for a girl
what romantic things can you do for a girl

As partners explore each other, their interest in maintaining subconscious projections of those manifestations that never existed increases. He or she perceives the other selectively, noticing only positive traits and coming up with explanations for behavior that is not approved. As a result, feelings are built on the basis of an imaginary and not a real person.

But romance implies not only the intensity of feelings, but also suffering, risk, danger, which unfold in its entirety against the backdrop of the realities of life. It is impossible to create romance in events that are clearly and premeditated, so that all that remains is to be at the helm. Therefore, the first of the necessary conditions is to understand yourself and your partner in order to adjust the atmosphere in a couple in real time and circumstances.

The secret of a romantic relationship is also to believe in self-love in the state that exists at the present time. If a person does not know himself, his priorities, has not decided on the directions in life, the search for a romantic partner will be chaotic and ineffective. If conscious knowledge is stronger than subconscious projections, the latter will not be easy to maintain and develop.

Combining the hierarchy of romantic and specific values is the basis for mutual respect and admiration for a partner. If one person hates life, complains about the work team, city, country, then another person who knows how to find positive in the most difficult situation and adjust the world for himself will not suit him.

Romantic relationships between adults "rest" in the difference in outlook on life, approach to social status, the concept of personal space. If the satisfaction of the needs of two individuals within the framework of one union is impossible, then life together is doomed. In this case, a temporary imitation of happiness will not save, sooner or later all discrepancies will be revealed.

Advice from psychologists

Two partners with different levels of education, personality types, systems of goals, expectations need a well-functioning individual approach. Finding the right method of conflict-free collaboration is at the heart of successful relationships.

Unsurprisingly, the guide to romantic relationships contains advice on how to work on yourself, in a timely manner, eliminating factors that negatively affect feelings, and for everything else, you just need to be able to idealize everyday life.

adult romantic relationship
adult romantic relationship

Realizing that a noble gesture does not yet bring the dream closer - to be able to enjoy a fictional fairy tale, a "magical" mood, while continuing to work on a real self. The guide to romance involves fulfilling several conditions throughout life at the same time.

Partners face a difficult task:

  • keep living up to your values in the union;
  • get to know each other in many ways;
  • keep the highest interest in the relationship;
  • continue to interact physically;
  • grow and create variety in each other's lives.

However, it is necessary:

  • to cope with daily challenges;
  • make progress at work;
  • maintain meaningful relationships with friends and family;
  • solve everyday tasks;
  • get out of stress.

Partners should be ready to show each other not only joy, which comes easily, but also share daily feelings, thoughts about current events. You need to discuss your fears and doubts, worries, desires, worries. Only in this mode is it possible to create a trusting relationship, and having known sadness and pain, experience the pinnacle of happiness with a loved one.