Miniature Pinscher: description of the breed, character, features of maintenance and nutrition
Miniature Pinscher: description of the breed, character, features of maintenance and nutrition

Video: Miniature Pinscher: description of the breed, character, features of maintenance and nutrition

Video: Miniature Pinscher: description of the breed, character, features of maintenance and nutrition
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Who didn't dream of having a four-legged friend as a child? Now, as adults, we can get a puppy of any breed. Now the question arises as to which dog to choose. Many people like large dogs, but keeping them in an apartment is not very convenient. Caring for longhaired breeds will take a lot of time, and cleaning the apartment will turn into a daily task. If these difficulties confuse you, then take a closer look at the smooth-haired miniature pinscher. This dog is not suitable for everyone, but perhaps it is for you that the miniature pinscher, as this breed is also called, will become not only a favorite pet, but also a real family member.

Description of the breed

It is often said that miniature pinschers are a miniature version of Dobermans. The Miniature Pinscher is related to the Doberman breed in that both belong to the same breed group, the Pinscher. Although outwardly the dogs are very similar, their roots are different, and the miniature pinscher breed was bred even before the Dobermans.

Mainthe advantages of the breed are small size and elegant appearance. Pinschers weigh no more than 5 kg, and the maximum size is 30 cm at the withers. Ears are hanging, erect and semi-erect, cropped or uncropped. The short coat lies close to the body, so you can clearly see the muscular physique.

Miniature Pinscher dogs
Miniature Pinscher dogs

To understand what to expect when choosing a miniature pinscher, we list the main characteristics of the breed:

  • hardy, in good he alth;
  • mobile, requires regular walking and exercise;
  • well trainable;
  • shedding is almost absent, coat care is minimal;
  • love to bark;
  • get along well with children;
  • get along with other pets except rats;
  • good defenders;
  • leaders by nature, education required from an early age;
  • need a lot of attention;
  • loyal to their owners, distrustful of strangers;
  • prone to being overweight.

If you are worried about how long miniature pinschers live, then you don’t have to worry about this. Small breed dogs live longer than large and medium sized dogs. The average figure is 13-15 years. In some cases, a pet can live up to 20 years.

How the breed appeared

Description of the Miniature Pinscher breed would be incomplete without the history of the appearance of the species. The official country of origin of the miniature pinscher is Germany. However, the remains of dogs similar to mini-pinschers were discovered during archaeological excavations in the territoryScandinavia.

Breed standards were registered in the 18th century, hence its age is calculated. In ancient times, these miniature dogs were kept in yards to catch rodents and as guards. The small size did not prevent miniature pinschers from fearlessly protecting the owner and his property.

Over time, compact graceful dogs moved into the homes of we althy people. The Miniature Pinschers became a separate breed and began to participate in exhibitions. Their popularity has spread beyond Germany. The French especially liked the breed as an elegant lap dog and a good walking companion.


The International Cynological Association equally allows two types of color for miniature pinschers: black and tan and red. The first option is more popular. Burn marks must be of a certain shape and size. Location allowed:

  • above the eyes;
  • on the lower part of the neck;
  • on the inside of the hind limbs;
  • symmetrically on both sides of the chest;
  • on paws and metacarpus;
  • on the underside of the tail at the base.

Red miniature pinschers are solid, without tan marks, but color variations are allowed. It can be brown with a red tint, hazel, fawn-red.

red miniature pinscher
red miniature pinscher

Do I need to dock the tail and ears?

Earlier, breed standards allowed both cropped ears and tails and undocked ones. In 2006, a ban was introduced on cropping the ears and tails of certain breeds of dogs, including miniature pinschers. So if you want to participate with your pet in exhibitions, then you do not need to trim the ears and tail.

Pinscher temperament

Supplement the portrait of the Miniature Pinscher breed with a description of its character. The dog has a very bright temperament. In a family where there are other pets, he becomes the undisputed leader. It does not matter the age and size of pets. He treats the children of the owners with care, but does not like importunity and absolutely does not tolerate a tactless attitude.

Miniature Pinschers are very sensitive, but at the same time balanced. They have a he althy psyche, if it was not disturbed by improper upbringing in puppyhood. For this reason, it is not recommended to punish a puppy for up to three months. Otherwise, an adult Miniature Pinscher may become aggressive. From the age of three months, you can lightly spank a puppy. But this will not need to be done often, because smart and sensitive pinschers will catch displeased notes in the intonation of your voice.

Miniature Pinscher on a walk
Miniature Pinscher on a walk

The character of the miniature pinscher cannot be called simple. Leadership qualities extends to the owners. It is important not to miss the moment and start raising a puppy from an early age. You need to determine from the very beginning what the dog will be allowed and what is not. For example, if you allow a miniature pinscher to sleep with you several times, and then realize that this is not suitable for you, then it will not be easy to explain this to the dog. Mini Pinschers are jealous of their territory, and your bed is already.

Social Qualities

Miniature Pinschers love affection and attention,hosts are always welcome. His flock, and this is how the dog perceives the family, the pinscher will protect from everything and everyone. Each doorbell will be accompanied by a ringing bark. Visiting friends, a stranger on the street, and even relatives waving their arms will be attacked by barking and growling. In some cases, it may bite. Therefore, it is important to teach the Miniature Pinscher to other people and dogs from an early age.

Qualities of the miniature pinscher breed
Qualities of the miniature pinscher breed


Miniature Pinschers are very active. Walking for them is necessary at least twice a day. You need to walk them on a leash, especially in the city. They are very curious and energetic, so they can rush off in search of adventure quickly and far. They get along quite well with other dogs, but behave proudly and cockily. Mini Pinschers are especially pleased with trips to nature, where they can run around to their heart's content without a leash.

Due to the small size of the dog, some miniature pinscher owners organize a tray at home. But even in this case, daily walks are necessary for the pet. Pinschers quickly get used to the tray and the street.

Difficulties with walking can occur in the cold and in extreme heat. Smooth-haired Pinschers do not tolerate frosts below -10 ° C. Therefore, you can not do without dog clothes and shoes. In hot weather, representatives of the breed with a black color are especially affected. Wool attracts the sun's rays, which can cause the dog to overheat. It is recommended to take water for a walk to give your pet a drink and wipe with water.

Contentminiature pinscher

The small size of the miniature pinscher allows you to keep it in the apartment. It is also suitable for a private house, but it is impossible to keep it constantly on the street, and even more so on a chain. In the house, the pet needs to allocate a warm place without drafts. It is desirable that this be a secluded place where the dog can hide from guests or excessive attention from children.

The content of miniature pinschers
The content of miniature pinschers

Essential Care

Due to their small size and short coat, miniature pinschers are easy to care for. To maintain a neat appearance, it is enough to comb the dog 1-2 times a week. And also once a week you need to brush your teeth, eyes and ears. To do this, Miniature Pinscher puppies are taught these procedures from an early age.

But it is recommended to bathe Pinschers only if necessary. They can catch cold easily. For bathing, you need to use a special shampoo for smooth-haired dog breeds. It is desirable that the shampoo contains proteins. Miniature Pinschers are good at hygiene procedures, because they themselves are naturally clean.


In terms of nutrition, mini-pinschers are undemanding. The main thing is to remember that representatives of this breed are prone to gaining excess weight. This not only spoils the appearance of a miniature dog, but also affects he alth in a bad way. How to feed a dwarf pinscher, each owner decides for himself. It can be natural food or ready-made food. When choosing dry food as the basis of your diet, buy quality products from premium and super premium brands for small breeds.dogs. Some owners make the mistake of mixing dry food and natural food in their diet. This will lead to digestive problems.

Zwergpinscher on a natural diet should receive all the necessary substances, vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet should consist of raw meat, cereals, vegetables, a small amount of vegetable oil and sour cream. Puppies can be given a bird in a small amount, cottage cheese. Despite its size, the Miniature Pinscher is very voracious. Make the portion size so that the dog eats everything at once. The number of meals for an adult pinscher is 2 times a day. Feeding should take place at the same time.

Training and training

The miniature pinscher is not a breed that is brought up casually, and training is not given time at all. If you want your Mini Pinscher to grow up to be an obedient dog that is fun to hang out with, then training should start at the age of three months. If you miss the moment, then the stubborn and independent miniature pinscher will become a little tyrant with an unbridled temperament. It is important to immediately make it clear to the puppy who is the boss in the house, and not indulge his whims.

Miniature Pinscher training
Miniature Pinscher training

Start training with simple commands: "sit", "bring", "paw". And also the dog should know the commands “no”, “place”, “nearby” well. Miniature Pinschers are very active and inquisitive. They find it difficult to concentrate on learning. Therefore, before training, give a small physical activity to the dog, then he will not be so distracted. And of course notForget rewards for good work in the form of your favorite treat. Be prepared for the fact that the miniature pinscher will not immediately succumb to training. Be patient and be consistent in your actions.

Common diseases and pathologies

Dwarf Pinschers are distinguished by excellent he alth, but there is still a predisposition to certain diseases. As they say, forewarned is forearmed. Therefore, check out the list of possible deviations in he alth:

  • obesity and diabetes;
  • urolithiasis;
  • visual impairment;
  • diseases of the joints, fractures and dislocations;
  • deafness.

The he alth of the pet must be kept under control and regularly visit the veterinarian for preventive examinations, as well as to put all the necessary vaccinations.

Where to buy a puppy

The choice of the seller depends on the purpose of the acquisition of the dog. If you plan to exhibit a dog at exhibitions, then it is better to purchase a Miniature Pinscher puppy in a kennel, where you will be provided with all the documents. The cost of thoroughbred puppies from the nursery is 10-30 thousand rubles. If there is no need to confirm the pedigree, then you can buy a puppy without documents at a price of up to 10 thousand rubles.

miniature pinscher puppies
miniature pinscher puppies

How to choose a puppy

Even if you have found proven miniature pinscher breeders, this does not guarantee that you will get a physically and mentally he althy puppy. Even within the same litter, babies can differ. Watch all the puppies. Already at this age, the qualities of the future are manifestedguard and companion. Choose an active, inquisitive baby who will wag his tail in a friendly way. If you buy a Pinscher for exhibitions, then the puppy must meet all breed standards.

Miniature Pinscher Breeding

Pinscher girls are ready for pregnancy after their second estrus (age 15 months). During the gestation of puppies, the expectant mother should not be overfed, but one more meal should be added. If ready-made feeds are used, then choose special complexes for pregnant and lactating dogs. Fish, sour-milk products, vitamins are added to the diet of pinchers on a natural diet.

As a rule, pregnancy and childbirth pass without problems. Caesarean section is rarely required. Puppies are born blind and deaf. First, their eyes erupt (in the second week), and then they begin to hear. A month after giving birth, the puppies have teeth, which means you can start feeding. Minced meat, lean meats and fish, cereals, milk are suitable for this. At the age of 1.5 months, you can give dry food, dairy products, cottage cheese.

At the age of 1-1, 5 months, puppies need to get the necessary vaccinations, having previously carried out anthelmintic procedures. Puppies are given to a new home at the age of 2-3 months.

Owner Reviews

Having studied the reviews of the Miniature Pinscher, we can conclude that this is an active dog for active people. If after work you only have enough for a leisurely walk around the block, then a basset hound or a pug is more suitable for you. The miniature pinscher looks like Milo from the famous movie "The Mask" with Jim Carrey. Onlythere was a dog of the Jack Russell Terrier breed, but the little pinscher is not inferior to him either in energy or in quick wit. Miniature Pinscher owners warn that they will have to spend a lot of time playing and raising a dog, but it's worth it. As a result, you will get a devoted friend, a hiking companion and just a favorite of the whole family.