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"Why do you need me?" - what to say? Answer options
"Why do you need me?" - what to say? Answer options

"Why do you need me?" What is the answer to such a seemingly easy question? After all, you need a friend for many reasons, and finding the most important of them can sometimes be difficult. And I don’t want to devalue other important aspects of friendship. How to write a dialogue and answer? What to say without offending?

Why does a person ask this question: reasons

In addition to the answer, many want to understand why such a question was suddenly asked and what does it mean?

Why do I need answers

Friends who are doing well in the company are unlikely to be interested in such topics. What was the beginning of a dialogue about friendship, relationships and devotion? There are several options:

  1. A person cannot understand if he loves you or wants to be friends. Asking the question: “Why do you need me?”, The guy wants to understand your attitude and find reciprocity.
  2. Your company has another person to whom you pay more attention. A fairly common reason is that a “former” friend is trying to get you back, which is why they ask such questions.
  3. The guy wants to say that he needs you. He expects the sameresponse in the style of: "I need you more than life!" and shows how important you are to him.
  4. The guy has doubts about your fidelity. If some important secret or photo you posted is misplaced, your friend might think you're kidding them.
  5. The guy is afraid to confess to you. In modern society, it is believed that open recognition is too wrong and harsh. Therefore, you can resort to a simpler option.
Why do you need me to answer

In a long-term friendship, a guy or a girl is ready to hide their feelings for a long time, communicating with you. They are afraid to confess and lose their better half, so they resort to indirect questions.

Why would someone I don't know much ask such a question?

You can also highlight such reasons that are suitable for a short friendship:

  1. Self-doubt. Some friends, over time, realizing what a good person you are, may think that they are unworthy of such friendship. Alas, but strong and insecure people can enter the path of breaking up at the same time.
  2. The desire to receive a compliment. Even if this person is not very close to you, do you want to offend him? Therefore, in most cases, you will support him and say a couple of compliments.
  3. Self-love. If this question has become too common, then in most cases the reason is to show oneself. Well, at the same time, check if a friend is still important to you.
  4. Wants to get rid of friendship and any relationship with you. By asking such a question, a person makes youthink and hopes that you will not be able to find a substantial answer. If the answer is still not found, then you can be accused of breaking contact by clearing yourself.

If you have successfully de alt with the reason, then you can proceed to the next paragraph, which will help you to compose the correct answer to the question.

"Why do you need me" - what to answer?

If a friend gave you time to think, great! You don’t have to throw out the entire stock of phrases that have accumulated in your head. You can try to choose something one, but worthwhile. Believe me, your work and a serious approach to the issue will amaze a dear person!

Guy and girl say goodbye

After you've been asked a question, don't answer right away. Take time to think and ask for more, for example: “Can I answer this question tomorrow, because if I list everything for which you are dear to me right now, then the day will not be enough!” or "Let's talk tomorrow, otherwise, you know, it's hard to choose one out of 1000 reasons." With such an answer, you will not offend a person, but make you laugh or make you smile.

What if you need a quick response?

You were asked the question: "Why do you need me" - what to answer quickly? If the interlocutor did not give time to think and asks for an answer immediately, then select any phrase from the following list:

  • Because you need it.
  • My life will be different without you.
  • You help me accept myself.
  • You are very kind and cheerful.
  • I want to develop with you.
  • I need you more than life.

How to prepare for the answer?

If a friend gave you time to think, then use it rationally and break the process of finding the answer into several stages. Take a pen, a piece of paper, turn off your mobile phone and try to answer these questions as truthfully as possible:

  1. Immediately assess: was the question just a friend or a best friend? Your answer depends on it.
  2. How important is the interlocutor? Highlight 3 degrees: not important; important; very important.
  3. Think about it, could you live without it? If so, how long, and if not, why?
  4. What is it about him that makes you friends? And here try not to dissemble, but to answer as accurately as possible.
I need you more than life

If this is popularity, then mark it, if money - make an appropriate inscription. Well, if the whole person as a whole, with all its shortcomings and advantages, then you can simply draw a heart on a sheet!

Look carefully at your notes. That's how, step by step, you were able to appreciate the importance of a friend and draw up a rough response plan. Proceed to the design of the monologue!

"Why do you need me?". Answer options

In total, there are 3 possible answers to this question:

  1. A monologue with a description of all properties and a summary. This option is the longest, but the effect obtained from it will be amazing. Use the plan you made earlier. It will help highlight all the best qualities of a person. For example: “I need you because you are cheerful, kind, you will never betray and you will definitely help. Your love for lifeinspires me to love her too, and eternal optimism does not allow even a little sadness … I need you more than anyone else.
  2. Monologue with a description of some properties and a summary. It is shorter, but just as effective. Highlight the most pleasant and necessary in your opinion properties in a person, composing the following answer on their basis: “Why do you need me?” What is the answer to such a seemingly simple question? I think I need time spent together. You are very dear to me! I hope you need me the same.”
  3. Monologue with a conclusion from the analysis. A very simple way of answering, which should first of all have an impact on you - when drawing up a plan with highlighting the best qualities of a person, it might come to mind that there is not much to say about a friend … An answer of this type is perfect: “I need you simply because, what is. I won't even bother with why I love you! You are my friend and I happily continue to be yours.”
I just need you

If a friend asked this question, you can always answer like this: “I just need you. I love you and am friends just for existence, and not for some features of appearance and character! You are who you are, and I am glad that I can share my days with you. Be sure to hug your loved one and continue to develop your friendship.

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