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PPA: reviews of doctors, the possibility of pregnancy, advice
PPA: reviews of doctors, the possibility of pregnancy, advice

Couple withdrawal is a contraceptive method used by many couples. First of all, it is popular because of its availability and free. Most often, the method is used by couples whose relationships have been tested by time. PPA is considered by many to be a safe and effective method of contraception, but it increases the chance of unwanted pregnancy.

The main disadvantages of coitus interruptus are the high probability of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Pregnant girl

Chance of conception with PPA

Many beginners are interested in what is the probability of pregnancy with PPA. Reviews say that it is equal to 25% out of a hundred. The problem is especially relevant for young men who are just learning to control their ejaculation.

It has long been believed that the likelihood of pregnancy with PPA is due to the fact that the pre-ejaculate contains active spermatozoa, which are released along with the lubricant in a man at the time of arousal. But this myth has been dispelled, since the lubricant contains a meager amount of spermatozoa that are not capable of fertilizing a woman.

However, the chance of conception with PAD is 1:25, and this is what it is associated with:

  1. Not every man is able to control his own ejaculation in anticipation of an approaching orgasm. Despite the fact that the body gives signals and the muscles of the penis contract, not everyone is able to feel it.
  2. After each intercourse, semen remains in the urethra. If several visits are planned, then the man needs to clean the urethra well. Spermatozoa remain active for up to seven days, and after the first sexual intercourse, active “tadpoles” will be in the partner’s lubricant.
  3. Sperm remaining on the genitals of a partner also carries the risk of unwanted pregnancy, so it is necessary to take a shower before each sexual intercourse.
  4. Not all women know the exact timing of their ovulation, they often change. Hoping that sexual intercourse occurred on a safe day, after a few weeks you can see two lines on the test.

What is the reason for the popularity of the PAP

Is coitus interruptus dangerous?

The high probability of conception when using PPA often does not bother couples in love until the first delay. Many continue to have sex, relying on luck. There are several reasons why couples do not consider other methods of contraception:

  • Coitus interruptus is a free method of contraception. Not everyone has affordable funds for condoms, spirals, hormonal pills.
  • Physiological characteristics of the organism. Many women have different kindscontraceptives exhibit unwanted physiological reactions. For example, latex allergy, IUD rejection, side effects from oral contraceptives.
  • Ignorance about the dangers of PPA and the risk of pregnancy. Sex education is not well developed in our country and many young couples are simply not aware of the consequences of such protection.
  • Many people prefer PAP because of the intense sensations that one does not experience while wearing a condom.
  • Many young couples do not buy contraceptives because of embarrassment and shame, preferring PPA. The likelihood of pregnancy, according to reviews, remains.

Is it safe to interrupt intercourse

Erectile dysfunction, prostatitis - these are the complications that are associated with the use of PPA. Men's opinions on this matter vary, someone really notices a deterioration in he alth in the sexual sphere, and someone experiences psycho-emotional overstrain due to the inability to completely relax.

Reasons why dangerous complications develop due to PPA:

  1. Decrease in inguinal muscle contraction in men. In this case, the sperm thickens, blood circulation is disturbed, stagnation appears. Because of this, men develop chronic prostatitis, a weakening of erectile function.
  2. Damage to the nervous system in a man. It develops with the constant use of PPA. Doctors say that the inability of a man to relax during intercourse leads to a violation of ejaculation due to constant tension at a crucial moment.

Main misconceptions about PAP

About the PAPthere are two opinions. If a couple has been protected with PPA for a long time, and there was no pregnancy, then most likely one of the partners has a violation of the childbearing function. The second opinion is based on a psychological belief: if a couple has programmed themselves for safe sex using PPA, then no incidents will happen.

In the scientific community, both opinions are more likely to be misconceptions than truth. If the psychological approach did not misfire in the form of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, then PPA would become the most convenient method of contraception.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each method of protection has pros and cons, including PPA. Reviews on the Internet are divided into sharply negative and positive.


  • Absolute free and affordable contraception. This is used by young couples, students.
  • Intense sensations and orgasms.
  • No time wasted putting on a condom, for which a certain spark is lost during intercourse.
  • Some women do not accept the use of oral contraceptives because of the high chances of getting better or knocking down the hormonal background in the body.


  • PPA does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, which are very common in the modern world.
  • Interrupted intercourse does not guarantee protection against pregnancy.
  • Men who practice PPA are more likely to have diseases of the prostate and genitourinary system.
Man and woman in bed

Doctors' opinions

When asked ifget pregnant with PPA, doctors' reviews are unambiguous. They do not consider it a method of contraception and have a negative attitude towards PPA for several reasons: a high chance of getting pregnant and the possibility of contracting STDs. All experts especially note the fact that after several sexual intercourses, the likelihood of pregnancy increases due to the sperm in the urethra.

What is the probability of pregnancy with PPA? Opinions of doctors, reviews claim that 5-6 days before ovulation, the probability increases several times compared to other days of the cycle. On a typical day, 20 out of 100 couples find out about an unborn child within 10-12 months of using coitus interruptus.

Experts recommend using additional contraception on dangerous days if the main method is PPA.

As for men's he alth, it does not suffer with PPA. All opinions about impotence and circulatory disorders go among the inhabitants, and doctors explain male dysfunction in a different way. Including the reflux of sperm into the bladder due to serious pathologies of the sphincter of the bladder, congenital or acquired.

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Effect on the female body

Often women associate pain in the lower abdomen after sex with coitus interruptus, but this is not true. PPA does not harm the female body. Pain can manifest itself due to inflammatory processes in the small pelvis, damage to the mucous membranes of the external and internal genital organs, cervical erosion, adhesions, psychological stress during intercourse, dryness of the mucosa.

As you can see, many reasons can cause pain of varying intensity during intercourse, and coitus interruptus is not one of them. The only thing that can cause discomfort in a woman is the quick and increased friction of a partner before an orgasm, which is necessary for its onset.

There is also a version that pain in PPA occurs due to psychological stress and lack of orgasm. During intercourse, the walls of the vagina tense up and relax during orgasm, if the woman did not have time to enjoy, then the muscle spasm remains and causes pain.

Often women who do not protect themselves in any other way have chronic fears about unwanted pregnancy and all other consequences. This does not allow you to completely relax and knocks down the mood for both a woman and a man.

Is coitus interruptus a reliable protection?

Coital withdrawal technique

This section will be especially useful for teenagers and people using PPA for the first time. There are several preparatory steps that will help you avoid unwanted pregnancy with PAD.

At the very beginning of sexual life, coitus interruptus should not be used, since the process of ejaculation is sometimes beyond control. Sustaining ejaculation requires practice and the ability to listen to your body.

Ejaculation at the first experience can happen instantly at the entrance to the vagina. The approach of ejaculation can be learned to identify and restrain, but the process itself cannot be stopped. It takes time to figure out where the line isbetween precum and ejaculation.

How to stop intercourse in time

It is important for a man to understand his own body, which sends signals before ejaculation. Conventionally, the moment before orgasm is called the “peak of sensations”, and for everyone it can be accompanied by different feelings: fullness in the lower back, a feeling of a pleasant wave rolling in, strong warmth in the perineum.

Boy and girl in bed

Hygiene in PPA

Hygiene before and after sex is important, especially with PPA. Reviews of women on the forums only confirm this. Since sperm can get anywhere and even into the vagina. To avoid this, women and men need to thoroughly wash and rinse all areas in contact with sperm. Hygiene applies not only to the body, but also to bed linen if sperm has got on it. It needs to be removed and washed well.

Opinions and reviews

Netizens are divided into two camps: some are very happy with this method of contraception, others consider it extremely dangerous and pointless. Those who are happy with the PPA have tested this method over time. The main thing at the same time, according to many women, is the observance of control by a man and the prevention of misfires. Also, women are reminded of the importance of calculating the days of ovulation, the most favorable for conception.

Also, many are plagued by questions about PPA during ovulation. Reviews about this are most reliable on medical forums, where they write that the probability of pregnancy on dangerous days is 6 out of 10 cases.

Sex without contraception

What ifmisfire occurred during PPA

Often on the Internet you can stumble upon topics when a girl became pregnant with PPA, while reviews are advised to take emergency measures. The latter include taking hormonal pills with large doses of hormones that prevent the likelihood of pregnancy one hundred percent.

Emergency hormonal drugs include "Postinor", "Escapel" and others. They cannot be used just like that, because this is a strong blow to the female body.

PPA and other methods of contraception

Girls online share their ways of combining other methods of contraception with PPA. Reviews say that on dangerous days, ladies whose partners use interrupted intercourse are reinsured with condoms or spermicidal agents, such as candles, gels, lubricants.

Definitely do not use PPA on the day of ovulation. Reviews of such girls usually end with the phrase that this time it “didn’t pass” and now the couple is expecting a baby. Also, you should not use the method for the first time having sex with an unfamiliar partner, since the absence of a condom is fraught with the appearance of sexually transmitted diseases.

Is coitus interruptus safe?


Despite the abundance of contraceptive methods in the modern world (coils, condoms, pills, subcutaneous hormones, tubal ligation), PPA remains one of the most popular and affordable. This is due to the fact that the method does not require financial costs.

But nevertheless, PPA should not be used during the first sex, during sexual intercourse with strangerspeople and being in the period of ovulation. The method has many disadvantages, mainly associated with a high risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

If a couple decides to use this method of contraception, then it is worth combining it with the use of other contraceptives on dangerous days. In cases where one of the partners does not get an orgasm when using PPA, you should pay attention to other ways to protect yourself from pregnancy.

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