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What treat can budgerigars be given regularly?
What treat can budgerigars be given regularly?

Budgerigars are the world's most common feathered pets. These birds are unpretentious in care, live well in an apartment alone or in pairs and are quite easily tamed. Novice breeders are often interested in: what is the he althiest and safest treat for budgerigars?

The basis of the daily diet for small parrots

treat for budgies to tame

Budgerigars are usually fed a grain mixture. Such food can be purchased at any modern pet store. Approximate composition of the mixture: millet; seeds of flax, meadow grass, sunflower, sesame; hemp and canary seeds. When choosing food, pay attention to the label. Budgerigars are small breeds of parrots. The corresponding mark should be on the feed mixture. Cooking food yourself these days does not make sense. In stores, mixtures are sold, the composition of which is balanced. Usually, ready-made feeds are additionally enriched with useful microelements andvitamins. When you come to the store for a feed mix, do not rush to buy a treat for budgerigars. Unfortunately, not everything that is sold in pet supply stores is suitable for feeding birds.

Fresh vegetables are a he althy treat for poultry

You can diversify the diet of a budgerigar with pieces of fresh vegetables. How to give them correctly? Vegetables with soft pulp, the bird can peck from a fairly large piece. Harder treats must first be chopped: grate on a fine grater or cut into cubes. As with any new treat for budgerigars, introduce vegetables into the diet in minimal portions. Over time, you will notice that your bird likes certain foods more. What vegetables can be given to a parrot? Almost all birds, without exception, like tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers. Budgerigars can be given beets, turnips, carrots, pumpkins, squash, corn. All of these vegetables must be fresh, preferably home grown.

Berries and fruits for budgerigars

favorite treat of wavy parrots

Australia is the birthplace of all types of parrots common in our country as pets. In their natural environment, these birds spend a significant part of their lives flying through forests and fields in search of food. They feed not only on plant seeds, but also on ripe fruits. The most natural and favorite delicacy of budgerigars is sweet fruits and berries. Almost all birds eat apples with pleasure; you can give them to birds daily. Offer your petpear, peaches, kiwi, pineapple, grapes and citrus fruits. In season, you can pamper your budgerigar with melon and watermelon. An interesting fact: Australian birds in our country are happy to eat local berries. Currants, raspberries, mountain ash, sea buckthorn, cranberries, strawberries, plums, cherries are a great treat for parrots. In small quantities, you can give lingonberries, banana, pomegranate.

What else can please a feathered pet?

what is the budgerigar's favorite treat

In the wild, birds feed on the young foliage of certain trees, grasses, and may gnaw on twigs. You should not deprive your domestic feathered of these simple joys. Some individuals love fresh greens as much as store-bought budgerigar treats. Plant food of this type can be collected only in ecologically clean areas. Before you treat your pet, be sure to rinse and dry the twigs and grass well. Budgerigars are allowed to give salad herbs included in the human diet. Many types of meadow grasses are suitable for feeding birds, the best of them are: clover, plantain, burdock, nettle. Many parrots are happy to eat tops from vegetables. Gradually introduce all allowed vegetables, fruits and herbs into your pet's diet. Over time, you will understand what is the favorite delicacy of the budgerigar from all offered. It is perfectly normal for a particular bird to like some treats more than others. But it is the most beloved ones that you can use to tame a parrot and establish friendly relations with him. It's very simple: offer your favorite products from your hand.Be patient, over time the bird will begin to take them without fear and it is quite possible that it will jump onto the owner’s hand just like that.

Parrot Cookbook

what treats do budgerigars like

Sweet sticks with grains are the most popular treat for budgerigars to tame. Such a tasty toy is sold in any pet store. However, manufacturers of treats often sin by including components that are not the most useful for birds. So why not make a treat on a stick at home? You will need: a sprig of a suitable size, half a teaspoon of honey, half a teaspoon of water, a couple of pinches of flour and a grain mixture for small parrots (regular food will do). The base - the stick itself - should be washed well and calcined in the oven. When it is ready, you can start making treats. Mix honey with water and add flour to the mixture, stirring constantly, until the consistency of sour cream. Lubricate the stick generously with the resulting cream and roll it in a mixture of grains. It remains to wait until the honey cream dries, and you can treat the bird. A similar delicacy in the bird's diet takes the place of dessert. Don't give it often. Use the stick as a reward by letting the bird peck at it for a few minutes from time to time.

What can't parrots eat?

what treats can you give budgerigars

Pet parrots may show interest in food from the human table. This is explained by the natural curiosity of birds. And yet it is unacceptable to feed the hosts with feathered food, even if theystrongly "ask". The most dangerous for parrots from the human menu are: meat, fish, nuts, mango, persimmon, parsley. You should also not give any fried, smoked and stews, store-bought sauces and convenience foods. Confectionery and any sweets are capable of disrupting the digestion of a bird. Breeders are still debating whether or not to give parrots bread. If a bird picks up a couple of crumbs while walking around the apartment, tragedy may not happen. But you shouldn’t specifically feed your pet with baked goods, because you know what treats budgerigars like and which of these products are good for birds. Bakery products are not included in this list.

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