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Exciting pills for women: list, description, reviews

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Exciting pills for women: list, description, reviews
Exciting pills for women: list, description, reviews

Many women experience problems with arousal in bed, but modern pharmaceutical companies help to cope with them in a jiffy - you just need to purchase one of the popular drugs. In our article you will find a list of the best stimulating pills for women, their names and prices in regular pharmacies. In addition, customer reviews will help you better understand what a particular drug is and how it works.

Red Ant

Thought about what exciting pills for women are the most effective? Then you should pay attention to the drug, which is very popular in Russia among the fair sex. Many girls speak very positively about this pathogen, and all thanks to the fact that it has the following actions on the body of a beauty:

  • generalexcitement and emotional tone;
  • increase the pleasure of intimacy with your loved one;
  • increase the likelihood of having a strong or multiple orgasm;

The action of the stimulating drug occurs approximately 20 minutes after ingestion. The composition contains substances of exclusively natural origin, so it does not cause addiction and side effects. The cost of the aphrodisiac is 1350 rubles for a package containing 10 tablets.

Women's Viagra

Did you decide to buy a pack of exciting pills for a woman in a pharmacy in your city? Then you should pay attention to the drug, which is the bestseller in the world. "Viagra" for the fair sex operates as follows:

  • improves blood flow in the pelvis;
  • promotes the active release of lubricant;
  • has a stimulating effect on female libido.

After taking just one capsule, the girl will begin to experience a strong sexual desire within 30 minutes. A similar phenomenon occurs due to the main active ingredient of the drug, which makes a woman react to every touch on her body and tremble with pleasure. The average cost of women's Viagra is 800 rubles for a pack of four capsules.


Judging by the reviews, exciting pills for women help to significantly prolong not only the pleasure of sexual intercourse, but also its duration, because even after oneorgasm, the beauty does not want to stop and gets more and more portions of pleasure. The rather well-known drug Cialis, which is the most famous analogue of Viagra in Russia, deserved such flattering reviews. The active ingredient of this aphrodisiac has the following effect:

Image "Cialis" for women
  • helps a girl get rid of fatigue and stress;
  • improves flow to the genitals and pelvis;
  • stimulates the desire to make love.

Many girls write on the Internet that after taking the drug they are excited much faster than usual, and the pleasure of intimacy with a young man becomes much greater. It is not surprising, because Cialis is not a cheap aphrodisiac. The cost in pharmacies may vary depending on the region, but on average it is 800 rubles for a package containing 5 tablets.


Thought about what pills excite women? Reviews from various thematic forums on the Internet will allow you to answer this question. For example, a very effective and very interesting aphrodisiac is a drug called Me-Me-Me-Meow!, which includes a variety of components (natural and chemical). The action of the tablets are as follows:

Girl in a cat costume
  • enhanced pleasure during intercourse;
  • increasing the sensitivity of the partner;
  • increased female libido.

"Meow-Meow" will turn your girlfriend into a real cat who will crave not only to have sex as soon as possible, but also to be completely liberated during the merge. The peculiarity of the drug is that its action occurs 15 minutes after administration and lasts for 72 hours. However, such a pleasure will not be very cheap - about 1000 rubles per capsule.

Little Red Riding Hood

Tablets for excitation "Little Red Riding Hood"

A very popular pathogen for the fair sex, which also helps to get rid of frigidity and other diseases associated with impaired sexual desire. In addition, this drug is very often used by couples who want to diversify their sex life, because "Little Red Riding Hood" significantly increases sensitivity during intercourse. In addition, the aphrodisiac is absolutely safe to use and has no contraindications. This trend was established due to the natural composition, which stimulates an increase in hormones in the blood, as well as their flow to the pelvic organs. The cost of one package with twenty tablets is only 650 rubles. As a rule, a noticeable effect of an aphrodisiac occurs within half an hour after taking.


Very effective about a very popular drug abroad. "Laveron" affects the reproductive function of the girl, and also significantly increases libido. As part of the capsules you can find only natural substances,which are actively used for the manufacture of dietary supplements, the action of which is aimed at increasing sexual desire not only in men, but also in women.

As for online drug reviews, most of them are very flattering. Although some women complain about the cost of an aphrodisiac, which is 800 rubles for 3 tablets. However, it should be understood that for this money you are getting an effective remedy that is not addictive and does not require long-term use, like some kind of dietary supplement. Even if the girl does not show much activity, this drug will make her experience the strongest sexual desire.


This dietary supplement is very popular among many women who experience problems with sexual arousal. In addition, even doctors recommend it as an additional drug for frigidity and discomfort during intimacy. The drug G-Female is focused on increasing blood flow in the pelvic area, as well as giving the muscles of the penis more elasticity, which allows not only to eliminate pain during sex, but also to experience new emotions from intimacy with a loved one.

Arousal pills for women

The dietary supplement consists of extracts and extracts of various useful herbs, the total number of which is 25. Therefore, before purchasing, carefully study the entire list of components, especially if you suffer from individual intoleranceone substance or another. In addition, the supplement is not recommended for pregnant women, as well as nursing mothers, as this may lead to unwanted side effects. The cost of the drug is approximately 1250 rubles for a pack of six capsules.

VirMax for Her

Many girls say that this drug can work wonders with them. For example, "Virmaks" allows you to restore libido even in women at an advanced age, as well as experience new emotions from intimacy with your soulmate. This effect is due to the fact that the composition of the drug includes only natural ingredients that enhance nerve impulses and stimulate blood flow to the pelvic organs.

The girl drinks a pill for arousal

Also, do not forget that VirMax for Her is included in the group of drugs that have the strongest effect on the overall hormonal background. A natural aphrodisiac stimulates a surge of estrogen, due to which the girl begins to experience new, hitherto unknown sensations from sexual intimacy. The cost of one package of the drug is 2000 rubles, but it includes 30 capsules.

Muira Puama

An arousal plant in bloom

A very interesting drug, which is included in the list of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs in the world. As part of "Muira Puama" there is an extract from the plant of the same name, which has been used by people for several millennia toto stimulate potency and sexual libido in both men and women. Clinical studies have shown that 65% of people who took this drug had regular sexual desires and fantasies, as well as a marked increase in self-esteem and attraction to members of the opposite sex. Moreover, many of the subjects were also aged, which did not prevent the natural pathogen from doing its job. Today, you can buy "Muira Puama" in almost any pharmacy, and its cost is only 2,000 rubles for a jar of nine dozen pills.


The name of this drug is very well known to the inhabitants of the United States. This medication is often prescribed to American patients suffering from low excitability or even frigidity. The drug is well tolerated by any organism and is not addictive. In addition, Provestra is highly recommended for girls who have hormonal problems or beauties who have been practicing sexual abstinence for a long time.

After taking the drug, the fair sex will feel a surge of sexual strength and an irresistible desire to have sex with her soulmate. A similar effect occurs due to blood flow to the organs of the reproductive system, as well as an increase in libido. The cost of the aphrodisiac is about 3,000 rubles for a pack of 30 tablets.


Another American aphrodisiac designed to combat hormonal imbalance in women. In addition, this drug significantly increasespleasure from intimacy due to blood flow to the genitals. From the name it can be assumed that the drug is intended only for women, but you can also find analogues that are suitable for men. The cost of one package of such a drug is 2800 rubles for a package of 30 tablets.

Hersolution tablets for arousal

As you can see, there are quite a few stimulant drugs for women that allow you to cope with a variety of problems related to sexual life. All aphrodisiacs presented in our article are available without a prescription and can be purchased at any age, but it is strongly not recommended to use drugs for girls under the age of 18. Also, don't use aphrodisiacs at all, unless absolutely necessary, as this can negatively affect your he alth.

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