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Friendship - what is it? Description, types, features of communication

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Friendship - what is it? Description, types, features of communication
Friendship - what is it? Description, types, features of communication

Many people wonder what friendship is. Because they want to feel important and significant, to understand that others are not indifferent. In practice, it turns out that achieving this is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Every person needs strong friendship. This is our nature, the spiritual need of the individual.

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Even if an individual consciously denies their desire for such a prospect, it should be understood that in fact this is just a defensive reaction. The fact is that no one can be happy alone. At different stages of life, a person needs friendship. He just needs someone to share his thoughts, experiences, views.


There are several categories of friendship that are found in relationships between people. It is worth considering them in more detail in order to understand what you really have. Only in this case there is a chance to correct the unsatisfactory situation. You need to be a really mature person in order to be able to qualitativelyto transform your life, not to transfer into the future a bunch of problems from the present.

Idle Friendship

It is based on the fact that people just spend a certain amount of time together. They do not strive for some kind of deep relationship, they are not set by joint lofty goals. They are simply satisfied with some degree of friendship, called friendship. What it is, in fact, rarely anyone seeks to analyze. There are individuals who unconsciously avoid deep relationships. It seems to them that this happens quite by accident. Some are afraid to become attached to a partner, others are simply not able to build full-fledged relationships, to sacrifice something for the sake of another. Such people, first of all, want to live for themselves, to act primarily for the sake of their own needs. In this case, the relationship is easily destroyed when any difficulties arise. People most often do not seek to maintain friendship, because it is of little value to them.


Business friendship is also quite common. Many people form enduring friendships while in the workplace. They are helped by the fact that they spend a lot of time together. Being in the same team for 8-12 hours a day, it's hard not to make friends. Especially when there are common interests, aspirations and goals.

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Often people start looking at each other without any illusions. This happens because each of the colleagues knows perfectly well the performance of the other, has an idea of ​​hisstrengths and weaknesses of character.

Mutual assistance - honest friendship

What is it, intuitively clear to every person. People strive to be as helpful to each other as possible. They easily discover and understand the true needs of their partner. Unsurpassed harmony and purity reign in relations. A person in most cases would rather give up his own whims than let his friend down. Mutual assistance is the main thing that connects them. Friendship can last at least a lifetime, if one of the partners somehow does not betray the other intentionally or by accidental negligence. In such a union, both must give a lot and feel that everything done is not in vain. Only in this case, you can feel needed and significant.

Intimate interaction

If you are wondering what kind of friendship is the most durable and unshakable, then this is just the case. Communication is built on the basis of the deepest trust. It is unlikely that such a result can be achieved only a few days after meeting. As a rule, it takes several months to form a strong attachment, and sometimes the process takes years. The friendship of people is an extremely subtle thing, which is sometimes impossible to control. You can not push yourself, suggesting the idea that any interaction with others must necessarily be deep and conscious. So you will not be able to be fully satisfied with yourself. If we are really talking about sublime friendship, then people in this case tend to give each other as much happiness as possible in order toplease a loved one. In their moments of decision, they are guided by sincere desires and wonderful impulses.

Features of communication

What is friendship, if not a way to share your warmth with those who are nearby? If we consider the features of communication of different people with each other, then we can conclude that people often interact according to a certain scenario.

Female Friendship

Most don't recognize that there is such an attachment. Some people argue about whether friendship between the fair sex even exists.

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There is an opinion that two girls will always unconsciously compete with each other and thus create significant obstacles to personal development. The friendship of girls can quickly end only in one case - if they fall in love with one guy and, against this background, begin to compete for his attention. Female friendship is something that really exists.

hand in hand

Only the relationship itself must be maintained with the help of sincerity and conscious desire. Every girl needs to have a girlfriend. After all, it is she who can be trusted with most of his secrets, share personal doubts and assumptions.

Male Friendship

Guys, oddly enough, are capable of longer friendships. They, of course, have less emotionality and quarrels, as is the case with girls. Men pay less attention to feelings and therefore do not get hung up on trifles.

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They are able to constantly keep the main goal in mind and not deviate from it. This helps them at the right time to abstract from various troubles. Friendship, of course, helps to stay afloat, not to despair when something does not work out. Men can hang out with buddies for years and still trust each other much more than women.

Different-sex friendship

Someone will say that it cannot exist in principle. Others believe in it and want to have it in their lives. Of course, in most cases, representatives of different sexes tend to build love relationships with each other. This is how nature works, and it often turns out to be stronger than the brightest aspirations of people.

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Sometimes it happens that one of the partners loves, and the other is simply satisfied with this state of affairs, and he does not want to change anything. In some cases, such friendship becomes a temporary option, and then people move on to romantic attachment, passion.

Thus, friendship is always wonderful, so it should be valued. She can be anyone. The main thing is that people have fun together.

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