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Pregnancy after cancellation of OK: features, possible difficulties, tips and tricks
Pregnancy after cancellation of OK: features, possible difficulties, tips and tricks

Among the methods of preventing unwanted conception, one of the most reliable and safe is the use of oral contraceptives. But over time, any girl has a desire to have a baby, and pills must be abandoned. In this case, the woman asks the question: “Is pregnancy possible immediately after the cancellation of OK?”.

In order to get an answer, you need to contact a gynecologist who, with the help of an examination and collection of the necessary tests, will be able to determine how likely it is to conceive after taking this type of contraceptive. This article will discuss whether pregnancy is possible after the abolition of OK. More on that later.

How oral contraceptives work

The composition of such drugs includes several hormones at once, the task of which is to suppress ovulation in a woman, the formation of some mucus that delays the movement of spermatozoa and prevents them from merging with the egg.

pregnancy after canceling ok infirst month

OK are needed to regulate the following processes:

  1. To avoid unwanted conception or when planning a child, when it is absolutely impossible for a woman to become pregnant at this point in time.
  2. When the regularity of the menstrual cycle fails.
  3. If during critical days a woman has abundant discharge and severe pain.
  4. When gynecological diseases or bleeding in the uterus.
  5. With anemia, iron deficiency.
  6. For acne, rashes and other skin conditions.

Oral contraceptives are prescribed to prevent unwanted conception, as a treatment for certain gynecological and skin diseases.

Such drugs have side effects, but they are minor. There is no effect on the endocrine system.

Chance of pregnancy

pregnancy after stopping ok in the first cycle

What is the probability of pregnancy after the withdrawal of OK? In some girls, conception occurs as soon as they give up drugs. And others for a long time cannot know the joy of motherhood. It is very important that a woman does not self-medicate and does not take medicine not as prescribed by a doctor, but on the advice of her friends or on product advertisements. Unauthorized use can lead to irreparable consequences.

Planning pregnancy after the cancellation of OK requires a mandatory consultation with a gynecologist in order for him to determine the possibility of conception, the state of he alth of the woman, and select the necessary drug therapy in casenecessary, which will contribute to the rapid restoration of a woman's reproductive capacity. The girl should understand that she should not be afraid to visit a specialist and get professional advice from him on this issue.

Factors that affect the possibility of pregnancy

pregnancy immediately after withdrawal

Pregnancy after OC withdrawal is affected by several factors:

  1. How old is the woman. Young girls can get pregnant much faster than women over 30 years old, and their recovery time after drug withdrawal will be much more difficult and longer (from 6 months to a year).
  2. How long the girl used these drugs. The more time has passed since the start of the reception, the longer the recovery time of the reproductive organs (ovaries) will be.
  3. Does the girl have a lack of folic acid in the body. Its deficiency can occur with malnutrition, diseases of the internal organs, or due to long-term use of hormonal drugs.

It often happens that pregnancy occurs after the abolition of OK in the first month of sexual activity without contraceptives. This method can be used to treat uncomplicated stages of infertility in women, when they are prescribed contraceptives for a short course, and as soon as their intake is completed, the lady has the ability to conceive quickly.

Effect of stopping drugs

Many women have experienced such a situation that as soon as they gave up birth control, they immediatelygot two stripes on the test. This effect may occur due to the fact that when taking oral contraceptives, the work of the ovaries was suppressed, the secretion was suspended, but the sensitivity of the receptors to them increased sharply, and as soon as the course of pills was completed, much more hormones began to be released. Therefore, as soon as the woman stopped taking the drugs, she became pregnant after the withdrawal of OK in the first cycle.

The production of a large number of hormones in the body significantly increases the chances of conception, because not one, but several eggs can mature at the same time. Due to their increased formation, multiple pregnancy occurs after the abolition of OK. But if conception does not occur after the girl has stopped taking the pills, then the chances of becoming a mother of twins or triplets are minimized.

Pregnancy after canceling OK: monthly cycle and its recovery

conception after cancellation ok in the first cycle

Because of the strong slowdown of the ovaries, even after stopping the drugs, they will need some time to restore the menstrual cycle. The sexual organs are, as it were, in a freezing mode, so the production of female hormones stops, and the body adapts to this phenomenon very quickly.

Hence, he also needs some time to get used to getting back to the regime he had before taking the pills.

How quickly the recovery of the menstrual cycle will occur depends on many factors:

  1. How longtime, oral contraceptives were used. This can be judged by the duration of the intake, the longer contraceptives were used, the slower the ovarian function will recover. If OK was used for no more than a year, then it will take about three months for the body to return to its usual mode of operation. Thus, the longer a woman used birth control, the longer will be the period of recovery of the body and its adaptation to normal functioning.
  2. How often were menstrual irregularities in a woman before taking oral contraceptives and whether they occurred at all. In the case of irregular periods before the use of drugs, the situation can only get worse.
  3. No break in taking oral contraceptives. Experts recommend several times a year to take a small “rest” for the body from contraceptives, or at least once not to drink these medicines. In the event that a woman decides not to stop taking OK during the entire period of admission, then the ovaries get used to oppressed work, and hormone production will not recover for a long time. In this case, it will take much longer for the body to return to its usual rhythm.
  4. How young is the patient. At the age of 20, it is possible to restore the menstrual cycle after the abolition of OK much faster than after 30, at this age the therapy will take about a year, and this will not be associated with the duration of contraceptive use. The body ages over the years and its functions naturally slow down, so returning them to their usual rhythm is much more difficult than in young women.

The recovery period of the menstrual cycle may depend on the individual characteristics of the girl, the presence of chronic diseases, genital infections and endocrine disorders.

Why there is a delay in menstruation

Many of these contraceptives have a side effect that is caused by their long and continuous use. The consequences are scanty bleeding during menstruation or its complete absence. This effect does not occur often, only 3% of women may experience such a problem.

Disruption of the menstrual cycle in this case occurs in women over 30 years of age, as well as in girls who are at an early stage of reproductive maturation.

Delayed menstruation may be associated with the onset of pregnancy, the occurrence of infection of the genital organs, the presence of chronic or oncological diseases in a woman.

In any case, a violation of the normal course of the menstrual cycle should alert the girl and become a good reason for contacting a gynecologist who will identify the cause of this problem and prescribe therapy to eliminate it.

First cycle

Is pregnancy possible in the first cycle after canceling OK? Usually, after stopping oral contraceptives, conception of a child occurs quickly, and bearing a fetus does not cause any difficulties. He althy and young women can become pregnant in the first cycle after she has stopped taking birth control. This phenomenon is absolutely normal, and occurs due to the production of a large amounthormones. For women over the age of 35, it is almost impossible to get pregnant right away. They need much more time to recover.

What doctors say

pregnancy after withdrawal

Experts recommend planning a pregnancy three months after drug withdrawal, then the risk of harm to the he alth of a woman and her unborn child will be reduced. But there is another side, if conception did not occur within 12 months, provided that attempts to carry it out were made regularly, then it is necessary to seek the advice of a specialist. He will send you for examinations to detect pathologies or infections.

After three months, a woman can become pregnant. Because such time is necessary for the complete restoration of the hormonal background of the body and the cycle after OK. During this period, it is recommended to use condoms to prevent conception.

Why you shouldn't get pregnant right away

pregnancy in the first cycle after the abolition of ok

It is impossible to get pregnant in the first cycle after the cancellation of OK, also due to the fact that the woman's body is deficient in folic acid, which is necessary for the proper formation and development of the fetus. It is better to start taking this enzyme three months before pregnancy or when the contraceptive course is completed. In this way, the full development of the unborn child can be ensured.

Due to the lack of folic acid and possible complications, pregnancy in the first month after the withdrawal of OK is also not recommended. In the event that conceptionnevertheless, it happened at this time, you need constant supervision of a specialist and strict adherence to all his prescriptions, then you can bear a he althy baby.

Pregnancy does not occur: possible reasons

Why does pregnancy not occur after canceling OK? If a woman drank a course of oral contraceptives, waited three months, and conception did not occur, then there may be some reasons for this:

  1. For her age (from 35 years old) more time is needed to restore reproductive functions.
  2. The woman did not take folic acid, there is a severe deficiency in her body.
  3. Oral contraceptives were self-prescribed, and incorrectly, which led to disruption of the genital organs.
  4. The woman is barren.
  5. The girl's partner cannot have children.
  6. She has a chronic or pathological disease.
  7. She has a STD and doesn't know it.

If a woman cannot become pregnant after stopping OK, then it is necessary to undergo an examination by a gynecologist to identify one of the listed reasons.

Effects of taking oral contraceptives

taking oral contraceptives

All drugs have side effects. After taking OK, the following effects may be observed:

  1. The appearance of acne on the skin.
  2. Lack of various vitamins and minerals in the body, as well as folic acid.
  3. Irregular menstruation.
  4. Failure in the liver.
  5. Lack of iodine inbody.
  6. A bleeding disorder.

Helpful tips

Doctors recommend following some rules when taking OK and after their cancellation:

  1. Start taking a vitamin complex at the same time as taking birth control.
  2. Select contraceptives only together with a specialist.
  3. Do not plan to conceive immediately after canceling OK.
  4. For the onset of pregnancy, you must wait at least three months to fully restore reproductive function.
  5. Make love only with a regular partner, avoid promiscuity to prevent infections.
  6. Give up bad habits, lead an active lifestyle and eat right.

Using these tips, you can easily prepare for pregnancy after stopping oral contraceptives.

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