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How to understand guys: the psychology of relationships

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How to understand guys: the psychology of relationships
How to understand guys: the psychology of relationships

The question of how to understand guys is asked by many girls, because often it is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Most men are much less emotional than girls, express their emotions less often and tend to talk less and do more. This question torments girls, not only if they just like the guy so far, but even in cases where the couple has been together for a long time.

Why understand guys?

Even with many years of relationship, people may have disagreements that lead to scandals and quarrels. In addition, sometimes there are situations when you do not understand what is happening at all. And some moments of mutual misunderstanding can completely confuse you, worsening your relationship.

Let's look at a few aspects in which you need to learn how to understand guys.


the guy is lying

Almost every girl at least once in her life faced a man's lies. So how do you understandis the guy lying?

  • Mimicry and gestures. A person who is confident in his words behaves calmly, leisurely. If there is a liar in front of you, then most likely he will be nervous, fiddling with his hands, clothes, hair, fussing, biting his lips.
  • Look to the side. If in a conversation with you a guy categorically does not look into your eyes, looks away, turns away, then this can be considered a sure sign of a lie. After all, as they say, the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and if he has nothing to hide, then he will calmly intersect with your eyes, not being afraid that you will guess about the lie.
  • Redness. This sign is typical not only for men, people often blush in moments of excitement. And if you ask a question, and a treacherous color fills the guy's face, then this is a good reason to think about the plausibility of what he said.
  • Time for answers. When a person tells the truth, he is able to answer questions quickly, especially if they are simple, do not require time to think. For example, if you ask, “Where were you this morning?” and the man thinks for a while instead of simply answering, then this can also be considered a sign of a lie.
  • Discrepancies in small things. It has long been noticed that lovers of lying often get confused in the details in their stories. For example, at first the guy says that in the morning he went to work by bus, and at another time he says that he walked. If you want to catch a young man in a lie, ask him several times in detail, and when confused, you can be sure that he is lying.
  • Manipulation. In situations where you tryto recognize if the guy is lying and he understands your intentions, then he can say something like: “You love me, don’t you believe me?” If you hear something like this, do not give in, do not feel the guilt that they are trying to induce in you, but continue to insist on your own and ask what you want to know.


jealous guy

Not all guys are openly jealous, there are those who rack their brains and seethe inside with anger at the mere thought that a girl might have something with another, but at the same time they remain calm outwardly. In addition, girls may think about how to understand that a guy is jealous if they are not already in a relationship. What are the signs of jealousy?

  • Constant criticism. A guy can criticize everything that makes a girl attractive to other men - bright makeup, tight clothes, trendy hair.
  • Refusing to go to parties, clubs, noisy places. And all because there are going to be many other men who begin to pay attention to the girl. It is difficult for a man to cope with jealousy, and in order not to suffer once again, he prefers to stay at home alone.
  • Insults and humiliation. Yes, oddly enough, if a guy throws out the phrases “You are a terrible, fat, stupid loser, who needs you besides me,” then this is a very sure sign that he is jealous.
  • Disregard for other men. For example, you can tell something interesting about your colleague, and the young man will not only not share your enthusiasm, but will definitely note that this colleague is actually talltoo small, his car is outdated, and it’s not at his age to hold such a position.
  • Spying on social networks. In general, jealous women usually follow activity in social networks, but this also occurs in men. He may ask what kind of guy is added to your friends, why a classmate likes you, and in general, why do you need so many men as friends.


guy is cheating

Unfortunately, there are very few people in the world who have never cheated in their lives. And girls in this case risk much more, as men are more prone to cheating. How can you understand that a guy loves you or is lying and cheating?

  • Appearance. If earlier a young man did not take much care of himself, but now he began to shave more often, put himself in order, buy fashionable clothes, then most likely the matter is unclean. Men generally don’t bother much about appearance, and if he began to preen, then it is likely that he has someone or he is interested in someone.
  • Changes in sex. A man, carried away by another, can either have sex with you less often, or, conversely, even more. In the first case, it is clear why, and in the second, this is a kind of atonement, or he wants to apply the experience gained on the side with you.
  • Changes in behavior. Previously, he could compliment you, show signs of attention, help. Now the man has become cold, irritated, inattentive. Or vice versa, before he never gave you flowers and gifts for no reason, but now almost everyone does itday.
  • Lies. A man can become absent-minded, first saying one thing, then something completely different. Or lie about mere trifles.
  • Ste alth. He leaves when he gets a call, constantly hides his phone, closes social networks as soon as you appear next to him.
  • Changes in schedule. The man began to stay late, hiding behind overtime work. Unscheduled business trips appeared, in which he practically does not call you.
  • New habits. Your young man suddenly has new hobbies that are completely uncharacteristic for him. For example, he was never interested in meditation, and then suddenly he had books, courses and videos on this topic.


guy in love

How to understand that a guy is in love with a girl if he does not show it in any way?

  • He began to call or write to you more often, and the reason for this may be a mere trifle.
  • Constantly ends up in the same places as you, supposedly by accident.
  • Finds time for you even if he is very busy, he has a lot of work.
  • Compliments, admires you.
  • Look - A young man in love always looks special.
  • Intuitive sensations. Even if you don’t know how to understand that a guy is secretly in love, and he doesn’t actively show his sympathies, but you have a strong inner feeling that he has feelings, then most likely it doesn’t seem to you.


guy loves

You can date for several years, register yourrelationships, give birth to joint children, but questions arise that haunt you. How do you know if a guy really loves you?

  • Attention. No matter how busy, frustrated or tired he is, he will always make time for you.
  • Ready to help. Every loving guy will always help you in a difficult situation. And you know that in any unforeseen circumstances you can turn to him.
  • Support. If a person truly loves you, then he will support you in all important aspects.
  • Warmth. It cannot be described in words, but you feel that with this person you are warm, comfortable, calm and reliable.
  • Seriousness. The guy not only enjoys the time spent together, but also makes far-reaching plans for the future, sees you as his wife, prepares for living together and always includes you in his important plans.


couple in bed

You can be just acquaintances, colleagues, friends, but at the same time feel something strange about you. How do you know if a guy wants you?

  • Glance. He looks at you all the time, and not just looking, but as if undressing with his eyes.
  • Compliments. Moreover, they may not be general, but relative to your specific body parts.
  • Touching. He constantly tries to touch you - straighten your hair, put his arm around your waist, touch your hand.
  • Voice. In the case when a man is attracted, the timbre of his voice changes, becomes low and breathy.


the guy doesn't like

Sometimes everything seems to be fine in a relationship, but there is a feeling that something is not right. Or it may be obviously bad, but the girl still has hope that the guy loves her. How do you know if your boyfriend loves you or not?

  • Lack of interest. He forgets to call, postpones meetings for an indefinite time, does not ask about your plans. In this case, there is no need to build illusions, if a person needs you, he will always find time, even if he is very busy.
  • Provokes jealousy. A man can evaluate other girls with you, talk about his sympathies or desires for someone else. At the same time, you can be in a relationship, and he knows that you are uncomfortable. The conclusion suggests itself.
  • Lies. If you are together, and he suddenly began to lie (or lied from the very beginning) - this can also be regarded as a dismissive attitude towards you.
  • Insults. A truly loving man will never say rude, unpleasant words to you. If your man is not shy about expressing himself at your expense, then there is nothing to talk about serious feelings.
  • No joint plans. The young man is in no hurry to make decisions, often you don’t even know if you are dating or not. He tries to avoid answering all your attempts to clarify the situation.

What to do?

Agree, no matter what issue you are facing, it is always important to know how to understand guys. There is no universal answer or recommendation. The only thing you can do to make life easier for yourself and the young person is to talk.Ask questions if you do not understand something, listen carefully to the answers, analyze. It is in sincere, open communication that people get to know each other. And if you stick to this rule, and not cunning and manipulating, then the question of how to understand guys will bother you much less than other girls.

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