Bubble lamp: what is it called, lamp options

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Bubble lamp: what is it called, lamp options
Bubble lamp: what is it called, lamp options

Such a lighting device is not considered a shortage, as in Soviet times. It has not become less popular over the years. This is a fashionable element of decor, which is loved for its brightness and original design. But what is the bubble lamp called?


Modern appliances are diverse in colors, models, sizes. The cost of original decorative devices differs by country of origin and individual parameters of the product. What are bubble lamps called? Pretty original actually. They are called lava lamps.

What is the bubble lamp called?
What is the bubble lamp called?

The idea of manufacturing this device belongs to E. K. Walker, a British engineer. In 1963, he carried out an experiment on mixing oil and paraffin with heat. The result was amazing! What is the name of the lamp with bubbles inside? The inventor named it Astro Lamp.

After 2 years in Hamburg, 2 American businessmen became interested in an invention that was at a trade show. They have acquired a patent for this device. What is the name of the bubble lamp in their opinion?It's easy to guess. They began to call it "Lava Lamp". After that, goods began to be produced in large quantities.

In the 1960s. The instrument has become very popular. It began to be acquired all over the world, in many European countries. In the 1990s about the devices became known in Russia. The first lamps were created with a yellow or blue liquid in the flask, and red and white "clouds" created original shapes. Technical capabilities helped restore the release of devices of different shapes and colors. But the essence remains unchanged - the magic of a small universe, which is present in transparent glass.


Considering the topic, what is the name of the bubble lamp, you should familiarize yourself with the advantages of fixtures. A place for this device can be found in every interior. He is able to revive even a very boring style. The lamp is not just a decorative thing, but also a lighting device.

lamp with water and bubbles
lamp with water and bubbles

Often it is used as a night light, since its illumination area is not more than 3 meters. But usually a lamp is bought to decorate a home, since the play of paraffin in a glass flask is original. The device is valued for:

  • original design;
  • versatility;
  • compact;
  • practicality.

This decorative piece can be purchased for a birthday or as a gift for the New Year. It is great for both office and bedroom nightstand home furnishing.

The device and features of work

A lamp with water and bubbles happensdesktop and floor, it all depends on the size and design of the glass bulb. The lamp has a simple device that includes:

  • glass cylinder filled with glycerine and translucent wax;
  • incandescent bulbs located in the lower section;
  • base containing plinth, reflector and incandescent bulb;
  • metal cap;
  • wires for mains power.

How to make a bubble lamp? The lamp has a special structure. The liquid is glycerin and paraffin. All transformations in the flask are carried out thanks to the second component, which at room temperature is able to sink in the first. The heating of the water bubble lamp is done by the LED and reflector function.

While heated, the wax melts, becomes lighter and moves slowly through the cylinder. Provides the visual effect of clouds that float through the air. Changes in temperature change the movement of paraffin, which is able to take on different forms.


How does it work?

The bubble table and floor lamp has no special operating instructions. This is a simple design device that only needs to be connected to the mains or a special candle. When the lamp is shipped disassembled, it must be properly assembled. This is a simple and quick job:

  1. The light bulb is installed in the base in the base-stand and twisted.
  2. The stand must be inserted into the flask with the lid up.
  3. Then a cap is put on the flask.
what is the name of the lamp with bubbles inside
what is the name of the lamp with bubbles inside

The device is ready to connect and start working. You just need to go through a few steps:

  1. The lamp with bubbles and fish is placed on the floor or on a flat table near the outlet.
  2. In order for the device to function, it must be connected to the power supply.
  3. After plugging into the outlet, the incandescent bulb lights up.
  4. The glycerine and paraffin are being heated, causing the paraffin to move.

After 8 hours of constant operation, the device is turned off and left in this form for an hour. This is enough for the device to function again. Some bulbs with bubbles have a wattage regulator inside. It is advisable to use it at the maximum level so that the wax in the flask heats up. Less power deprives the contents of the lamp of the brightness for which it is so loved.


Earlier, all the options for the name of the bubble lamp were indicated. The photo presented in the article shows that the device is original. That is why many people dream about it. Lava lamps are sold in large quantities. There are devices that are more suitable for girls' rooms and romantic bedroom interiors. But there are also concise options that are better to choose for offices and premises in a minimalist style.

Lamps with oil bubbles at the base are usually made of metal, which makes them stable during installation and heating. The design is chosen according to personal preferences, it can be different:

  1. Elongated flasks with one-color sparkles, originally iridescent andmoving in transparent glycerin. This is a desktop version that has many colors of cap, base, sequins.
  2. A flask of the same shape with glitter of the same color as glycerin. Small sparkles have a rich shade. There is a multi-colored palette, desktop installation is supposed.
  3. Chrome plated base and cap, 3 colors of sequins, the lamp is equipped with a ceramic base.
  4. Floor lamp on a high leg. The flask contains a solid color glitter.
  5. Floor fixture with wide chrome base. The filling is glitter.
  6. Bubble water lamps with a large transparent part that is filled with glitter.
  7. Cylinder-shaped device.
  8. Lamp in the shape of a rocket.
  9. Curly patterns with rainbow colored glitter or wax bubbles.
bubble lamp what is called with photo
bubble lamp what is called with photo

Glitter fixtures differ from wax fixtures in that the shiny particles move faster when heated, while the dense wax creates intricate shapes. They can be oblong drops, blots, clouds, bubbles, or something similar to a jellyfish or parachutes. Everyone can see something special.


Usually the height is 35-75 cm. Other lamps are also sold, both large and smaller, but this range is the most common. There are giant floor lamps from 1m high. They look amazing and add a magical glow of color to the home.

But keep in mind that with a large lamp, it takes more time for the lava to heat up and flow. It is not uncommon to watch a large lava lamp in its beautiful form for only a few hours. Even larger fixtures generate a lot of heat.

Colors and decorations

When choosing a lamp, you need to pay attention to the color:

  1. A blue or blue-yellow lamp suits a nursery that is decorated in warm colors.
  2. Red lights are designed with music in mind. They provide an appropriate aura, which is why they are placed in many clubs.
  3. If you like blue and red, you can buy a purple lamp. This is a mixture of these colors.
  4. Combination of green wax and blue liquid has a calming effect. This lamp is ideal for relaxation.
  5. Glitter lamp creates explosions of sparkle in the home.
  6. Multicolor light can be selected.
lamp with bubbles inside
lamp with bubbles inside


When using the device for the first time, it takes 2-3 hours to warm up the paraffin. Sometimes it accumulates at the base or at the top and is motionless even after 1.5 hours of operation of the device. Then it is gently rotated around the axis.

The lamp can work without interruption up to 8 hours. The maximum is allowed if it is turned on for 2 hours more. Extended use may cause the lamp to overheat and break.

If paraffin accumulates at the bottom of the flask during operation or very small bubbles appear, you need to let it cool for an hour. Using the device is not difficult, but you still need to follow simple rules:

  1. The product should only be on a flat, stablesurface.
  2. The incandescent bulb should be in the center.
  3. Average temperature is at least 20 degrees.
  4. The glass bulb is cleaned with a soft cloth, you can use a glass cleaner without aggressive components.
  5. It is necessary to turn off the device from the mains in time to prevent overheating.
  6. Burnt-out lamps are replaced with similar ones - marking A-15 watts or A-40 W.
  7. After 3 months, perform the entire lamp warm-up cycle.


When using a lava lamp, as well as other devices operating from the mains, you need to follow some precautions. To avoid harm to he alth and prevent damage to the device, you must consider the following rules:

  1. It is impossible to transport devices in the cold and store them at a temperature of less than +5 degrees.
  2. The device should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Overheating will cause the wax to fade and break the fixture.
  3. The included lamps cannot be shaken, moved, dropped. Otherwise, the liquid in the flask may become cloudy, leak or explode.
  4. It is forbidden to use additional light and heat sources to heat the device. Incandescent lamps are enough for the normal functioning of the device.
  5. As stated in the instructions, only incandescent bulbs can be replaced. The rest of the structure cannot be changed.
  6. To maintain the integrity of the fixtures and ensure safety, you must follow the operating rules specified in the instructions.
bubble floor lamp
bubble floor lamp

Failure to comply with safety rules and manufacturer's instructions, product failure is observed. Warranty obligations will not apply if the device is damaged due to the fault of the user. Due to incompetent intervention and disregard for the safety rules, there may be an explosion of the product and injury to people.

Best Products

Since such lamps became popular due to their decorative and lighting functions, foreign and domestic firms began to produce them. As in other areas, there are also the best manufacturers here.

Alive Lighting is a popular company with an international status. It produces lighting products with the help of many professionals. Specialists implement original ideas that are in demand for quality and stylish design:

  1. UNO Volcano. This is a popular lamp that has a floor installation. The lamp is protected from overheating, which is especially important for such a device.
  2. Tube Passion. The device in minimalism has a red wax color. The product has standard dimensions, so it can be placed in any room, both residential and office.

Other lamps

Mathmos is considered to be the old manufacturer of lava lamps. She has received many awards for structural design and marketing activities. The best models include the following:

  1. LavalampAstro. The lamp has a circuit flask, many colors. Every quarter there are new variations. Therefore, when buying such a lamp, you can regularly change the design.
  2. FireFlowO1. These are unique lamps heated by a candle. They have a removable glass cylinder, which is made in high-tech style. The device can work without interruption for 3 hours. This is how long it takes to fully warm up and shut down. The device is simple, efficient and reliable.
  3. FireFlow O1 glitter. Compared to the previous model, this device has a cosmetic design. It can work up to 3 hours from a candle, thanks to which it will be universal and mobile.
how to make a bubble lamp
how to make a bubble lamp

Russian goods

Some lesser-known companies also make lava lamps:

  1. PUL1020. These are Russian lamps from the Orient company, which specializes in the creation of lighting fixtures. A feature of the lamp is iridescent sparkles, which play with glare in the flask when the device is turned on and heated. It functions with honor, has an affordable cost, is unpretentious in care.
  2. "Start Lava". The device from the brand "Start". This is a standard fixture at an affordable price.


Chinese lamps are also in demand, produced at factories that produce devices of various types and purposes. Their lava lamps do not have a sophisticated design, but they are considered safe, durable and versatile. Whichever option is chosen, the operating rules must be followed.