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The most beautiful grandmothers in the world: success stories and photos

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The most beautiful grandmothers in the world: success stories and photos
The most beautiful grandmothers in the world: success stories and photos

A woman can be beautiful at any age. The presence of grandchildren or a pension certificate does not prevent the ladies from being in great shape and living a full life. Today you will see the most beautiful grandmothers in the world and learn their success stories!

Is old age not a joy?

Jacqueline Berrido Pisano will not even understand the meaning of this expression. She is 51 years old and already has two grandchildren with whom she loves to be photographed. The woman did not attract much attention to herself until a couple of years ago she posted a photo on a social network with the caption: "Grandma who loves fashion." A few subscribers asked how old she was, and were shocked by the answer. In the photo, she looks at least 25 years younger, and there is no merit of Photoshop in this. Those who like to criticize and accuse Jacqueline of processing and retouching photos can watch a video in which a grandmother dances in a bathing suit on the beach.

Looking at the glossy pictures, it is impossible to believe that the daughter of this beauty is already 31 years old! The most beautiful grandmother in the world is fluent in five languages ​​and has a tendering company. The business is quite successful, which allowed her after thirty yearstake care of your appearance and spend money on maintaining shape and youth. In 2016, a tragedy happened in her family - the youngest son was hit by a car on his way to work. He was only 21 years old. Jacqueline survived this blow of fate and continues to delight her grandchildren and subscribers with incredible beauty. For her love of beautiful outfits and impeccable taste, she also deserves the title of "The most fashionable grandmother in the world"!

Jacqueline Pisano

Christie Brinkley

This charming blonde is already 64 years old! She never hid the secret of her beauty and youth: from an early age she became a vegetarian and still adheres to this principle. She is still a successful model and signs contracts with famous designers. She is called the coolest grandmother in the world. How else, if her photo flaunts on the covers of more than five hundred magazines? She managed to be married 4 times and this experience was enough to write and publish a book that became a bestseller. The directors also did not deprive her of attention - she starred in five TV series and films.

Unlike most media personalities, she does not hide the fact that she regularly does "beauty injections" and thinks about plastic surgery. Slimness and perfect skin is not a merit of nature. To look like this, Christie goes in for sports every day and does not allow herself to overeat on tasty, but unhe althy food. She does not consider 60 old age, but says that this is the new 30!

Christie Brinkley

Crowned Granny

Winning a title at a beauty contest is not easy even inyoung age. Russian women can be proud - their compatriot in 2018 became the "Vice Grandmother of the Universe". Ilya Garipova from Kazan proved that beauty does not disappear with age. Of the hundreds of applicants, she managed to reach the final and surprise everyone with folk dance and song. Ilia's profession is very unusual - she works in the House of Culture, where she teaches fairy tale therapy to children. The woman also shared the secret of her beauty - her family does not eat red meat, and she is engaged in revitonics. Now 45, she is the mother of three and the grandmother of an adorable one-year-old granddaughter.

Ilia Garipova

Petersburg queens

In 2016, several grandchildren had the opportunity to say: “My grandmother is the most beautiful in the world!”. The next competition in Sofia gave titles to two Russians at once - Galina Peshkova and Elizaveta Rodina from St. Petersburg. There were twenty contestants in total, but Russian beauties eclipsed everyone! Elizabeth at that moment was only 38 years old, but she was already a grandmother. She got the victory in the competition and the proud title. The charming singer captivated all the members of the jury with her beauty and puffy scarlet dress. Galina became "Mrs. Cosmos" at the age of 56. The woman was well prepared for the fight for the title - she even learned a very difficult dance cha-cha-cha.

Motherland and Peshkova

Amazing grandma

Carmen Dell'Orefice is already 87 years old, but she still confidently walks the catwalk and gives her beauty to the whole world. Of course, every person thinks: “My grandmother is beautiful”, but look at this old woman! 71 years ago her photoappeared on the cover of a magazine, and she became the face of many brands. Like most models, she ended her career after 30 years. Moreover, it was her desire, and the agents did not expect that she would decide to leave at the peak of her success. She devoted herself to her family, but did not refuse to be photographed for fashion magazines. At the end of the 70s. meeting a popular photographer completely turned her life around.

Carmen Orefice

Several shots ended up on the table of the editor-in-chief of the Town&Country publishing house. It turned out that such a person was now in demand. Over the years, Carmen became even brighter and her modeling career continued. She no longer participates in lingerie and swimwear shows, but she happily shows off the rest of the women's wardrobe. Does not try to hide completely gray hair under wigs and does not dye them. The most beautiful grandmother in the world plans to live to be a hundred years old and is not going to end her modeling career even by her centenary!

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