The funniest birthday greetings in your own words and in verse

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The funniest birthday greetings in your own words and in verse
The funniest birthday greetings in your own words and in verse

Video: The funniest birthday greetings in your own words and in verse

Video: The funniest birthday greetings in your own words and in verse
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People have different attitudes to birthdays, because there are those who really do not like this holiday. However, for most of us, it still causes positive emotions. That is why at the festive table you can hear a lot of jokes, funny stories and toasts that bring a smile to the face of those present. Many beautiful and grandiloquent phrases will be said at the table, so it would be useful to prepare the funniest birthday greeting yourself, which will add even more fun to the celebration.

Subtlety of humor

Birthday boy laughs
Birthday boy laughs

Laughter and smiles brighten up any celebration, but they also have their own rules. Humor should not be offensive, otherwise those present or the birthday person himself will perceive what was said not as a joke, but as irony, the reaction to which will be resentment and a complete lack of festive mood.

Choose acceptable topics for jokes. The best option is a story where the birthday boy and you are in a funny situation. If you know the hero of the occasion well, then you can more freely touch on various topics: laziness, the habit of putting everything off until the last moment, forgetfulness, excess weight or funny cases. But remember that in them the birthday man should not appear in a humiliating position. Do not forget to emphasize its merits and be sure to use pleasant wishes. If you present it in a funny, playful way, then everyone who hears the congratulations will laugh heartily and be charged with positive.

Create your own text with the funniest birthday wishes below. They can also be used as ready-made options.

Years go by

“The years go by” is a well-known expression. Few people understand that we are doing this together with them. Well, how are we going?.. Sometimes we crawl, especially after a corporate party. It also happens to limp, because in winter you often have to write out pirouettes on ice, but not everyone succeeds. Often we run - somewhere or from someone, for example, from problems or children. I don’t know if you will find this birthday greeting the funniest. On your holiday, I want to wish that the movement through life was comfortable, you had to fall less and less, and run only towards love and happiness!

Dreaming is not harmful

funny congratulations
funny congratulations

Every birthday they wish us to dream, to look at the beautiful sky… The main thing is not to forget sometimes to look under your feet, because it’s like crashing into a polenot for long. Well, when stuffing bumps along the way, do not be discouraged, because they can be skillfully disguised with cosmetics. But still, try to find wonderful and bright moments in life that you can remember when the body becomes decrepit, the eyes will see worse, and the memory will sometimes fail.

No regrets

Everyone says beautiful words to you, but I want to present not only a gift, but also the funniest birthday greetings. Do not forget that joy prolongs life, and it is much cheaper than going to the doctor or pharmacy. And yes, there are plenty of reasons to have fun. For example, salary. Many laugh at her, however, then they cry over her, but this is not the main thing. What about the car? This "iron horse", which stoically spends most of its existence in traffic jams? Remember how often you imagine that this is a Ferrari, but in reality everything is much more modest. Someone will call this an extra reason for regret, but I do not agree with them. Without such reasons for laughter, life would be boring and monotonous! I wish to find the positive regardless of the situation.

Building material source

Fun party
Fun party

It's time to pay attention to whether sand is pouring out of you. Even if this is true, you should not discount yourself. Move harder, let it pour in as much as possible! What for? At least then, that this is not such a bad building material for the Easter cakes that the grandchildren will make. Well, in winter you will be absolutely not afraid of ice, because you can sprinkle sand on all slippery paths. So you are also differentyou will bring great benefits to people.

I wish you always treat your age with humor and meet every new day with joy!

From horse work…

It's known what work does to beautiful animals like horses. Such a sad result is absolutely useless for a person. You are one of those lucky ones who has understood this truth and is doing everything to work as little as possible. Accept my funny birthday greetings, friend! I wish this is the key to longevity and he alth. And those who call laziness a virtue, not a disadvantage, are right. How many negative consequences did you manage to avoid just by saying to yourself “I don’t feel like something”? These are tired legs from a long walk, and a hangover on a Monday morning … May you remain the same prudent and wise years later!

Tough choice

Happy birthday. Remember how we couldn't decide - Maldives, Hawaii or Goa? We haven't decided which issue about travel to watch. Or when they argued for a long time: Bentley or Ferrari? As a result, we took a picture with Maserati - it's great when there are such cars on the main street. I wish that in life you have to choose where to fly and what car to buy, so that only good people surround you, a sea of love and happiness!

Women's happiness

Woman's happiness
Woman's happiness

Someone is sure that women's happiness is a family. Others consider them the cherished formula "eat and not get fat." Well, others add to this a bottomless wardrobe, an unlimited card and their own beauty salon. It may be true, but youwent further. Take off your heels after a long day, eat and leave your plate unwashed without any remorse, and, most daring, go to bed with a wet head - and don't care that you have to fight with naughty strands in the morning. All these are your little joys that add up to great happiness. Let this short and funny birthday greeting to a woman remind you that even little things bring joy!

Native person

Today I'm giving my brother a happy birthday. We had plenty of funny and funny moments with you. Buttons and glue on the chairs, tied shoelaces, attempts to hide the deuces … Although my parents still found out about it, but, honestly, I have nothing to do with it. I congratulate you on the holiday and wish you he alth, well-being and a lot of positive.

Cool and funny happy birthday poems

Funny birthday greetings
Funny birthday greetings

It is better to come up with your own version, but if this is not possible, we offer several ready-made ones:

Happy birthday congratulations

And I just want to wish

To wishlist

I was able to perform.

You can get a little brazen –

Let the list grow.

Not one, even a trifle, don't miss it!

Let your back bend from heavy loads, Kids made of love and laughter.

Let a piece of luck, a ball of dreams

Helps you achieve everything you want.

What if you trip with your foot, So that about a gold ingot.

Let it never be sad, A inwallet will not be empty!


Cool birthday greetings
Cool birthday greetings

By coming up with a funny birthday greeting in your own words, you will make a holiday or even an ordinary weekday birthday party more fun and enjoyable. On this day, he should hear only good words, so try to make the text funny, but not offensive.